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Coworker Groping Caught On Camera Prank! Animated Pranks

Jan 22, 2017 2.3M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls
Format: Animated
Characters: Abdo
Prank Victim: Former McDonald’s employee
Rage Level: Hardcore

Caught groping on camera prank call to fired McDonald’s employee!

Best quotes: 

  • “Just because you can’t keep it in your pants doesn’t mean it’s my problem.”
  • “Fark to you and fark to your face!”
  • “You are a little, perverted little sh*t!”

Body of content:

This guy got fired from McDonalds for forcibly touching a 16-year-old female co-worker, and was caught bragging about it afterwards. I decided to pull a caught-on-camera prank call on him as Abdo from the Human Resources department at McDonalds. I told him the company was investigating the case and had evidence of his inappropriate behavior!

He claimed the entire incident “never even happened” and got SUPER defensive right away, he even mocked Abdo! Should I call him back again with a new character? Tell me what you thought of this animation in the comments!


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Pranker [speaking to audience]: This guy got fired from McDonald's for sexually harassing a 16 year old girl named Britney. 

Pranker: He supposedly brags to his friends about how he had her shirtless in the staff room one day.

Pranker: I decided to follow up with him about this incident pretend to be McDonald's HR. Check out what happens.

[phone ringing] 

Guy: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Yes hello, may I speak with uh, Mike [censored] please?

Guy: Yes you got him. Who is this? 

Pranker: This is Abdo. I'm calling with McDonald's HR department.

Guy: I quit McDonald's over a year ago.

Pranker: Yeah-

Guy: Over a year ago. 

Pranker: Yes sir but we have the one employee who was making a complaint and would like to take some legal action regarding the Britney incident.

Guy: I haven't had any contact with anyone from that store since I quit, so...

Pranker: Yeah but she seems to have like a- a pretty explicit story about her experiences with you...  

Pranker: ... and some harassment amd these things and I wanted to call you to see if, you know... 

Pranker: ... try to help facilitate what's going on here and see if we can take her outside of court-

Guy: Nothing has happened I-I-I don't even remember who you're referring to.

Pranker: But she says that she was sexually harassed by you.

Pranker: Unfortunate.

Guy: No. 

Pranker: Yes. I see some-

Guy: She's full of crap. Okay? Let me-

Guy: Let me say this slowly for you. She's full of crap.

Pranker: Relax man, okay? Look, I'm not- I'm not taking sides here-

Guy: I'm not gonna fu- NO I'M NOT GONNA RELAX!

Pranker: Yeah, yeah-

Guy: You call me a year later to bring up something that never even happened. 

Pranker: Yeah.

Guy: What the heck do you think do y- NO! No, no, let me farking finish.

Pranker: Okay, go ahead. Go ahead.

Guy: Yeah, put yourself in my shoes. 

Guy: You quit your job and then a year later some a**hole calls you up saying the sme co-worker-

Pranker: Yeah but you're a predator, remember?

Guy: ... you barely even remember- NO NO NO LET ME FARKING FINISH.

Guy: I'm not farking done yet!

Pranker: O- okay, my mistake, sorry, go ahead.

Guy: Why the fark does this matter? She doesn't work there anymore...

Guy: ... from what I've heard from the one person I still do keep in touch with... 

Guy: ... and, I haven't worked there in a year! 

Pranker: So you remember her. First you tell me "I don't know who're you talking about"

Pranker: but now you have like- a friend who remem-

Guy: I know who she is! 

Guy: I've done my very best to forget the fact that...

Guy: ...her and her twin sister weaseled their farking way into my life.

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, so- but you're changing the story, you know what I mean? 

Pranker: But like- what do you-

Guy: No, no, no, no! I'm not changing the farking story!

Pranker: Eh, but you know just from my perspective you know, I'm just giving you my honest opinion.

Pranker: You know like, one second ago you talk and I-

Guy: Yeah, and your honest opinion doesn't mean crap! You're wasting my time! 

Pranker: U- Sir! You know I'm trying to help you here right? I want to help-

Guy: You're not trying to help! You're not trying to help!

Pranker: I am, but what do-  What am I trying to do, then? 

Guy: No, she's bringing up something that didn't- that didn't happen, that she's saying happened-


Pranker: Yeah but- I know, but listen, you have to understand just because you can't keep it in your pants doesn't mean it's my problem-

Pranker: You know, I'm just trying to do my job and help you out.

Guy: Hey, hey, hey! Fark- hey farker! 

Guy: For the 17th farking- no! For the 17th farking time!

Guy: For the 17th farking time that never happened!

Pranker: Sir, there is no need to use a proferity with me.

Pranker: I'm being very respectful.

Guy: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, d***head, d***head?

Pranker: What? 

Guy: D***head.

Pranker: I don't want to raise my voice with you, okay? Please, don't- don't push my button.

Guy: Hey, hey, alright, so-so let me get this straight.

Guy: I've told you now 18 times what happened and you give me:

Guy: "Oh well because you can't keep it in your pants" FARK YOU BUDDY!   

Pranker: A- are you trying- are you-? 

Guy: Fark you! Fark you you homo bitch!

Pranker: Fark you-


Pranker: Don't talk to me like this! 

Guy: Yeah, well, fark you, get out of my-

Pranker: You are a little perverted little crap, you know that? 

Pranker: [laughing]

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