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Dropping Off A 19-Year-Old At A Daycare? Live Prank Calls

Jun 10, 2011 2.4M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Russell, Tyrone
Prank Victim: Daycare
Rage Level: Mellow

Live prank calls to a daycare freak out the employees!

Best quotes: 

  • “Its T-Y-reese, you know how to spell that?” 
  • “If you were of the flat-chested variety it’d probably be perfect, he probably wouldn’t even approach, you know, your mosquito bites.”
  • “I-I-I I like booby milk!”

Body of content:

This is a prank I did on a daycare center during a live prank call show I did, it turned out so hilarious I had to upload it! As Russell, I told the daycare workers I was a dad with a special needs son named “Tyreese” (Tyrone), who has a bit of an obsession with breast milk. Russell needs a daycare that can deal with his sons bizarre fixation, and this seemed like the perfect place!

The woman I spoke to was so calm, understanding, and patient about this weird call! She even nicely tolerated some awkward back-and-forth with Tyreese. She took the prank reveal really well and revealed her true thoughts about the strange call. Would you like to see more lighthearted pranks on daycares? Tell me in the comments what places you’d like me to prank in future live prank calls.


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[phone ringing]

Woman: Thanks for calling [censored] doctor. How may I help you?

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Yeah hi, I'm sorry. It's like the third time I called him.  

Pranker: I'm calling in regards to the Craigslist ad about childcare uh...

Pranker: I don't know what keeps happening, I heard some like screaming in the background and I hung up again.

Pranker: Is this the right number?

Woman: Yes this is the right number, I'm so sorry about that.   


Pranker: D- do you guys have like 40 kids locked up in like a 4 by 6 room or something? 

Pranker: It sounds so loud over there. 

Woman: No, I'm sorry that was the uhm, the television surround sound. I'm so sorry. No- 

Pranker: Oh, technology these days you know? It's just crazy. Alrighty, uhm...

Pranker: Uh- And uh-  how- what are your rates usually? 

Woman: Uhm, honestly I can't. You have to come in for a consultation so we can go over 

Pranker: Well the thing is I-I-I-  

Woman: ... all of that.

Pranker: Well yeah I understand, I'm just debating over like uh... 

Pranker: ... what- who to go with exactly, I mean obviously there are a bunch of options on uh the Craigslist you know?

Pranker: Uhm... 

Woman: Right.

Pranker: And uhm, d-did you mind explaining exactly do- would I bring my child to you...

Pranker: ... or would you like uh, would you- would you have somebody come to my house

Woman: Uhm yeah, in the morning- Ho-how old is your child? May I ask? 

Pranker: Eh he-he-he's- the thing is he's kind like- he has like a- uh he's kind of older.

Pranker: That's- that's the problem. Like I don't know that I co- do you guys have like a age limit or anything?

Woman: No, no, uhm it's uhm, infants to 12.

Pranker: Oh, 12 is the max? 

Woman: Uhm, I don't- you know what- I honestly do not think so. 

Pranker: Well the yeah, I mean that'd be good because pr- basically my son is- is 19 but he has essentially like the like...

Pranker: He acts like a like probably a 12 years old. Like I'm not- I'm not- I'm just being honest...

Pranker: He- he- he gets along with  kids really well, I just need somebody to care for him at specific times of day with me...

Pranker: You know my wife and I are out and uh I’m just looking for a right place I mean I could pay a little extra...

Pranker: Maybe like I don't know, double the rate or something 'cause he's twice the agde or something like that. 

Pranker: I just don't know what uh, what you guys do. Exactly. 

Woman: You know what? That sounds- Mystiqiua is a very understandable person I'm sure like...

Woman: She would really work with you... 

Pranker: Uh-huh.

Woman: She's not in right now, so but I am one of the Daycare employees so if you would leave your number... 

Woman: ... your name and your number and I'll have her call you like first thing in the morning.

Pranker: Oh, okay-

WOman: And the name of your- what's the name of your son? 

Pranker: Uh, he's name is Tyreese. 

Pranker: It's T-Y-Reese. You know how to spell that? 

Woman: Okay. Yeah. 

Pranker: Okay, great. Uhm, and uh, so what exac- I'm just wondering exactly because...

Pranker: You know it is already a little odd that he uh, he- he is a I guess an older child uhm...

Pranker: Eh- one thing that I'm wondering is that, ever- ever since he-he still essentially... 

Pranker: ... enjoys being- he-he requests every so often from my wife to brea-breastfed and obviously this is a long time ago...

