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FailArmy Prank Call! Live Show Trolling by Ownage Pranks

Jan 19, 2017 1.8M views 0 comments

Category: Live pranks, prank calls 
Format: Live video
Characters: Abdo, Tyrone, Russell
Prank Victim: FailArmy
Rage Level: Feel-good

Stalking prank call on LIVE FailArmy show!

Best quotes: 

  • “Isn’t Morocco in Egypt?”
  • “Add me on Instantgram, ArabianParadise82”
  • “If your stench is still in there I’d really appreciate it”

Body of content:

I pulled off a series of THREE back to back stalking prank calls on a live broadcast by Fail Army. Using my characters Abdo, Tyrone, and Russell, I made the female host believe she had a bunch of creepy men hardcore stalking her!! By the end of these calls, she was in shock that so many creeps were keeping tabs on her Instagram account. 

Being able to see their faces as I said some incredibly random and weird stuff was hilarious! I’d love to pull off more prank calls to live shows, which ones should I look into calling up next time? Tell me in the comments below where you want to see your favorite Ownage characters dial in! 


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Pranker [speaking to audience]: So I pulled off a series of three prank call in an actual live broadcast by FailArmy.

Pranker: I planned on calling back over and over, so I had to start things out pretty tame so they wouldn't get suspicious.

Pranker: Check this out.

Girl: Guys we have some really awesome news. 

Girl: You hear us talk all the time, we're ready to hear you talk.

Girl: We're going to take some live calls, Ricardo's putting the number in the comments! 

Girl: We're going to pick up the phone!

Guy: You guys are about to be able to talk to us live is pretty much what she said.

Girl: Yeah!

Guy in the background: Please do not curse when you get on air!

Girl: No!

Guy: Yeah, when you get on air, if you curse I'm gonna immediately-

Girl: Hang up!

Guy: No, I'm going to listen what you have to say...

Girl: [laughing] No you're not!

Guy: Alright, don't curse and don't be weird just- we'll talk to you, I guess a minute or two? 

Guy: And by the way, this fork, believe it or not is actually the phone. Hello? 

Girl: [giggles]

Guy: Hello?

[phone ringing]

Girl: Oh!

Guy: Oh, we got our first caller!

Girl: We got our first caller here... 

Guy: Mmm...

Girl: Alright!

Guy: Let's see what he's going to curse about.

Girl: Let's pick a phone.

[phone ringing]

Guy: [chuckles] Let's see...

Girl: Hello! Welcome to FailArmy!

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Yeah, hello?

Girl: Hello!

Guy: Yeah, how are you doing?

Pranker: I-I'm going to call you my brother, how are you?

Guy: Good! It's nice to hear from you!

Guy; You have an accent, where are you from?

Pranker: Whoa, so nice from you too. I'm actually from Egypt.

Guy: Egypt! Yes!

Girl: Wow! 

Girl: Egypt!

Guy: I love the mummies!

Pranker: I didn't think you're gonna-

Pranker: I didn't think you're gonna pick up on me, you know I was just calling like I-

Pranker: I'm paying long distance but it's so worth it- It's so nice.

Girl: Oh my gosh, yay! [clapping] What's your name?

Guy: [laughing]

Pranker: I-I it's Abdo. I actually tried the pa-

Pranker: You know I've been trying to call in you know just like- It's Abdo. Abdo.

Guy: Abdul?

Girl: Nice to meet you! I've always wanted to go to Morocco...

Girl: That's in Egypt...

Pranker: Oh, wow, so nice but you knowlike, you know Egypt-Egypt is better.

Pranker: But like, you should maybe... 

Girl: Isn't Morocco in Egypt?

Guy: Do you have a girlfriend in Egypt?

Girl: [laughing]

Pranker: I- I have a- I have a girl. I have many girls man.

Pranker: I have three wives actually so if you want to you know come by-

Guy: That's amazing- That's crazy, do you have any animals, anything cool

Girl: Is this real? [laughing]

Guy: [giggles]

Pranker: No, but honestly I- I'd love to give- Can I give a shoutout?

