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Bizarre Foreign McDonald's Prank Call - Ownage Pranks

Jun 29, 2009 2.2M views 0 comments

Category: Restaurant pranks, prank call 
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Russell
Prank Victim: McDonalds
Rage Level: Mellow

Foreign McDonald’s prank call turns into an animal noise war!

Best quotes: 

  • “Buk-buk-buk-buk-buk BAGEEK!”
  • “Ballsack?!”

Body of content:

In this hysterical McDonalds prank call, I called a random foreign location and tried to communicate… with animal noises!! I was lucky to get an employee on the phone who must have a great sense of humor because he totally played along. As we both made ridiculous noises back and forth, you can hear people cracking up in the background!

This prank turned out too funny for such a quick call!! What do you think the customers were thinking hearing this guy make crazy noises into the phone?? Should I call up more foreign McDonald’s and see if I can get another crazy reaction? 


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McDonald's: [speaking foreign language]

Pranker: [imitating foreign language]

McDonald's: Peh?

Pranker: Ballsack?

McDonald's: HALLO??

Pranker: Hellooo!!!

McDonald's: Yeah??

Pranker: Ballsack!!!

McDonald's: Kenen zee Deutschland, Deutsch lay zen?

Pranker: Eh, yeah!

McDonald's: Was?

Pranker: Ah-huh. 

McDonald's: Deutsch?

Pranker: Eh ah!

McDonald's: Bitte!

Pranker: [making strange noise]

McDonald's: [speaking in Deutsch]

Pranker: Nah-uh. 

McDonald's: Pea sein fee-ert?

Pranker: [screaming] Yeah?

McDonald's:Pea sein fee-er...

Pranker: [making strange noise]

McDOnald's: Ha?

Pranker: Ballsack. Wa huh? [chicken sound]

McDonald's: YA too wuuu. Tu wuun son.

Pranker: [chicken sound]

McDonald's: Yeah?

Pranker: [chicken sounds]

McDonald's: Si- deine mutter!

Pranker: [chicken sounds]

McDonald's: Yeah?

McDonald's: Dash wush shy luke.

Pranker: [chicken sounds]

McDonald's: Du shy sehn

Pranker: [chicken sounds]

McDonald's: Du- [chicken sounds]

Pranker: [laughing]

McDonald's: [chicken sounds]

McDOnald's: [vacuum cleaner sounds] [laughing]


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