Pranker: So we obviously tell him no and turn him down and all this stuff but for some reason...

Pranker: ... he-he-he keeps going back to-to-to my wife and like him, asking for it...  

Pranker: ... essentially trying to rip her shirt off at times, it's just his mentality and the way he is... 

Pranker: ... and what I'm slightly worried about is that might trying to do the same thing with the caretaker... 

Pranker He's not really aggressive but he might whine a little bit and be like...

Pranker: ... " come on boobie" or like ah- he's got boobie in his brain the work boobie is just embedded in his-

Woman: Right, of course yeah we- I totally understand we uhm... 

Woman: We would know how to deal with that, we have experience with uhm autistic children uhm...

Woman: Also and uhm...

Pranker: He's not autistic- he's not autistic.

Woman: Right, right, but we have like uhm, we have some experience with most of what you're saying...

Woman: ... And I understand exactly what you're saying and we would know how to respond in that situation. 

Pranker: Okay,I'm- I'm just- what I'm really worried about is because he is over 18.

Pranker: I mean pa- part of- I'm I just don't know how this all works but with-with my wife and I-

Pranker: I'm worried that like maybe if he approaches a person in the wrong way the caretakers have to be a female...

Pranker: ... with large with l-large  breast.

Pranker: He may approach her in inappropriate manner, I don't want him to get in any trouble like... 

Pranker: That's what I'm all worried about he's still like- he acts- he has-

Pranker: He acts like a child and everything but I don't want him to po-potentially let's say... 

Pranker: ... he brushes onto a woman's breast, and requests such a thing you know?

Pranker: I don't want him to l-let's say woman claim assault or something, you know what I mean?

Pranker: Like "Oh he brushed up on my boobie". And like I don't know what to- 

Pranker: I-I I don't I just want my-my-my boy to get in trouble, you know what I mean right?

Woman: Right uhm, I understand exactly what you're saying. I'm gonna have my boss call you back. 

Woman: I'm sure she'll work work with you... Uhm, can I have you name please?

Pranker: Well um-

Pranker: Yeah, my name's John uhm. 

Pranker: What I'm wondering is I'm ideally I would want  him to work with a caretaker with-with...

Pranker: ... with- with smaller- essentially a f-f-f- mostly flat chested woman.

Pranker: I think that would essentially avoid, avoid the situation and avoid the problem. 

Pranker: Would you yourself consider yourself in- of the flat chested variety?

Woman: Yeah...

Pranker: Okay and would you be possibly- 'cause I'm pretty sure he...

Pranker: He usually tends to go bay based on our like studying, he usually tends to go for...

Pranker: Uhm... Either eh probably B cups or above...

Pranker: So if you're of the Flat Chested Variety it'd probably be perfect. 

Pranker: He probably wouldn't even approach you know, your mosquito bites. 

Pranker: It'd probably be fine.

Woman: Yeah, okay...

Pranker: Alright excellent, excessiv-

Woman: Because it's me and uhm, and the- yeah. 

Pranker: Okay-

Woman: Nobody has like gigantic chest here. 

Pranker: No-nobody does? That's perfect. 

Woman: Yeah.

Pranker: You guys are exactly what I'm looking for. 

Pranker: Uhm, uh... Hey!

Pranker: Hey buddy, Tyreese!

Pranker: Yeah! I think I found somebody for you buddy. Yeah, you w-w- you won't have to stay home alone and...

Pranker: ... and It'll probably be fun. Do-

Pranker: Ma- He's- I'm- I'm really excited I'm-I'm- I mean I know you guys aren't agreeing to anything...

Pranker: ... it's just very exciting that he might uh... He-he- you guysmigh be interested, you know? 

Pranker: Uhm... eh d- w-would you mind just ah usually obviously I wanna get the input from my son...

Pranker: ... and- and him it's just so he- he's happy with who he's staying with would you mind saying a couple words to him maybe?

Pranker: Just like hello-

Woman: Okay... 

Pranker: Okay, are you okay ma'am? I don't want you to feel uncomfortable or anything. 

Pranker: I'm just trying you know st-

Woman: No- no this is fine, this is fine. 

Pranker: Okay eh- excellent, can you hold on for a second? 

Woman: Yeah...

Pranker: Okay great. Hey Tyreese, Tyreese come- come here! Come here buddy!

Pranker: NO! NO! P-Put that down! Come- come here.

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Uh-uh hello? 

Woman: Hello! 

Pranker: Uh yeah eh hi-hi- Hi.

