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Pranking 101: How to Prank Call a FriendPranking 101: How to Prank Call a Friend

Pranking 101: How to Prank Call a Friend

Dec 12, 2020

Are you really friends if you’re not constantly torturing each other? Most friendships tread the line between love and hate - between collaboration and competition. It is important to keep that balance. So if you’ve been the butt of the joke for so long, it’s only fair they get a turn on the other end of the stick. And there is no better way to do that than with a good old prank call. Learn how to prank call a friend in the following section!

How Do You Prank Call A Friend?

It's one of the most frustrating things in the world until it's so well done that you're rolling on the floor laughing. Making prank calls is fun to pass the time or improve your mood. Also, remember that calling emergency services or sick people is illegal. You'll find in the section below some brilliant prank call ideas and suggestions that can make you and your friends laugh. 

You might think that there are rules that dictate how to prank call a friend. The reality is that it’s not that different from a regular prank call. Most of the fixed rules in prank calling are from a practical standpoint.

See, masking your number is a cardinal rule because we all know you can get in serious trouble when your personal info is in the wrong hands. You can say the same about not calling emergency services. You are here to poke fun, not commit a felony. Read up on what is considered illegal pranks here. But prank calling your friend? Who’s to say what they can and cannot handle?

The Basics

When you prank call your friend, follow the basic steps:

  • Come up with a prank call idea

  • Create a rough script

  • Then when you have all the elements together, call them on a masked number. Yes, it is that simple.

If you don’t know how to make a prank call, you can check out How to Prank Call: Step by Step Instructions for more details.

The Tricky Part

The challenge is all about making the most out of the opportunity without going overboard. Unlike prank calling strangers, you never have to guess what makes them tick. You already know that! Personal details, embarrassing stories, secrets you swore you would take to the grave - you have a treasure trove of prank call ideas.

You need to constantly check yourself and see if you are abusing the information you have. If you don’t, you’ll end up with one less friend. It might be better to get someone else to make the prank call on your behalf instead of taking the plunge.

Weigh Your Options & Customize You Call

When you prank call your friends, there are several ways to go about it. Weigh your different options and settle on the best one. Your prank call has to be hilarious but in good humor. It has to be personal but not overly so. Here are some things you need to consider when prank calling your friend:

Calling As A Friend Vs. Calling As A Stranger

While masking your phone number before your call is the preferred method - it isn’t the only one. You can pick between prank calling as a friend or as a stranger. It’s important to decide how you want to go about it since it affects the prank ideas you can try and the steps during your prank call.


When you call them a friend, you have their initial trust. Whenever you share a story, they are more likely to believe you. This trust may or may not work in your favor.

Here are some prank call ideas you can try:

1. Option A or Option B - Spin a long tale about a difficult decision. Explain why you are struggling, but don’t say what it is. Keep them guessing, and surprise them with a twist ending.


Prankster: Help me decide. I have two choices. One is stable and firm, very reliable, you know? But the other is popular. And everything is popular for a reason, right? So what if I end up missing out on something good just because I thought stability was better?

Target: [Lots of What? Huh? Who?]

Prankster: Yeah, it’s a tough decision, but you can’t just settle for any kind of toilet paper!

2. Mail Fail - This is not a new prank call idea, but it works great when done between friends. Put yourself in a situation that would put the call on loudspeaker. You know your friend’s habits, it shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve.

In the middle of a regular anecdote, say you got an embarrassing package in the mail that was addressed to your friend. Let your imagination run wild.


Prankster: Oh hey, I almost forgot, but did you use my address for an order?

Target: Uh, no? Why? What did you get?

Prankster: I got something from Kinks R Us. I don’t even know what half the things are.

Target: No! That’s not mine!

Prankster: There’s a lot of leather in here. Wait, is that a whip? But the package has your name!

3. Golden Ticket - You can call saying that you just won 2 tickets for a concert or roundtrip vacation and you want to bring them with you! Of course, that joy is short-lived when they find out that it’s never going to happen.


Prankster: OMG! Guess what happened. Guess! Guess!

Victim: Why? What happened?

Prankster: I just won tickets to [random thing], and I can have a plus one! Do you want to go with me? [long description about what you can do together]

As long as you deliver your lines with confidence, you are sure to get them! After all, who would doubt a long-time friend? Especially someone who doesn’t usually joke about these things? You can have fun with it!


While playing yourself in a prank call has its perks, it isn’t always the way to go. The majority of prank calls are anonymous, and they manage to be successful. It just goes to show that you don’t need that trust to make a convincing call. You can take the usual route and pretend to be a stranger.

