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Booze and Bonkers: Funny Drinking Prank IdeasBooze and Bonkers: Funny Drinking Prank Ideas

Booze and Bonkers: Funny Drinking Prank Ideas

May 7, 2021

It’s fun to self-indulge with some good drinks every once in a while. Why? No other reason. It’s just fun! The booze buzz makes everyone instantly confident, ecstatic, or even emotional. Things are extra fun when you have had enough drinks. Some people play drinking games to keep the fun going, but it can get repetitive and eventually dull. Suppose you are looking to spice up your drinking sessions more. In that case, you should read on to find out our ten funny prank ideas that’ll make your nights hilariously unforgettable!

But first, keep in mind some of these safety reminders:

The most dreaded thing that everyone sees coming after drinking, are hangovers. It’s already bad enough to wake up wanting to throw up every thirty minutes. But what if you wake up with more severe problems because you fail to be a more careful and responsible drinker? We don’t want to sound like your mother, but some things are better prevented than be dealt with. Before making these funny pranks, you must keep in mind a couple of things:

  1. Make sure you are with at least one or two people you can trust. 

Of course, you are wholly responsible for your actions. But a little help from friends wouldn't hurt either! When you are out drinking, make sure you are at least surrounded by one or two close friends that you can trust. Parties can get wild, and when you've had too many drinks, it's almost difficult to stop! So these friend/s are there to help remind you of your limits. If ever things go too far, they are there to help you (literally) get back on your feet. This goes the other way around too! When you are a trusted friend of someone, it's only fitting to do things they would've done to you if you needed help. Besides, pranks are a lot funnier when done with your close friends!

  1. Respect other people’s boundaries.

This should already be a rule of thumb, but it's often overlooked when drinking. It is a universal rule not to be an a-hole to other people by disrespecting their limits, whether you are in a drinking setup or not. The good news is, you can do funny things to your friends without taking advantage of them. When executing a funny prank, you must be intuitive enough with how your victim will react or if they are even capable of receiving a joke positively. Since there is already a buzz of alcohol in the mind of your prank's victim, you must be more mindful of your actions not to offend/harm them. Jokes are meant to be fun and light-hearted and not be the cause of a bummer night. We suggest you only pull a safe prank to not push anyone to their limits, which we will get to later on.

  1. Know when enough is enough.

You should always be self-aware at all times, especially when drinking. You can't pull off a funny prank when you are the one who is speaking gibberish and walking like a zombie! Chances are you will be the tail-end of a mischievous trick. So drink moderately and know exactly when enough is enough!

Now that you know what to keep in mind before taking those flaming shots, read on to find our 10 Funny Drinking Prank Ideas!

Funny Drinking Prank Ideas:

  1. Serve them fake alcohol.

Does it sometimes feel like some of your friends are suspiciously too euphoric or too "drunk" when they've only had half a bottle of beer? Well, sometimes, your friends might not be the ones to blame. This occurrence is closely related to the placebo effect! It means that the way they speak or the way they act isn’t necessarily because of the buzz of the alcohol - but because they believe that's how they should work when drinking booze. Next time you go out drinking, try making a nice drink like a cocktail or putting non-alcoholic drinks to beer bottles and watch your friends get "drunk" with these things! You better make it taste almost like it has a bit of alcohol in it, though! They might complain about it not tasting as good, but they'll never know what you're up to! *evil smirk*

  1. Burn the lowest end of your friend's plastic straw.

This trick is not only exclusive to drinking because this could also make a fun dinner prank. You will need a little practice with this at home to do this perfectly once you go out for cocktails with your friend/s. When your friend goes on a bathroom break and leaves their cocktail behind - find a similar-looking straw and immediately use a lighter to burn the ends. Make sure they stick together to close before putting it back. Once they come back from their little bathroom break, watch them struggle with their sipping. It would be even funnier if they think there’s a lump in their drink that they couldn’t sip or blow out. The whole point of this prank is to just watch them hilariously suffer in confusion!

