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Arab Neighbor Calls Angry Grandpa - Prank Call!

Nov 6, 2016 3.6M views 0 comments

Category: Prank call 
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Abdo
Prank Victim: Granddad
Rage Level: Moderate

Angry grandpa prank call with crazy fake break in!

Best quotes:

  • “Why do you even need a Christmas tree when you have all that real estate on your granddaughters face, right? She has all types of stuff going on.”
  • “He couldn’t even beat up on your five pound cat”
  • “I have bags under my eyes because of your butthole behavior”

Body of content:

This angry grandpa prank call got crazy! The granddaughter of the prank target told me this guy cannot stand his middle-eastern neighbors. They frequently shout at him from their windows when him or his son honk their car horns early in the morning to wake the granddaughter up. On top of that, the granddad lost some Christmas lights, which he highly suspects the same neighbors stole from him.

I called him up as Abdo pretending to be the disgruntled “neighbor” to give him a piece of my mind!! Grandpa didn’t care at all that the early-morning honking was waking Abdo’s family up, so I stepped this prank up a notch. I used some prank call magic to make him think Abdo was breaking into his garage while he was away, and this time he was taking more than just the Christmas lights! 

The conversation got explosive when he thought Abdo was really taking things to the next level, and his granddaughter got involved to make the prank call more convincing! Do you think this grandpa ever resolved his issues with the neighbors? What your favorite part of this prank? Tell me in the comments!


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Pranker [speaking to audience]: This guy hates his neighbor. A Middle Eastern woman constantly complaining-

Pranker: that the honking in the morning is waking her up. Not only that, he also had some Christmas lights-

Pranker: stolen from his house, and he is convinced that it was these neighbors who did it. I called him up-

Pranker: as Abdul, his annoying complaining neighbor to give him a piece of my mind and tell him to stop-

Pranker: haunting his damn horn in the morning.

 [Phone ringing]

Neighbor: Hello? 

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Yeah, hello, uh, am I talking to John?

Neighbor: Uh, yes you are.

Pranker: You are the old bearded man, you live across the street from me?

Neighbor: On what street? 

Pranker: [censored] drive. Uh, really, I just want to call you because I need you to stop honking, man, like I'm going crazy.

Neighbor: I don't honk my horn in the morning, I go to work at 04:00 in the morning, that's my son picking-

Neighbor: up the granddaughter for school.

Pranker: Yeah, okay, maybe it was the son, yeah, but, so your son, man, he keeps honking the horn ALL DAY-

Pranker: a-, all morning, right? Like, I'm going to crazy! I have a headache.

Neighbor: Oh-, oh-, oh you know why? Because we know you're laying on your ass all day, and-, and-, and we want you to get up.

Pranker: Okay, well I'll be sure to take the Christmas lights next year too then. 

Neighbor: Well, you know what? I'll put them in reverse, and you touch them, you'll get shocked.

Pranker: Yeah, I doubt it man, I have-, I have electrical, uh-, protecting gloves, right? So I will be ok.

Pranker: But like, I need you to-, to tell your son, or something to stop honking, because it is very a**hole-

Neighbor: No.

Pranker: behavior right?

Neighbor: Nope, he's going to honk, because he's got to wake the kid up! And if you aren't up, that's just tough crap for you!

Pranker: Yeah, but it's too early in the morning, you stupid, it's not poli- 

Neighbor: You are-, 07:30's too early!? 

Pranker: YEAH, you have to have a sense of DECENCY, right? Like, after 9, okay, maybe, right? But seven o'clock-

Pranker: is not everybody is awake in the morning. 

Neighbor: Well we-, we are that's all that counts. 

Pranker: You know, I'm trying to reason with you here, and you know-

Neighbor: Yeah, you-

Pranker: try to be polite-

Neighbor: yeah, you're ju-

Pranker: but you're n-, you're being a little bit ridiculous right? Like you're not going to work with me.

