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13 Ideas To Make The Best Phone Prank Call13 Ideas To Make The Best Phone Prank Call

13 Ideas To Make The Best Phone Prank Call

Oct 23, 2020

Whether it’s a dull weekend at home or you are hanging out with friends, a prank call can easily liven things up. It’s best to always have a fresh supply of prank call ideas just in case the party runs a little dry. Doing the same bit over and over again gets old fast. Check out these best phone prank call ideas to gain inspiration.

Best Phone Prank Call Ideas For Random Strangers

If you want to prank a random stranger, best to stick to broad topics. You don’t want to set up a specific script, only to have the wrong person on the line. Cast a wider net with the best phone prank call ideas for strangers. Check out some more phone prank call ideas here.

1. I Didn’t Call You

Who hasn’t tried the “no, you called me!” line before? It is a simple prank that anyone, at any age, can pull off. All you have to do is call a random number and act as if they were calling you. You can raise the bar a bit by creating a character and making a story that will keep the stranger on the line. 

2. Hey! Remember Me?

If you want to test your improv skills, you can give this one a try. Dial a random number and act like you are talking to your family or friends. Be very familiar -- ask about work, school, or their love life. They probably won’t share back at first, so dish out the gossip and don’t give them the chance to put the phone down. Talk about general stuff to get them comfortable. See how long you can last. 

3. Act As a Telemarketer

There are very few cases where you expect a stranger on the line, and a telemarketer is one of them. Everyone knows how annoying they can be, so you have full range! There are several telemarketer bits you can try. 

The first is selling products. It can be something very embarrassing or completely made up! Like the Head Scratcher (TM), a money printing press, or invisible cloak.

The second is asking about a survey. Ask any question you’d like and see how far you can go. The key is making yourself sound legit and professional. Afterward, you can fire away. Random, intrusive, or oddly specific--you can ask just about anything.

4. Delivery Man

With online malls and retailers becoming more common, there is a high chance people have packages on the way. Posing as a delivery man or a logistics company can give you a decent chance of them taking you seriously.

If you are looking for package delivery prank call ideas, we have several on hand. You can pretend that their item is damaged, lost, or stolen. To up the ante, you can also guess what’s inside the package. When you target the dates after a big release for Apple, PlayStation, Xbox, or similar companies, you might be able to hit the product on the head.

Another angle you can take is to confirm their package and bring up something they probably wouldn’t order themselves. Be very careful with what item you are using to bait your prank call because it can have different outcomes. It can be something very expensive (get their hopes up), very cheap (piss them off), or very embarrassing (keep them flustered). There are so many ways you can play with it. You are sure to have a couple of good laughs. 

5. Radio Host

If the Telemarketer and Delivery Man are not enough, you have one more person on your roster-the radio host. You can host a competition or an interview. Since most radio calls are broadcasted live, talk to them as if there is an audience listening in, and see how they react. You can ask embarrassing questions and see if they stick around. If you are lucky, you can get interesting reactions. 

6. Lover Boy/ Lover Girl

Try to be more specific with this prank. You can play the jilted lover straight from My Crazy Ex. Start easy with an “I miss you” and “I love you” then quickly swerve into the material of your choice. You need to be able to think on your feet with this one to get a decent reaction. 

For more dating or love-related prank calls, you can check out our other prank call ideas here. 

7. Angry Strangers

All the options listed before are pretty mild, but if you are out for some real action, you can look into our prank call ideas with angry strangers. Instead of cozying up, you can play with aggressive characters that are sure to make anyone sweat. 

Some examples are: “Stop Calling Me!” “You Broke My Car!” and “Keep The Noise Down!” There are many other versions of this. All you have to do is think about common complaints and direct them to the person in the line. 

Remember, it is easy to get carried away when it comes to this type of prank call. While you are caught up acting, you might forget your story and lose them. Keep your complaint believable, and your story straight.  

Phone Prank Calls For Local Businesses

With caller ID and alternative ways to contact each other, cold-calling random numbers might not always get the best results. After all, not everyone picks up unfamiliar numbers. If there is anyone sure to answer your call, it’s businesses. From the customer service representative in a large corporation to the part-time employee in a small business, you can count on them to pick up. When they do, here are a prank call ideas for local businesses:

1. Make A Reservation

Call different businesses and make a reservation. It can be for something absurd like reserving a shopping cart at Target or a table at McDonald’s. You can also try making a reservation for something they don’t offer, like renting a limo at the marina or reserving a spot at Ikea. 

2. Lost And Found

If you are a pun enthusiast, then this one's for you. Call the number of a hotel or inn, and say you left something during your last visit and want them to check lost and found. When they ask for the item, bring out zingers like “My friend’s virginity” or something strange like “a piece of my finger.”

This prank call also works for lost and found departments in malls and other businesses. The only problem is that it can be tricky to find a number. A hotel lobby should be easier to contact. 

3. Inquiring About…

Prank calling isn’t always about talking a lot. Sometimes you have to be subtle, play the long game. Call a local business (restaurants might be your best bet) and make inquiries. 

What time do they open? What are the specials? Maybe even ask about their stance on veganism. Lead them on and end with something completely unrelated--think “The Duck Song (Got Any Grapes).” Order something off-menu, then hang up when they don’t have it. 

There are so many great ideas for calling businesses. If you want to see them in action, you can check out our Hall of Fame. It is the collection of funny prank calls and different responses. 

Prank Call Ideas For Friends And Family

It's time to bring it home with prank ideas for family and friends. With soundboards or a bit of voice acting, you can make anonymous calls with insider information. 

1. Haunted House

You can contact your house and act as if you are the previous owner. Talk about the different bedrooms to sell the call. When they believe you are the old owner, drop hints about the odd energy and end by saying they have a haunted house. Or that you’re calling for the grave and they must leave the house now!

2. Madame Estelle

If you have a couple of secrets on hand, you can pose as a psychic medium with a mission from the Other Side. With Madame Estelle, you can call with grave news. Use a secret or two to gain their trust, then make your predictions. Take your pick from the ominous, “misfortune will come your way” or give them silly instructions to counter their bad luck. Only pick the latter when you are close enough to watch!

3. Confirm Your Order

For this one, the better you know them, the funnier the call. Call your family/ friends to confirm an order and mention an embarrassing item. The key is making sure they believe that it is their fault. A website visit, a clicked ad, or a hacked email should be able to explain the incoming package. Nothing is better than seeing them sweat and squirm for a bit while they wait for the package to arrive.

Family prank calls are all about working with information a stranger wouldn’t be privy to. Unlike pranking a stranger or a local business, you know how to get inside their head. You can check out this page for more family prank call ideas

Things To Note

Prank calls are all about fun, and the best ideas always use wit and humor. That being said, you need to remember a couple of things to keep everything above board. Light-hearted prank calls are not illegal, but harassment and misdemeanor are illegal offenses you can get. Avoid these issues by

  1. Not calling government offices and services, especially the ambulance, fire department, and police.
  2. Not calling one number repeatedly.
  3. Masking your phone number.

By following those basic rules, you should be good to go!

With this list, you are sure to find the best phone prank call ideas. If you want to get some professional help, you can also request a prank call. We can use your favorite characters like Buk Lau, Tyrone, and Abdo to hit up your family and friends. With our pranking experience and soundboard, you are sure to get a hilarious prank call experience!


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