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11 Harmless Email Pranks11 Harmless Email Pranks

11 Harmless Email Pranks

Oct 26, 2020

Aren't we all mad for receiving annoying email subscriptions? Maybe it's time that we try those nonstop email updates to our friends and loved ones!

Remember to always try to stay anonymous. All the best pranks use fake or new email accounts to keep them off the trail. Think about it. Even with a great idea, it won't work if you use your everyday mail account. Your victim can see you plain and simple. Fake emails are one of the best pranks to do to your friends!

In fact, anonymity is the bread and butter of hilarious pranks. Like we mentioned in "How To Make Prank Calls" - you can pretend to be anyone else, just not yourself. You can create a new character to go with your prank email. That being said, check out our best prank email ideas you can try on April Fool's or any other day!

Spam Jam

How about email bombing? While this doesn't include drafting a letter, it is still a great prank idea. You can take your victim's email, make sure it is one they check often and sign them up for different mailing lists. 

You can also try inputting the email in the middle of an application form and immediately exit. Some companies still keep track of partially filled forms for marketing purposes, so your victim will still get spam mail from them is a good chance.

Companies are getting better at separating spam from legitimate emails. So try to target decent or "serious" websites to bypass this. 

Another way you can go about it is by signing them up for hundreds of spam emails so that when they log-in, they find a crazy amount in their spam folder. Here, the raunchier, the better - especially if you are using their school or work email. If they open it at work and people get to see - mwah! It's the cherry on top!

Spam Jam is one of the more harmless pranks. They can easily unsubscribe from the email. It just might take a while.

Bulky Download

Another prank email you can send is one with a bulky attachment. Start it off with a serious email about a school or work project. Attach two legitimate files. It can be PDFs of notes or studies found online. Then you can add one heavy file.

It can be anything like you want, like a PDF version of a dictionary, or a 1080p video of something goofy like Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" on loop. Just make sure it's funny. This is one of the few pranks that might make your friends laugh as well.

For best results, make sure they have bad internet or a computer with limited memory. Downloading a file that takes hours to find out they got rickrolled is sure to be one for the books. It can be one of those funny memories years down the line.

Email template:

Hey! [Name]

I got started on prepping for the [project name] due [date]. I'm not sure if this will be helpful, but I found a couple of files that might help. Check them out and see if they are good to go. I'll move on to the [random task] next. Thanks!


Thank You For Availing Our Services!

First, create a fake business and a new email address, preferably something they would be embarrassed about. It can be a personal service like a waxing job, cosmetic surgery, or tech company. Or something your victim has publicly claimed to hate like reiki healing or interpretive dance. Make a "Thank You" email and hope they open it somewhere other people might see. You can also include special offers, and it would be best if you do an email bombing about it! Let them go mad.

Email Template:

Dear Valued Customer!

We at [fake business name] would like to thank you for supporting our local, homegrown business by availing our [item or service]! Because of your continued support, we are sending you 50% off coupons for your next visit!


The [fake business name] team.

[Attach your fake coupon. Remember to make the card very flashy.]

You could also add a bit of realism to the prank. You can email your target a goodie bag with free samples or an anniversary box you want to send. Make sure you list the contents of the box and make it embarrassing. 

If you want to commit to this prank, you can make the fake goodie bag and send it to their address. The good thing about doing this is that it can be a long-term prank. Once in a while, you can mail your target coupons and cards on top of spamming their email address.

Corporate Memo

Whenever you do an office-related prank, it can go two ways. Either you have a good laugh with your team or get sent to HR. So always weigh the stakes before you get into any hijinks on company time. 

One of the prank ideas you can try is sending a funny corporate memo. Remember that design and formatting are key to pulling it off. And it wouldn't hurt to have someone from IT in on it as well. 

You can have fun with it! Either schedule a costume day (for team building, you know?) and only send it to one person. It can be just like Mitchell Pritchett wearing a Spider-Man costume to work in Modern Family. Or you can talk about changes that are going to happen in the office like no more printing on paper or exchanging the coffee machine for a soda machine. Run wild!

Sincerely Yours

It is time to up the ante a little bit. If you have access to your friend or co-worker's computer, you can revise their email signature. Instead of the usual name and position, you can play around with it. Here are some options to help you get inspired:

Her Royal Highness

The Queen

John Smith

The Smithiest Smith

John Smith

Use John10 for 10% off your next purchase at [random store/service]

You can definitely use more savage ones, but let's keep it PG for now. Now there is a 50-50 chance this new signature makes its way to another person. They are bound to notice it when they send out their messages. Either way, you can get a couple of good laughs.  

You Are A Winner!

Let's start off easy. You can create an email congratulating your target on winning a grand prize. It can be because of a purchase they made a few days ago or because of a website visit. 