Neighbor: [Hang up]

Pranker: Hello? [laughing] 

 [Phone ringing]

Neighbor: Hello? 

Pranker: Yeah, hello man. You know, honestly I've been trying to cool down since we last spoke, but I'm very-

Pranker: upset about how are you talking to me, and very disrespe-

Neighbor: H-what do you-, what can you be upset about? 

Pranker: [Yelling] I'M UPSET WE'RE ALL-

Neighbor: You're all awake right now.

Pranker: Yeah I told you already, like-, you don't even have sense of decency to say you know I will try-

Pranker: I will do something, you know? I-, I'm tempted to just walk over to your house right now, and go-

Pranker: a little shopping spree inside your garage.

Neighbor: [Laughing] Well, I'll-, I'll-, I'll turn the PITBULL loose on you then.

Pranker: Think-

Neighbor: Set foot in the garage man, the dog's going to bit you right in the nuts.

Pranker: Okay-, you think I'm joking? Okay, w-, I'm like the dog whisperer-

Neighbor: I'm not-, I don't e-, I don't-, I don't think you're joking but-, you-, you'll be very sorry I can tell you that.

Pranker: Okay, alright, well any-, anything I should-

Neighbor: Yeah?

Pranker: Anything I should look out for in there? That is-, that might be good? 

Neighbor: Yeah?

Pranker: And valuable? 

Neighbor: No, no, no-, you know, let-, no, let me just, tell you, that-, the dog-

Neighbor: dog doesn't bite ankles, he'll bite you right in the balls. 

Pranker: Oh, okay, alright.


Pranker: Okay, alright-

Neighbor: She's small, but-, she'll come right up and get you-

Pranker: Alright, honestly, like, I am not even- 

Neighbor: So-, so you better wear your cup.

Pranker: Alright man, well thanks-

Neighbor: Yeah, okay! 

Pranker: I will go ahead and see it- 

Neighbor: Alri-, oh yeah, you bet.

Pranker: Alright-, okay.

Neighbor: Okay.

Pranker: Talk to you soon man, thanks on advance! I appreciate it. 

Neighbor: [Hang up]

Pranker: [Laughing] [Speaking to audience] There's a phone inside his garage and the requestor his granddaughter-

Pranker: gave me the number for it. She was home at the time and I changed my caller ID to see like I'm calling-

Pranker: from inside his garage.

 [Phone ringing]

Neighbor: Hello? 

Pranker: Yeah man, I'm inside the garage

Neighbor: Hello? 

Pranker: Yeah! Hello? Are you not home? Or what? 

Neighbor: Oh, sure! What are you looking-, what are you-, what are you looking at? No, I'm not at home.

Pranker: Oh, yeah, I mean I figured, right? Because like nobody uh-, the garage was like kind of open, and stuff like that.

Neighbor: Yeah, yeah it's always open. 

Pranker: Yeah, well yeah man, the-, the-, I was honestly, I like the golf clubs a lot, but one of them is a broken.

Neighbor: [Inhale] Well, you know what, I'm gonna have to hang up on you, and give the cops call I guess. 

Pranker: Well, no, I mean-

Neighbor: You know?

Pranker: I-, I-, I'll be gone by then, but like, the mountain bike

Neighbor: What are y-, wh-, wh-, what-, what are you going to do in my garage? 

Pranker: [Yelling] LISTEN MAN! I TRIED TO REASON WITH YOU, be nice, right? You're sitting there, trying to egg me on, like you

Neighbor: So you're going to come over here, just come over and steal my stuff, because my son honks the horn, like, three times?


Neighbor: That's pretty thin skinned of you. 


Neighbor: I DIDN'T DO IT! 

Pranker: But you were being very rude! You said: "Oh, you need to get up off your ass, and not sleep", all this stuff, so now-

Pranker: just like the Christmas lights-

Neighbor: Eh-

Pranker: I will just take the golf and the TV and stuff-

Neighbor: Yeah, if you don't like to sleep, just go ahead and take it all. 

