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How To Prank An Ex-Boyfriend One Last Time!How To Prank An Ex-Boyfriend One Last Time!

How To Prank An Ex-Boyfriend One Last Time!

May 17, 2021

Breakups aren’t the easiest thing to deal with. It’s like trying to un-know someone whom you’ve shared too many parts of yourself already and the other way around! Whether your relationship with your ex-boyfriend ended on good terms or bad terms, you could always use everything you’ve learned about them for the sake of fun! Katy Perry once put it in her song so perfectly: Just because it’s over, doesn’t mean it’s REALLY over! Read on to find out how to prank an ex-boyfriend!

But first, we need you to ask yourself these:

While we know you can always do whatever you want, we want you to think things through before pranking your male ex-lover. You don’t want to be too impulsive only to end up with another broken heart and going back to square one when it comes to moving on. Pranking your ex-lover sounds light-hearted and funny, but it can sometimes be a bad idea. Before doing anything, let's have a mini heart-to-heart session and ask yourself the following questions. You will thank us after!

  1. Why are you doing this?
    Be honest! Some people confess to doing this simply because they want to hear their ex's voices. Some want to release anger even more. And others just like to merely mess with someone they once knew (or loved)  because they are bored - nothing more. Try to be honest with yourself when assessing why you're doing this and if you think pranking them will be the best way to fulfill this need. Is this a fun or an immature idea? That is totally up to your understanding. If you feel a temporary feeling of weakness, trust us that it will pass! All emotions are fleeting, so the best you can do is just feel it. Just listen to your favorite songs or even a sad breakup song. It's okay to feel low than make rash decisions that will only further affect you later on.

  2. How far are you in your moving on stage?
    We agree that healing is not linear. Sometimes you think you've gotten over a failed relationship when you're back to doing your own thing. Sometimes you think you're cool with it already until you talk or see them again. Think of the last time you've seen him. Did you feel anything? Was it good or bad? When was your breakup? Two years ago? Several months? Or just A week ago? It is essential to know how far back was your last encounter with them not only because it can help with your well-being but because it can also help with the believability of your prank! If you just ended your relationship less than a week ago, wouldn't it be too obvious if they receive a call of someone messing with them? You don't want that kind of embarrassment! Not to mention, revenge is always best served cold. 

  1. How is this going to affect your mental well-being?
    Yes, you can get the laugh out of the confusion in their voice when you give them a prank call, but will be hearing that voice not bring back the same memories you are trying to escape from? Will it affect your ex-boyfriend more than it will affect you? Only you can answer these questions. Do whatever will make your sanity intact!

A Prank Call is The Best Way To Mess With Him!

Don’t delete his number yet until you’ve done this! Since you are both rarely keeping in touch and barely seeing each other, the easiest way to prank them is through a good phone call! These are the following reasons why:

  1. You don’t need to see them.                                                                                                                                                             

Seeing them may just give you mixed feelings about them once more. It's already bad enough seeing his activities on his socials; what more if you see his life in flesh? You don't need to travel to his old apartment to prank him one last time. A what should be a bizarre prank could turn into an awkward prank when they catch you. So stay at home, because you will have everything you need using your phone.

  1. You can switch things up and manipulate things to make them more anonymous.
    We got to thank technology for this. Since there's the emergence of apps that can make your life hassle-free in just a few taps, prank calls are getting more advanced as well! All you need is a trusty prank call app that will give you various options to switch things up according to your own preference. More on that later!

  2. You can always hang up when you think you’ve gone too far.
    Let's say you've already thought things through and planned your bizarre prank call down to the last detail. But at the last minute, you realize it is all a bad idea and is only giving you war flashbacks about your failed relationship. Prank calls can allow you to just simply drop the call when you think you've gone too far or if you suddenly change your mind. The best part about it is they wouldn't know (or at least have no proof) that the call was from you! You can bail out anytime you want scot-free! 

How to make the most out of your prank call:

Now that you know that using a prank call app is the best way to prank your ex-boyfriend, we will help you explore your options with Ownage Pranks - the best prank call app in the market!

Ownage pranks gives you the following options to flawlessly and hilariously prank your ex-boyfriend:

1. Automatic Prank Calls

If you are in the mood for something quick and simple yet outrageously hilarious, then you can try sending your ex-boyfriend an automatic prank call. It's so simple. All you need to do is pick a pre-made prank script from the vast selection of Ownage Pranks. What's more fun and discreet about it is the calls are performed by professional voice actors playing a role based on your preference! You can always switch things up quickly and hassle-free.

2. Prank Requests

If you want something more planned and elaborate, then you can send Ownage Pranks a prank request! They will help you make your pranking wishes come true down to the last detail. It will be like everything you wish to have in a prank call: an unknown number, a voice actor, and a personalized script. What more could you ask for!?

3. Spoof Calls

A spoof call is another simple way to send prank calls without your number being recognized. You won't need a burner phone just to prank your ex-lover. Using a spoof call app simply means that all your details (like your name, phone number, etc.) will be hidden under an anonymous phone number to be unrecognized by the prank receiver. Just make sure you've rehearsed multiple times to avoid failing and having an awkward prank.  

4. Soundboard Pranks

Ownage Pranks' online soundboards can help you creatively prank your ex-boyfriend using professional actors’ voices. You can choose from the voice of an Asian guy to a gay guy, an Indian guy, and so much more!

Other Prank Call Ideas:

If you want to stick to the older ways of pranking and do a little role-playing, you can feel free to do so! Just make sure to use a spoof call app to keep yourself unrecognized. With this, we listed down four bizarre ideas you can try on your ex-boyfriend.

  1. Susan from Planned Parenthood
    If you've ever seen that scene from Mean Girls where Regina George pretends to be "Susan" from "Planned Parenthood,” this is where we got this idea! This is perfect if your boyfriend sees someone new and wants to give him, his family, or his new partner a heart attack. You can call their home telephone (if they have one) instead of their mobile phone so that other people in their household could receive the message instead of them. The whole point of the prank is to pretend that you have "test results" (whether from an STI or a pregnancy test) and tell them it's highly urgent. wink wink

  2. The Girl/Guy From Tinder Years Ago
    If your ex-boyfriend is a serial dater and an active user of dating apps, this prank can be almost fool-proof! Just call them and use your most unrecognizable (yet sultry) voice to tell them you've saved their number and ask them to come over to have some "fun.” Since you dated, you will know exactly how to bait them! Just make sure to keep your voice unrecognizable or ask a close friend to do the prank call for you! 

  3. Calling For Calling's Sake
    If your ex-boyfriend is dating someone new, it would be fun to call them exactly when their partner sees it. You won't need a spoof call app here or a rehearsed voice - just your phone and the faith that they still have your name in his contacts. The key here is strategic timing. Pick a time to think they are with their new significant other and call them on the spot. Some people tried this before, which led to a couple's fight! When asked why you called, just tell them after a few hours that you made an honest mistake of butt-dialing. 

  4. College Problems
    If you had a college boyfriend (and still in college), you could call them to pretend you are a staff at the registrar and that they still have unpaid dues to settle, or else they will lose all their credits. You can also scare them for something serious, like being called to the student tribunal for a case of plagiarism or destroying school property. Be convincing enough to give them a heart attack before they even realize they did any of those things!

And these are all the things you need to know when you want to prank your ex-boyfriend! The choice is totally up to you now. Just have fun, and don't forget to guard your heart! Best of luck!


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