Be creative with your prize. You can go for the standard 100 000 dollars, sports car, concert tickets, tropical getaway, etc. Make sure it is something they really want, attainable, and it would also be best to include some exclusive deals to make their heart flutter more! One billion dollars is way too crazy. Or switch it up with something creative like a lifetime supply of condoms, Viagra, or foot cream. Bonus points if you have design skills to make a flier to go with the email. 

If fooling them into thinking they have a prize isn't enough, you can also add goofy instructions like having them send a selfie or submit a small speech. You know your prank is successful when they go through the claiming process. You can also give them a prank call to make it feel more real. We have several free soundboards you can use to pull it off. 

Here is a prank email template you can tweak:

Dear [Name],


You managed to snag our grand prize for our [event name]. Here we celebrate [reason for the event]. We had over [random number] participants in the US alone, and your [purchase/website visit/ call] last [date] is what sets you apart. 

To claim your [prize], all you have to do is [custom instructions] by [date].


[Fake company name]

It might not seem biting at first, but let's remember how many teenage girls cried over fake concert tickets. Justin Bieber, One Direction, Harry Styles, and now BTS - there is no shortage of prank videos gone wrong. 

Dream Job Offer

If you have a friend or co-worker who is clearly dissatisfied with where they are working, you can email them a job offer. You can reference their LinkedIn Page or a mentor to make the email feel legit. Talk about the salary and great benefits - anything that will entice them to change jobs.

Unlike most of the prank ideas listed here, this doesn't have to be a one-time thing. You can try to carry on the correspondence until they figure it out. Leave bread crumbs here and there for the perfect "Aha!" moment afterward.

Email Template:


I am [fake name], a [fake job position] at [fake company]. We are an up and coming company in the [type of industry] industry looking for a new [job position]. I saw your resume on LinkedIn and believe you would be perfect for our [junior/managerial] position. 

Your responsibilities can include [list of tasks, make sure it plays to their strengths.] We also have excellent benefits available for our employees like [list of benefits, be creative.]

If you are interested, please answer this survey and submit your cover letter. 


[fake name]

Office Relocation

You can also opt to send an office-wide email about relocation opportunities. You can talk about the perks of making the move like a promotion, increased pay, and other benefits. You can take your pick from tropical destinations like Kauai, Hawaii; Bali, Indonesia; or Port Douglas, Australia. Or from famous cities across the world like Paris, France; Tokyo, Japan; or London, in the UK. 

While you can mention any place on earth, remember to be realistic. It has to be a branch that already exists or one that the company is eyeing. If there are no other branches, you can also say it is something in the works.

You can attach a Google Form for interested applicants, so you know who fell for the prank. 

If you want to push this even further, you can prompt them to sign a fake NDA, purchase tickets (reimbursed by the company, of course), and to take language classes to better their odds.

Family News

Now, let's bring out the ones that may come with consequences. You can create a fake email address posing as your victim and email your target's family members with big news. It can be a Save the Date invitation or a baby announcement.

Remember that it is best to embellish this with personal photos. If it is a wedding invitation, use a formal and fancy font and elements that suit their taste. If it is a baby announcement, you could attach a sonogram to go with it. 

Put your photo-editing skills to the test, and tweak old photos. You might want to stick to what you have in your camera roll, though, to make sure it's new to the family.

The potential issues depend on your target's family dynamic. If they don't have kids, it can bring down the grandchild hungry in-laws who will only be disappointed to find out it isn't real. And that isn't very pretty. 

If your target has kids, you can make the baby announcement from the fictional Other Woman/ Other Man. Now that is sure to bring out the family drama. To be honest, there are thousands of scenarios, and not all of them might get a laugh. So you have been warned.

For other family prank ideas, you can check out our Hall of Fame selection.

It's A Date!

If your friend has been mooning over this girl/boy they just met, you can pose as the potential love interest and set a date. You can always name a random mutual friend as the person who helped set you up. Mention that you are interested in them too and set a date! You can ask them to bring a couple of things for the romantic day only to disappoint them when you show up. The backlash is always equal to how excited they are about the date. 

Email template:


I know this is weird, but I saw you at the [grocery store/convenience store/ movies, etc.] and really wanted to talk to you. I was super shy about it, especially since we don't know each other. Anyway, it turns out you also know [name of friend], and they gave me your email address. 

I was hoping we can go out next [day of the week] to [place]? Maybe you can bring [random items], and I'll bring [random items]. I'll meet you there at [address], look for the person wearing [specific item].

Wdyt? Just message me here or call me at [phone number].


For other love prank ideas, you can check out our selection here

I Quit!

Now, this last one is really tricky. You need to be able to email this from your target's work account. You can either make a serious resigna



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