Pranker: Uh, is that possible?

Guy: Yes, do what you gotta do!

Pranker: Yeah, thank you so much okay, sh-sh-shoutout to my brother uh Rasheed...

Pranker: ... my neighbour Edward uh, my-my coworker Christine. 

Guy: [laughing]

Pranker: Thank you so much for helping me uh, my-my best friend Richard... 

Pranker: We made it! W-we made it my brother! 

Girl: Is this real?

Pranker: A-and of course you know sh-shout out to me too.

Guy: [laughing]

Pranker: You know people watching s-so many thousands.

Girl: Wow, okay! Well thank you so much Abdul! 

Guy: Yes! 

Girl: We're gonna- we're gonna take another call now!

Pranker: Just make sure, a-add me on Instagram - ArabianParadise82. 

Pranker: You know like, it'd be good.

Guy: I'm going to add you dude!

Girl: ArabianParadise82.

Guy: ... Paradise82.

Girl: Thanks for calling![laughing]

Pranker: Uh, yeah, thank-thanks so much. Thanks so much. 

Girl: Next caller [laughing]

Guy [imitating Abdo]: Shoutout to my neighbour and the camel and the-

Girl: That was amazing. [sputter]

Guy: Abdul, what was it again? Pradise82?

Girl: Paradise... 83 or something?

Guy: Call guys!

[phone ringing]

Girl: Oh, I think that's Abdul again.

Guy: No...

Gir: Is it?

Guy: No. Yeah. It is.

[phone ringing]

Guy: No... Yeah it is.

Girl: It is!

Guy: Just pick it up! [laughing]

Girl: Hello? 

Guy: Abdul, what's up? Thanks for calling again.

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Uh- h- hello? 

Guy: Yeah, Abdul... [laughing]

Pranker: Eh-eh- 

Pranker: H-Hey what's going on? O- n- Is Abdul still on the line? 

Pranker: That dude that was calling before?

Guy in the background: No, no- it's the ca- It looks like the same number but it [mumbling]

Guy: No?

Guy and girl: Oh! 

Girl: Really? Okay...

Guy: S-s-somebody new. What's up man, what's your name?

Guy in the background: It's a different caller.

Pranker: Hey what's up man? It's Tyrone, how you doing?

Guy: Tyrone, how you doing man? What are you up to?

Pranker: Uh...

Pranker: Nothing to much my brother, honestly I didn't think I-I-

Pranker: I'm surprised I'm on the air right now. 

Girl: Yeah![clapping]

Guy: [laughing]

Pranker: To be honest I'm a big fan of you man. I-I-I-

Guy: [mumbling]

Pranker: I-I-I'm a big fan of you but honestly man... Janell you keep me coming back week to week.

Guy: Wow, nice man!

Pranker: I've been watching you since you started out! 

Girl: Oh! God!

Pranker: F-f-four-five months ago. You know I-I-I like all your photos on Instagram!

Pranker: I mean, just to keep it real I-I got a little Janelle shrine going on in my bedroom.

Guy: Oooh, crap...

Pranker: Honestly I'm your biggest fan! I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Guy: [laughing]

Girl: Oh my god, Tyrone! Thank you so much, I- [laughing]

Pranker: BooBoo, BooBoo I- I watch every single one of your movies.

Pranker: You know what I'm saying? I-I- "I Know You Want It", I watched "Guess Train".

Pranker: I watched "Awkward Flirting" I-I-I'm all over your stuff, you know what I'm saying like I'm-

Girl: Wow! Those are-

Pranker: You're my one and only!

Girl: You do watch those are my films! [laughing]

Guy: [laughing]

Girl: Wow Tyrone, thank you that's- I'm so flattered right now. I-I-

Guy: She's also single Tyrone!

Pranker: Ho- Ho-Honestly-

Girl: [chuckles]

Guy:Just saying!

Pranker: No, no. Thank you so much I-I- you looked so good in that Holiday special...

Pranker: You know whe- when I saw you on Twitter talking about getting engaged my-my heart dropped a little bit...