Pranker: Where was the big pit bull, right? Like, all I see here is that-, I saw a pussycat run away, but like, I don't see ant big-

Pranker: like dog, like my balls are fine. 

Neighbor: On the, [laughs] well they're probably fine because you've been scratching them so much. Eh-, if there is anything to scratch.

Pranker: I hear something inside.

Neighbor: Probably not. 

Pranker: Ho-, is there somebody inside the house or what? I hear somebody

Neighbor: Beats me, I don't know. 

Pranker: Alright man, well thanks, I'm going to go ahead and just poke around, I saw-

Neighbor: Okay-

Pranker: There is a mountain bike-

Neighbor: Okay, yeah-, yeah help yourself! [Hang up]

Pranker: Hello? [Laughing] [speaking to audience] Dude what a weird specimen. Now I'm calling back again with his home number on the caller-

Pranker: ID, but have his granddaughter conference in on the line so she can speak while I listen.

 [Phone ringing]

Neighbor: Hey! 

Granddaughter: Gramps! Are you still at Costco? 

Neighbor: Yeah! 

Granddaughter: Hey, listen-, I-, alright, I don't know if-, so you're not here right now, right? 

Neighbor: Right. Not there.

Granddaughter: Okay, because, I feel like I hear something, I know that I text you with this stuff all the time, but like-, I literally-

Granddaughter: think that I hear something-, like, in the garage. 

Neighbor: Well you know what? There is a REAL idiot that lives next door to us, okay? And, the cops are on their way. Right now. 

Granddaughter: Did you actually call the cops?

Neighbor: Yeah! And th-, and-, I already told him, if anything's missing, he's going to be very sorry, very sorry.

Neighbor: He isn't going to sleep for three months.

Granddaughter: I-

Neighbor: Eh-, and-, and he thinks-

Granddaughter: What?

Neighbor: the other neighbors are going to be waking up, but-, but-, uh-, wait till I start-, beating on the side of his house. 

Neighbor: At 03:30 in the morning. He'll love it. We're going to-, we're going to come home as quick as we can, okay?  

Granddaughter: Okay.

Neighbor: Yeah, just-, just-, run out the door and go. Alright? 

Granddaughter: Yeah, but he's in the driveway. I don't-, I don't want to-


Neighbor: Yeah, no-, the-

Granddaughter: go out with somebody in the front yard.

Neighbor: That an-, that's an in-, a good-, that's a good place for him to be. Yeah, just-, or just stay right inside then.

Neighbor: Make sure everything's locked up and go. 

Granddaughter: Go where? 

Neighbor: They'll be there-, they'll be there to pick his ass up right away. Just stay in the house. Get upstairs. 

Granddaughter: Okay! I mean, I'm okay. 

Neighbor: Alright, we'll b-, we'll be home as soon as possible, okay? We're going to come right home. [Hang up]

Pranker: [Laughing] [Phone ringing] 

Neighbor: Hello? 

Pranker: Yeah, hey John, man-, I just wanted to-

Neighbor: [sigh]

Pranker: just-, you know, w-, just call you back, real back and just say, you know, thank you for-, you know, you were surprisingly-

Pranker: co-operative about the whole like-, you having the golf clubs and stuff. I feel like we're even now, so I just-

Pranker: I wanted to say thank you and uh-

Neighbor: Oh, okay, alright, we're no-, hey-, hey-, listen, we'll sa-, wa-, we're not even. 

Pranker: Wa-

Neighbor: I-, I'm not the-, I'm not the kind of guy that get's too upset, I don't-, I don't get mad, I just get even. 

Pranker: Yeah, but the interesting thing is, honestly is that I-, I never really told you exactly which house I live in, or what not-

Pranker: so I mean, unless you're going to go eeny meeny miny.

Neighbor: I know a-, I know which house, because your little bitch of a wife was in the window: "Wah, wah, wah, you're waking my kids up!" 

Pranker: Listen, listen-

Neighbor: So I know exactly which house you're at.