  1. Leave fake puke near where they are sleeping.

You should prepare this prank a few days before your scheduled drinking session. Make sure you will be crashing in the same place after, otherwise, this prank will be of no use. Once your drunk friend is asleep, leave traces of fake vomit near to where they are sleeping! They will wake up in the morning feeling disgusted with themselves while trying to recall everything from the night before. Which, by the way - we’re sure they won’t! (Not at least immediately!) 

  1. Give them a good prank call.

Why do drunk calls when you can do prank calls? This is a classic prank that is perfect just for any occasion or any form of messing up with someone. When people are drunk, they tend to be more expressive and have heightened emotions. You can use this opportunity to send your friend a prank call using a prank call app. What’s unique about this app is that it eliminates all the hassle of manual prank calls. It already gives you a fake Caller ID. That way, you won’t need to borrow someone else’s phone just to mess with your friend. At the same time, you can choose from an exciting range of pre-made prank scripts performed by professional voice actors any time of the day and night! They wouldn’t even know it’s you! You can just pretend to check your phone while sending the call from just across the table, and you can watch them react to the prank caller right in front of you! Isn’t that exciting? This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prank anyone who’s drunk! (Just try not to get caught using the app, of course!)

  1. Add hot sauce to their beer bottle/shot glass.

If you are sure that your drinking buddy has no underlying health conditions like asthma, then this is an easy and fun way to go! Just bring a bottle of hot sauce that you have at home and put it over the lid of their beer bottle or any of their favorite drinks when they are not looking. Watch them gulp it down, and that’s it, witness the flames begin!

  1. Draw on their face.

What do you do when someone gets passed out drunk? Well, first, you make sure they are at least appropriately hydrated. Secondly, Put them in a safe and comfortable place to sleep. Thirdly, use a marker to draw on their face. You can draw another “eye” in their lids, give them cute little moles, or give them a brand new mustache! It is totally up to you. Just make sure to keep a light hand not to wake them up. 

Accidentally used a permanent marker instead of an erasable one? Don’t worry! Simply grab a shaving cream, and their face will be as clean as a sober fella. 

  1. Give them free tattoos over their elbow.

Do you always know what the skin above your elbow looks like? Probably not because that’s a part of your body that you don’t often see unless you really spend time looking at that part of yourself in the mirror. This makes it a perfect spot to draw on when someone is passed-out drunk too! You can write a small note or draw any funny thing you like. If they don’t notice it enough, It could go from hours to days before someone even points it out to them. But hey, who doesn’t like a free tattoo? 

  1. Mummify them using plastic wrap.

When your drunk, heavy sleeper friend is in deep slumber, grab your plastic wraps in the kitchen and wrap them around it like the Tin Foil Man! (Except, we’re not using aluminum foils here because these are too noisy to deal with. But if you want, you may try at your own risk!) Be careful not to cover their mouth and nose for them to still breathe. They will wake up feeling fresh, like a preserved fruit or any leftover food in the fridge - thanks to you!

  1. Give them a nice manicure. 

Another funny thing to do with a passed-out friend is being kind enough to give them a manicure. This should be easy if you already have nail polish at home. You can give them a dirty manicure, or you can write a short message using it! Make sure to keep it really short though, you only have ten fingernails to work with.

  1. Change your name in their contacts with their mother’s name. 

Ask a friend with strict parents to lend you their phone to call someone or whatever reason you can make up. Once you have a hold on their phone, immediately change your name in their contacts with the registered contact name of their mother. After returning their phone, wait a little while before sending them threatening texts from their “mother.” You can text them to go home immediately or tell them that they need to talk. Watch your friend immediately sober up after these spine-chilling texts.

These are all 10 funny drinking prank ideas that you can do to your friends next time you have a night out or just casual at-home drinking. Remember to drink responsibly and keep things light. Happy pranking!


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