Pranker: ... but then I realised it was- it was just a Chewbacca joke.

Guy: Oooh!

Girl: Oh, it was just a joke you know... C-Comedian over here so, you know...

Guy: [giggles]

Girl: Trying to make you guys laughing!

Guy: [chuckles]

Pranker: I-I-I got you! H-Honestly- honestly you-you-you make me do a lot of things...

Girl: No rings... 

Pranker: Not just laugh, you know what I'm saying, like it's just-

Girl: Oh... 

Pranker: Y-You're so beautiful like... Y-y-you're such a beautiful woman and I would love to like... 

Pranker: ... you know, just take you out like-like a date or something, go out for coffee...

Pranker: ... when I'm in town you know. I-I'm in Los Angeles. 

Guy: Ohh!

Girl: Wow!

Pranker: Honestly you know m-

Girl: Tyrone that is so nice of you! That is very nice-

Guy: DM on her Instagram so take that...

Girl: I'm- I'm not looking for a date right now! Thank you so-

Guy: You should! Yeah right, she's looking for trendings...

Pranker: I know I-I- honestly I-I-I printed out the IMDb photo of you.

Pranker: You look so cute and scandalous and like honestly it's just- they're adorable.

Girl: Oh! Oh! 

Pranker: I-I the tattoos e-everything like you just-

Girl: Wow...

Pranker: Just a wonderful woman, you know what I'm saying? 

Girl: Well thank you so much Tyrone, that is so, so nice of you to say, thanks for calling in!

Pranker: Okay. Alright. 

Pranker: I-I-If you can- i-i-if you got my number on the caller ID, you now what I'm saying...

Pranker: ... like you should like be sure to hit me up, you know what I'm saying. 

Pranker: Like just shoot me a text something like that, you know what I'm saying...

Girl: Wow! Thank you!

Guy: Yeah! I like Tyrone!

Pranker: Just slide in the DMs like no big deal... 

Guy: I think he sounds like a great person!

Girl: Dan he might... He might hit you up...

Girl: Also, thank you Tyrone, thank you for calling that was so nice.

Pranker: Alright, e- alright boo slide-slide up in my DMs alright?

Pranker: Okay, you take care now.

Girl: [laughing]

Guy in the background: [laughing] 

Girl: Is this real you guys?

Guy in the background: Yeah, we put the number in the comments. 

Girl: Wow... Tyrone.

Guy: Are we still taking more calls?

[indistinct talking]

Girl: We got one more call to take! Okay...

Guy: One more call.

[phone ringing]

Guy: Here we go, it comes so fast! 

Girl: I'm nervous.

Guy: Go pick it up. 

Girl: Alright, here we go.

Guy: Uh-

[phone ringing] 

Girl: Hello, this is FailArmy.

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: H-h-hey uh, uh, hey! Is this Janell?

Girl: Yes! This is Janell from FailArmy. How's it going? 

Pranker: W-was- uh I'm good wow I just- I thought-I thought maybe this wasn't actually live it was just-

Pranker: I was calling in thought you guys, WOW.

Girl: Yeah! 

Guy: This is real! 

Girl: This is real, what's your name?

Pranker: Uh, it is Russell. 

Girl: Hey Russell, thank you for calling in. Where're you from Russell?

Guy: Russell!

Pranker: Uh, I'm from New York. 

Girl: Oh my god! Alright... Okay!

Guy: [laughing]

Pranker: I-i-it's cr- it's crazy honestly because like I-

Pranker: Literally I was also just on your Instagram too.

Pranker: I was looking at the uh- you-you're selling your car right? 

Girl: I am selling my car! [laughing]

Pranker: That's hil- I was actually g- I was actually gonna hit you up because I- I'm actually in-

Pranker: ... uh, the Los Feliz area so I was gonna see if like you might want to talk to me for like you know...

Guy: She's dying to sell this car, she just put so much money into it!

Girl: I did! Seriously DM me, because I'm... [laughing]

Guy: [laughing] 

Girl: I do wanna sell this car...