Woman: Hi, how are you Tyreese?

Pranker: I'm- I'm- I'm good I'm good but I'm- I'm- I'm good. I- I'm

Woman: Really, that's nice to hear. 

Pranker: H-H-How are you?

Woman: I'm fine. 

Pranker: Wh- wh- wh- wh- what's your name? 

Woman: Ms. Adriana. 

Pranker: Oh, I-I-I-I-I'm Rihanna right?

WOman: Yeah.

Pranker: Ok- o-o-okay g-g-great w-w-will- will you be my ba- my babysitter?

Woman: Yeah, hopefully.

Pranker: Yeah, ye- yay! Yay! I-I-I'm- I'm- I'm- I'm excited! 

Pranker: Dad! DADDY I'M EXCITED! 

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Good, that- I'm happy for you buddy.

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Uh- o- eh- h-h-how how o-ol-old are you?

Woman: I'm old enough to be your caretaker. can I talk to your dad again please? 

Pranker: Yeah. O-o-okay o-o-one second. D-dad...

Woman: Okay... 

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Uh- hello?

Woman: Hello.

Pranker: Yeah hey, so-so-sorry about that yeah hey how you doing?

Woman: Yeah uhm-

Woman: That- that's fine, he seems really nice. 

Pranker: Yeah he-he's a- he's a really great kid you know, he-he's harmless he's...

Pranker: ... he's- he-he- he- he loves eh- he's really good, great kid. 

Woman: Okay, so uhm, do you know like-

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Da-da- dad!

Woman: How long you want him to be here? you know, what time?

Praner [speaking as Russell]: N- Hold on, I'm sorry- he's-

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Dad, I want to talk her again! 

pranker [speaking as Russell]: I-I'm so- he's- he's- I'm sorry. C-c- can you say that again, sorry? 

Woman: How long would you want us to uhm, watch him for?

Woman: From the morning to the evening or- or what time overnight or...

Pranker: Probably in the evening time, probably like let's say from noon... 

Pranker: ... to uh... To uh let's say seven? Noon to six. 

Woman: Okay. 

Pranker: Uhm, I really do appreciate you-you know you talking to me and giving this a chance it's really-

Pranker: I'm really excited, I'm gonna talk to my wife uh, Laquisha is going to be so happy when I tell her about this.

Woman: Okay, can I have your last name? 

Pranker: Uh, yeah, it's uh, Richardson.

Woman: Richardson

Pranker: It's R-I- Richard son, essentially. 

Woman: Okay and can I have you phone number if that's possible?  

Pranker: Uh, yeah sure eh I think you should- probably should be on the caller ID, I don't know...

Pranker: ... if you have it or not... it's a - it's 3 1 0 

Woman: Uh- huh.

Pranker [speaking as Buk Lau]: the 6 2 5 

Woman: Uh-huh.

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: 1 3 3 7 

Woman: Uhm, and Tyreese's last name is Richardson also?  

Pranker: Yeah his last name is Richardson and my wife is Laquisha.

Woman: And your wife’s name is Laquisha...

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: D-dad! H-hello? 

Woman: Yeah?

Pranker: Geh- o- ah- I'm- I- Are- are you gonna be my care- my caretaker? L- Uh- Adriana?

Pranker: I-I just wa- I want get to- t-to know you first. 

Woman: Uhm... 

Pranker: Y-Y-you know what I'm saying?

Woman: Okay...

Pranker: I-I- wh-

Woman: We'll see what we- I'll see what I can do okay?

Pranker: Th- d- do you have m- milk?  

Woman: Yes, we have a gallon of milk here. 

Pranker: Uh- I-I-I'm- I-I'm- I like bo-bo-boobie milk. 

Woman: Uh, we don't do boobie milk, I'm sorry Tyreese. 

Pranker: B-bu- my-my-my-my-my-my momma said- 

Pranker: I-I- maybe some-somebody else'll give me boobie milk. 

WOman: No baby, you can't have any.

Pranker: But-but-but-but- it-it-it- ta-tastes better than regular milk. 

Woman: Can I talk to your dad please Tyreese?

Pranker: O-o- okay.

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Uh, hello?

Woman: Yeah.

Pranker: Uh, yeah sorry e-eh- basically he just has a- he-he- i's- it's-

Pranker: He pulled the phone from me asking me to talk to you again, uh sorry about that, so uh...  

Pranker: Yeah! Can you just give me a call tomorrow maybe? We'll figure it out?

