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Celebrate The Special Day With Our Top 8 Birthday PranksCelebrate The Special Day With Our Top 8 Birthday Pranks

Celebrate The Special Day With Our Top 8 Birthday Pranks

Jan 18, 2021

Pranks are not just for April Fool's Day. Birthdays can be just as good a time as any. Why not right? It can be your grand gesture to celebrate another year of the birthday boy or girl. While a party and presents are typically the way to go, make your family friends, and even co-workers feel special by digging through your birthday pranks collection. Pick out the best prank for the day and surprise the celebrant!

You can always repurpose April Fool's pranks, office pranks, and prank call ideas with minor tweaks here and there. While most pranks are about tricks and schemes, birthday pranks should be something the target will enjoy.

If you aren't much of a prankster, boy do we have some birthday ideas for you! Ownage Pranks handpicked the funniest pranks you pull without ruining their special day.

Birthday Greetings

Your well-wishes are the bare minimum you can offer any birthday celebrant. If you are tired of the old birthday card and social media appreciation post - here are some of the more creative ways you can greet them on their birthday. Integrate funny, but harmless pranks.

Classic Birthday Prank Call Ideas

You can kick off their birthday with a prank call! Pranks calls are easy to execute and accessible for just about anyone. It doesn't matter where you live. You can in another state or another country and still manage to make it happen. Birthday prank calls are a great way to still manage something special even though there is a bit of distance.

Juan's Pinata Delivery

Mask your number and call the birthday celebrant about the pinata delivery. You can use our pre-recorded script with Juan, our Hispanic guy, at the helm. Just download our prank call app, and you can send the pre-recorded script to the birthday boy or girl.

Juan will try to coordinate the delivery of a birthday pinata. Now of course, there is no actual pinata. Usually the prank ends there - but you can take it a step further. What if you actually make good on your promise? You can create/ commission a pinata. When it's time to celebrate, bring that bad boy out and have an impromptu game.

It's Actually Me


Die-hard fans used to post their personal phone number on Twitter and Facebook in the hopes of getting their idols to call them. Most of the time they became fodder for pranksters. Filthy Frank, aka Joji, once called a Directioner posing as one of the members. He offered to sing her a song and that's where the illusion breaks.

You can replicate this prank with just about any artist. Call the celebrant posing as someone they love and regularly follow - think Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, Jhene Aiko, or Post Malone. 

Practice your voice acting skills or get someone with a similar voice. Make sure you have a convincing script ready. When you have everything in place, surprise them with a call from their favorite idol!

Once they find out it's just your funny pranks, they are bound to be disappointed. One way you can keep the birthday high is by giving them a ticket to their next concert. It's not a personal meeting, but it's the next best thing, no?

When it comes to setting up a good prank call, you have to have one of two things. You either have a killer punchline or a gift to make-up for the embarrassment.

Special Birthday E-Card

Prank calls are not the only way to greet the celebrant a happy birthday. If you don't live in the same area, you can always message them online.

Send them a sweet and sappy message. Talk about how much you love them and their importance in your life. Pull out all the stops in creating the perfect birthday message. At the very end, mention that you have a tribute video and attach a link. When they click on it, it should redirect them to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up."

Yep, Rick-rolled on their birthday. It's a hilarious bit and not such a bad way to start the day.

Birthday Presents

After the birthday greetings, move on to the gifts! There are plenty of birthday pranks that involve presents. If you are creative enough, you can give them a truly memorable surprise!

Here are some of the funny pranks you can try on friends and family:

Wrap Everything

On the night before their birthday, go through their items and wrap them individually. Since it's a major task, work with family and friends. With surprises like this you either go big or go home so you need all the help you can get.

Wrap their desk, car, school lunch, and other personal items. Make sure to get every little thing. For example, if you choose to wrap their desk - don't stop at the table and chair. Wrap pencils, erasers, notebooks, and the like - spare nothing. Wouldn't you like to see the look on their face when they find out how many items they have to unwrap?

Misleading Present

Create a misleading present and get people to jump to conclusions. By playing with the silhouette of the package, you can fool just about anyone. There are 2 ways you can make it happen:

The first way is to get a bigger item and use it's shape to distract the birthday boy or girl. For example, the real gift is a set of romance novels. Instead of wrapping the books as is, you can buy a trash bin and put the books inside. Once the books are in the bin, you can cover the whole thing with wrapping paper. You can do this with just about anything from game consoles and cellphones to journals and accessories.

The second way you can create a misleading present to play with the shape of the actual gift. Instead of hiding one present in another, play with the shape of different items and create a new silhouette. Let's just say you can make really interesting and suggestive gifts.

Birthday Cake

Another element of birthdays is the food. There is always something extra special prepared to show love and appreciation. In most cases, it is a birthday cake. Whether there are kids or not, it is a mainstay. Here are some cake related tricks you can try on the birthday boy or girl:

Exploding Birthday Cake

The title says it all. Once the celebrator cuts the cake they will find something a bit more interesting - an exploding cake! Take long balloons and inflate them. They should fit inside of your cake dish. Use a square or rectangular container for ease. Once you have the balloons in place smear a good amount of frosting on top.

Take note that the weight of the frosting and the application are important. If the frosting is too heavy or you put too much effort - the balloons will pop before you get a chance to surprise the celebrant.

The exploding birthday cake can be great for a school or office party. Just make sure no one in the guest list has a heart problem.

Spicy Birthday Cake

A little bit of spice will never hurt anybody, so keep the party interesting with a spicy birthday cake. If you have the baking skills, make the cake from scratch. Follow the recipe to the tea, but add an extra kick with

If you have baking skills, you can prank the party with all kinds of peppers. Cayenne, red pepper flakes, and fine ginger should be enough for them to realize that it isn't your regular fare.

Birthday Surprises

Last but not the least are the birthday surprises. If you are looking for pranks outside of the usual birthday shtick you can try these out:

Unexpected Balloon Pits

Kids and adults alike can enjoy a decent balloon pit. It's fun and playful - a great way to set the tone for the day. While you can make an actual balloon pit, there are other ways you can approach it. Fill their car with biodegradable balloons. When they open the car door, everything will come pouring out.

Another place you can create a "balloon pit" is on their bedroom or office door. While they are in the room, get to work. Strategically tape the balloons to the door. Let the tape span from one end of the door frame to the other - pushing the balloons forward. When your sibling or co worker opens the door, they will be greeted with a flood of balloons.

Birthday pranks are the perfect way to introduce fun and play. Maybe 10 to 15 years down the line, they can become fond memories. Make their day truly special do it with birthday pranks!

If you want to make a custom birthday prank call, Ownage Pranks is more than happy to help. Request a prank call and we'll work on creating the perfect one.

Happy Pranking!

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