Pranker: I'm in the market for Honda Civic but I- it sounded like you might be sliding into the other guys Dms.

Guy: No he's sliding into her DMs.

Pranker: So you have time for me too?

Girl: No uhm... [laughing] My god!

Pranker: Oh!

Girl: A lot of DM sliding going on. Guys I- 

Pranker: I got you- There's only so much DMs that can happen so I- I don't wanna like you know...

Guy: No, no, no, no, no you're not gonna fill up the slot.

Pranker: ... overwhelm you with anything. 

Girl: Uh, business DMs I am ready to reply, ugh date DM I am- I do not want it right now.

Girl: I am having a good time being single and I wanna keep it that way.

Guy: Single ready to sell the Civic!

Girl: [laughing]

Pranker: Wait, do you have like a fan discount of some sort or?

Guy: Of course! Of course! And we're go- we can do the paperwork illegally or unillegally because-

Girl: Oh! 100%!

Girl: And this is not Dan’s car, it's my car.

Pranker: I'm honestly- I'm just- I'm-I'm more concerned- 

Pranker: I'm honestly hoping that you haven't cleaned the car out yet because kinda like, the other guy who called...   

Pranker: ... I am a little bit of a secret admirer so I'd love to j-

Girl: Oh... Wow...

Pranker: If your stench is still in there I'd really appreciate it.

Girl: Well-

Guy: We'll leave the stench in there for you...

Girl: Okay yeah I haven't vacuumed it yet. So I'd leave that for you. [laughing]

Guy: I love these call man [laughing]

Pranker: Thank God! Thank God.

Girl: This is so hilarious!

Pranker: Okay well- one- one other- one other thing I wanted to tell you real quick is that a-a...

Pranker: ... all of there last three calls were just little pranks pulled off by me.

Pranker: I conspired with uh, with your homegirl sitting behind control switch!

Girl: I knew it! I knew it because I was like there's no way!

Guy: [laughing]

Girl: There's no way that I'm that lovable.

Pranker: I literally I- I was literally tiptoeing, I was sitting with my buddy tiptoeing-

Pranker: My name is Russell, I have a YouTube channel called Ownage Pranks and I was tiptoeing around like... 

Pranker: ... okay if I'm going to be three calls, I need to make you think the first one kind of tame...

Pranker: ... the next one extra weird and the last one just a little random but quite a rude so I don't get kicked off.

Pranker: ... but I think it worked.

Girl: I believed you!

Guy: Honestly they didn't tell me so I was what is going on!

Girl: I know I felt really bad because Danny needed some love too.

Guy: No I didn't need any love today, I got scared for Janelle for a second I was like oh my god!

Pranker: It's funny-

Guy: They're all in Los Angeles?

Pranker: Honestly I couldn't find- Danny I would love to make three calls for you but I couldn't find those informations about you...

Guy: Don't- Thank god. [chuckles]

Girl: Wow, that was really good Russell! [clapping] You killed it!

Guy: Good stuff Russell!

Girl: Well, we've never been pranked for real, like on live? [laughing]

Guy: "Is this real? Is this real?" God you can't get her with anything.

Pranker: I decided to-I decided keep it relatively tamed for everything I was saying but [mumbling].

Girl: Oh my god!

Guy: What's the name again?

Girl: Russell. 

Guy: Russell what's the YouTube page? 

Pranker: It's- it's Ownage Pranks! 

Guy: Olnage Pranks! Check out Olnage Pranks, this guy's awesome!

Guy and girl: Ownage! 

Guy: Ownage guys! God, okay.

Girl: Alright you guys. Oh my god, thank you for watching us get pranked especially me!

Pranker: [laughing]

Girl: Thank you for tuning in the FailArmy!

Girl: You guys are amazing sending your fails so we can show them every week.

Guy: Don't forget to submit those fails!

Girl: Submit them! Good night and happy 13th of Friday! [evil laugh]

Girl: Russell's amazing...

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Damn god I love that laugh...

Everyone: [laughing] 

Guy: Still on the phone!

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