Woman: Yeah awesome. 

Pranker: Okay and just to clarify for you he-he does not have any type of mental disability. 

Pranker: He's just essentially- I-I don't know the way he was raised but uh... He...

Pranker: It's mostly just a stuttering problem but he's really, really, really polite. 

Pranker: the stuttering sometimes runs in the family but I-

Woman: Okay, that's fine with me. 

Pranker: I'm sorry?

WOman: Yeah he seems really nice actually-

Pranker: Yeah, he-he's great- he's great kid you know, he's-he's-he's harmless.

Pranker: He's just a great kid. 

Woman: Okay yeah, uhm, I look forward to meeting with you my who-

Woman: I'm going to have my boss call you in the morning or... 

Woman: Is in the morning- is in the morning okay for you?

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: B-b-boobies!

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Yeah, the morning should be fine. 

Woman: Awesome, okay, I'll have my boss call you in the morning. 

Pranker: Okay, al-alrighty excellent. Thank you so much. 

Woman: You're welcome, bye.

Pranker: Okay, bye. 

Pranker [speaking to audience]: [laughing] I felt bad actually but I have to- I have to- I have to let her know.

Pranker: She's going to call some random number tomorrow and be like... 

Pranker: ... "Yeah Laquisha, John and Tyreese" It's a really weird family.

Pranker: [laughing] 

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: B-B- BOOBIES!

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Do you guys hear the last like towards the end I kind of like turned away... 

Pranker: ... from my mic and was like BOOBIES! [giggles] Just to get one more boobies in before end.

[phone ringing]

Woman: Hi, this is Adriana, how may I help you? 

Pranker: Oh Adriana, hi, how are you doing? Hey it's John I just called you a second ago?

Woman: Yeah, right.

Pranker: Hey eh- I- you know I didn't want to like get off- get off on the phone on the wrong foot...

Pranker: ... I wanted to let you know that uh- That last phone call I had with you- that was a joke, that was a prank call.

Woman: [laughing] 

Pranker: I didn't- wait okay I d- did you have- were you confused? 

Pranker: Honest- honest question.

Woman: Wait what?

Pranker: How confused were you?  

Woman: Like a lot. [chuckles] 

Pranker: Like okay- were you cr- were you not creeped out that whole time?

Pranker: So the whole time, like you have some like, apparently like older like black...

Pranker: ... guy that's like screaming BOOBIES. [laughing]

Woman: [chuckles] Oh my god, that's not even normal, that was like a good prank though. 

Pranker: So I- did I- were you convinced like- were you really going to call back Laquisha and John tomorrow?

Woman: No I oh- Uhm...  I have- I have no idea.

Woman: Like no I wasn't. I was going to tell my boss like this is crazy.

Pranker: Okay one question before I let you go.

Pranker: I'm like, just out of curiosity, if I was your boss and I- 

Pranker: And you were telling me like who called last night, how would ou explain that-that-that experience?

Woman: I don't know I would just like we had a call for a potential client  but...

Woman: ... Try to explain the best that I can because that was not- [laughing]

Pranker: [laughing] The nine- the 19 year old who likes b-b-boobies! [laughing] 

Woman: [laughing] 

Woman: I know it was you because like he'd talk and then like you wouldn't talk at the same time it was like...

Woman: ... freaky, I kind of figured...  

Pranker: But co-could you tell? E- I did both voices but could you tell it was one person? It was convincing.

Woman: Uhm, no. No, I couldn't tell.   

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Yeah girl! I like that. 

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Alright, sweet uhm...

Woman: [giggles] 

Pranker: Okay, uhm uh, if you want to check me out on YouTube-

Pranker: You can check out, I do bunch of prank calls on YouTube, I don't know if you want to check it out on your free time...  

Pranker: ... might get a good laugh. 

Woman: Yeah.

Pranker: Want to check it out?

Woman: Yeah, what's the name of it?

Pranker: Okay! It's

Pranker: O-W-N-A-G-E Pranks. One word. 

Woman: Awesome, okay.

Pranker: C-can you subscribe to me? Because I need subscribers okay? Because I'm a-

Woman: Yeah, no problem! 

Pranker: Okay,I have like 6, but awesome. Subscribe to me if you-

Woman: [giggles]

Pranker: Well check it out later. Thank you uh- thanks for bye.

Woman: Thanks for that, okay bye.

Pranker: Alright, take care bye.

[baby cough]

Woman: Bye.

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Okay! [laughing] I plan on calling her back to see if she subscribed...

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