Think about the advantage! You know who they are, but they don’t know you. It’s a perfect position!

Here are some prank call ideas you can try:

1. Dead Drop - This prank gets its name from the espionage technique. Dial their number in the dead of night and tell them that your old signal is compromised. And they are “on to you.” Give them a new signal. Keep it short and cryptic so you can pull it off.


Prankster: Is your line secure?

Target: Huh?

Prankster: They know about the red door, and they’re on to you. Drop’s been switched. It’s not on the books. Go to the place that makes the best pizza. Remember, Tony should make your pie. If Tony isn’t there, you know what to do.

Victim: What? Hello? Hello?

2. Haunted House - There is always one part of the home that is ghost story worthy. So conjure up spirits with this eerie call. During a bad storm, contact your friend. Pretend to be the previous owner of the house, and say that you’ve been dreaming about them. Tell them something bad happened in the bathroom/ kitchen and to never do one thing when they are there. Just when you are going to give your advice, drop the call.


Prankster: Hello? [Last Name]?

Target: Yes?

Prankster: Sorry to call out of the blue, I’m [name of former owner]. I used to live in [address]? I just wanted to warn you about the bathroom. The one near the master’s bedroom?

Target: Why?

Prankster: See, when I got the house, they said someone died in that bathroom. I checked though! And the police said there was nothing on the record. But lately, I’ve had dreams about your family and that bathroom. It might be stupid and silly. This whole call probably is... But if you have [mention family member] in the family? I think the story wasn’t a hoax after all. You need to...

Target: Sorry, what? I need to what? Hello? Hello?

3. A Family Affair - Pretend to be a long-lost sibling looking for their mom or dad. Say you’ve been looking for them your entire life. You can drop a couple of family information to make sure it is believable.


Prankster: Hi, is this [mom or dad’s name]?

Target: No, but I’m their son/daughter. Can I take a message?

Prankster: Oh! They have a kid? Sorry. I was adopted back in [year], and I’m looking for my birth parents? My [mom/dad] is from [city and state], is this the same person?

Target: Err, yes? But I’m not sure. I need to talk to my [mom/dad].

Prankster: [Brother/Sister]! It’s me! [random name]!

People are very wary of strangers. There are so many phone call scams out there. Make your call sound legit, and try not to get caught. You can try to use some voice acting tips to help create a convincing character.

Above The Belt Vs. Below The Belt Prank Call Ideas

The next thing you need to consider is how far you are willing to go. You have a complete file on your friends. You know all their embarrassing stories, childhood insecurities, and pet peeves. You also know their limits.

Most prank calls try to stay above the belt. You don’t want to be flagged as a harassment call. Focus on the clean and harmless prank call ideas.

However, you are missing out on a big opportunity here. Since you are friends, they are more likely to forgive you. Why stick to the easy, vanilla prank call ideas when you basically have a free pass to do whatever you want?

Just like our harmless or not-so harmless email pranks, you have the power here. Decide if you will pick your regular, run-of-the-mill prank scripts or if you are willing to kick it up a notch.

You can check out our list of prank call ideas to help you get started. No matter what you pick, you are sure to have a funny prank call.

Stay Anonymous Vs. Make Yourself Known

The last thing you need to settle on is whether you will reveal yourself or not. In traditional prank calls - you never, ever break character or give your real name. You always stay anonymous.

However, when it comes to prank calls with friends - that can be a double-edged sword.

Keeping Your Friends - Guaranteed

When you confess, you immediately minimize the harm of your prank call. For example, you make a call posing as their ideal university. If you wait too long to say it’s a prank, they may inform important family members and friends. It would be incredibly awkward to take that back. You can say the same for all family and relationship- related prank call ideas.

When you make yourself known at the end of a prank call - it cuts your fun short, but it keeps the friendship. After all, no one cares a bit of teasing if there is no harm.

Losing Your Friends - Strong Possibility

However, if you stay anonymous or wait too long, you can lose your friend forever. It may seem strange to break off years of friendship over a prank call, but people have settled for less -way less. Couples have divorced over a toilet seat (up versus down) and toothpaste (squeezing from the end versus the middle). How much more has a prank call gone wrong?

Now, there is always a chance they never find out. All great pranksters can stay incognito for years. But it isn’t a sure thing. You don’t want to leave it up to chance.

A great prank call is all about hedging your bets. Should you prank call as a friend or as a stranger? Should you pick something safe or go for something riskier? Do you stay anonymous or not? When you pick the right combination - you are sure to get your friends back for all the times you’ve been the unfortunate butt of the joke.

Happy Pranking!

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