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Top 7 April Fools Pranks You Can Pull on Your Boyfriend Top 7 April Fools Pranks You Can Pull on Your Boyfriend

Top 7 April Fools Pranks You Can Pull on Your Boyfriend

Feb 15, 2021

With April 1 coming, it’s time to choose your April Fools’ targets. The default options have always been those who are near and dear to your heart. Family, friends, co-workers, and significant others - they are all fair game.

While you have your pick of the litter, it is best to customize your April Fools’ Day pranks according to the person. Switching out the photos from your family album won’t be much of a prank for your co-worker, now would it? Yes, you can always tweak and adjust - but some pranks are just made for certain people.

Put your creativity to the test with these April Fools Pranks! Test your voice acting and improv skills and make it a day they will truly remember!

April Fools Pranks for Boyfriend 

When you are creating April Fools Pranks for your boyfriend, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. While April Fools’ Day is meant to celebrate tricks and jokes, your relationship is on the line. You wouldn’t want to do anything that would jeopardize that. After all, a good boyfriend is hard to find.

Many horror stories and forum threads that talk about the major faux pas partners tend to do around this day.

Yes, you are close.

Yes, you know them very well.

Yes, they love pranks.

But these conditions doesn’t mean they will let anything fly just because the idea is “funny.” You have to keep their boundaries in mind. Remember, respect doesn’t make the prank less funny. It doesn’t affect how you celebrate April Fool’s day. If anything, it just guarantees that you don’t have any long-term repercussions.

TLDR: Relationship > Pranks

Now that we have that squared out, here are the best April Fools’ pranks you can pull on your boyfriend!

In The Moment Pranks

Quick tricks and sleight of hand, here are some “in the moment” pranks you can try on your boyfriend. For these prank ideas, execution is key. Practice each bit until you can deliver a convincing performance.

Red Tide

Introduce your boyfriend to the Red Tide (™) with this TikTok and Youtube favorite. Complain about cramps and go to the bathroom. While you are there, tell your boyfriend you need help getting a cup of hot water or an extra tampon. When he tries to hand it to you in the bathroom, show him a bloody hand. Bonus points if you get to touch him with it. He is sure to be extra squeamish.

Props Needed:

Period Essentials: This can be anything. You can pick items like a hot water compress, cup of water, toilet paper roll, tampon/ sanitary pads, towel, etc.

Fake blood: You can buy fake blood in novelty and special effects stores. If you don’t want to buy fake blood, try to create your own in-house brand. Mix drops of red food coloring with water or dilute acrylic paint. Ketchup is also a good alternative, but you need to be able to disguise the smell.

When you have your props in place, you can give this April Fools prank a go! If your boyfriend manages to stay calm and collected - he is definitely a keeper! Not many can face period blood with the same bravado.

Emergency TP Run

If you are in a long-term relationship, you have undoubtedly seen the best and worst in each other. But did you really show your boyfriend all of the good, the bad, and the ugly? Repurpose the poop prank and see if that is the case.

Go to the bathroom for a number two. When you are there, ask your partner if they can give you a toilet paper roll. While they hand it through the door crack, swipe a bit of “poop” on their hand. You can also tell them that there was only one square left, and it broke mid-wipe. It would explain the desperation for more toilet paper and the poop-y hand.

Props Needed:

Fake Poop: Take a bit of peanut butter or chocolate spread. Make sure it is warm, so it has the right consistency. This needs to be as realistic as possible. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also mix the peanut butter and chocolate spread for a better poop color.

This prank is simple to execute! Because of that, it’s popular to use with kids. However, you don’t have to be young to think poop gross, so this should be fun for people of all ages.

Bundle of Joy

Fake pregnancies have been the go-to prank for people in relationships for a very long time. It wouldn’t be right to break that tradition. If you are in a long-term relationship, you can bring out the news about your very own bundle of joy.

Make sure it is early enough for them to forget it is April 1st. You might have to be the first prank of the day. The other pranks might just put his guard up and you don’t want that. Schedule your pregnancy prank in the morning.

There are 2 ways you can go about it. First, tell your partner casually while eating breakfast or before leaving the house. If he doesn’t believe you, you can bring out the “evidence.” You have to put on an act and see how he reacts. 

Warning: If you go too far, the relationship might not last. No one wants to date someone who either seems too baby hungry or baby averse. You can’t win them all, friends.

The second option is to let your boyfriend discover your pregnancy on his own. You can hide a sonogram picture or a positive pregnancy test. After failing to hide it properly, watch his reaction.

Props Needed:

Sonogram: If you have an ultrasound from your regular check-ups, you can repurpose that. Not everyone knows what a baby sonogram looks like. If they know what a baby sonogram looks like, you can print a copy from the internet on photo paper.

Pregnancy Test: You can buy a real pregnancy test and draw the positive sign with a marker. If that isn’t convincing enough, you can ask a pregnant family member or friend to pee on the stick for you. Real results without a real pregnancy!

Leave A Message

Diversify your prank options with a prank call! Leave them a message that they cannot ignore.

Pay For My Boob Job

Pull out this gem from Ownage Prank’s bag of tricks and send it to your boyfriend. Here Ashely will make her case about the importance of her boob job and how you can benefit from funding it. It’s a tempting offer for most guys. 

Stay together in the same room when you send out this prank script and watch his reaction. You can even play with him a little bit, asking about who’s calling and what they want. His answers might be very different from the actual phone call.

If you want to send this prank call script and similar love and dating themed pranks, download our prank call app! There you can find other hilarious ideas!

Planned Parenthood

Are you well-versed in the art of pranking? You can try to make your own prank call from scratch. Take a page from Mean Girls and pretend to be Planned Parenthood. Call your boyfriend for the results because he was listed as an emergency contact.

Read about Planned Parenthood’s products and services. Make sure you have enough information to convince the person on the other end. You could call about STDs, pregnancies - you know, the works! See if he reacts differently.

Read More: 5 Best Boyfriend Prank Call Ideas

In It For The Long Haul Pranks

When you are tired of simple switcheroos and basic bits - you can put your skills to the test with long-haul pranks. Plant the ideas in their head little by little and uncover the prank on April Fools Day!

Mystery Friend

We are drawing inspiration from a How I Met Your Mother episode. In season 5, episode 13, Marshal reveals that the hilarious office friend, Jenkins, is actually a girl. But instead of trying to hide your Jenkins, do the complete opposite. 

Bring up a friend or co-worker with a unisex name. Mention Sam, Alex, Jaime, whatever name is convincing, and talk about ambiguous situations. The goal is to intrigue, not make them jealous.

After weeks of stories, invite them over to your place while your boyfriend is out. Casually mention that Sam/Alex/Jaime is dropping by and how you want to spend some time together. When your boyfriend rushes home, they’ll be surprised to see you have a girlfriend over, not another love rival.

Special Gift

Drop hints that you are buying them something special, something they’ve really wanted for a long time. Think about the PS5 craze - something on that level. Package your gift in the same box or wrapping paper, but replace the contents with something else. 

It will teach them not to judge a gift by its cover!

These are only some of the April Fools’ pranks you can try. If you want to repurpose other gimmicks, check out 16 of the Best April Fools Pranks Ever and Top 8 Birthday Pranks

For more pranktastic ideas, you can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. Also, don’t forget to tag us if you’ve tried anything listed here!

Happy Pranking!


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