Pranker: you donkey! Don't talk about my wife like that! What do you think this is, huh? 

Neighbor: She's the one that throws the curtains up: "I'VE GOT CHILDREN AND KIDS ASLEEP, HERE, THEY'RE WAKING ME UP-

Pranker: Yeah.

Neighbor: wah, wah, wah."

Pranker: No-, no-, no-, now we have golf clubs, we have like a nice TV, and.

Neighbor: I know-, I know-, I know. Do-, don't worry, I'll-, I'll take care of it, you know what? I'm in a store right now, and there's-

Neighbor: a million people around, or else-, I'd really have some good stuff to tell you, okay?

Pranker: Okay, well-, we-, wha-, wh-, why don't you stop being a little bitch, huh? You think you're all-

Neighbor: [Hang up]

Pranker: Hello? [Laughing] [Phone ringing]

Neighbor: Police department?

Pranker: Yeah, hello man, I-, I just saw like uh, the granddaughter, running across the street like-, like no tomorrow, man, like did you-

Pranker: scare her or something? What happened? 

Neighbor: Uh, yeah, I think I did.

Pranker: Yeah, I just don't-

Neighbor: I think I did. 

Pranker: and it's also very interesting to me that you would talk a crap about my wife when you have that girl, just looks like a BIG BLACK-

Pranker: silhouette running down the street-

Neighbor: Well I'm not-, oi!

Pranker: like a ghost. 

Neighbor: You're the one that asked me the question about, do I know where you live? And I know where you live. 

Pranker: Tell me this, why do you even need a Christmas tree, when you have all that, real estate on your, granddaughters face, right? 

Pranker: She has all types of stuff going on. 

Neighbor: Oh, boy, yeah, uh-, hold on, hang on. 

Pranker: Yeah.

Neighbor: [His wife speaking] You know what? I am sick and tired of you calling my husband, I'm sick and tired of hearing both of you go-

Neighbor: on and on and on-

Pranker: Listen, who are you?

Neighbor: like god damn stupid teenagers.

Pranker: Wait, are you the-

Neighbor: I'm the wife. 

Pranker: Are you the psycho wife?

Neighbor: I am the wife and I'm the boss on that.

Pranker: Okay, okay, you what me to give you, a piece of my mind, RIGHT NOW? 

Neighbor: [Hang up]

Pranker: Hello? [Laughing] [speaking to audience] No! She hung up! [Phone ringing] 

Neighbor: Hello? 

Granddaughter: Hi, it's me. 

Neighbor: We're pulling up in the driveway real soon.

Granddaughter: Are you here?

Neighbor: Are you ok? 

Granddaughter: Because the same guy, no-, well-, I mean like, I'm fine, but the guy who took of with your bike-

Granddaughter: came back to the door, and got like a fruit basket.

Neighbor: Don't worry about that idiot, okay? We know exactly where he lives. And, he's in hot water. Okay? 

Granddaughter: Okay. 

Neighbor: Look, I'd e-, you know, have you ever seen that guy, he's just a shrivel up little punk. He could-

Neighbor: he couldn't-, uh-, he-, he-, he couldn't even beat up on your five pound cat. 

Pranker [enters the call]: Hey! 

Neighbor: You've got nothing to wo-

Pranker: Hey man! 

Neighbor: eh-, he-, that guy is-, nothing but-

Pranker: Listen, I-, I'm-, I'm still here, man, like I-

Neighbor: nothing you have to worry about. 

Pranker: I was-, t-, how are you going to talk to me like the-

Neighbor: I-, you-, you don't weigh any more than, 120 lbs.

Pranker: Listen man, ju-, I was just trying to come back and be nice.

Neighbor: And-, and-, and-, if e-, in-, in-, in fact, your skinny little wife probably weighs more than you-

Neighbor: and she looks like somebody who hasn't had a meal in a while.

Pranker: Listen, okay? You can stop, with your bitch like behavior and relax, okay? I'm trying to be like nice-

Neighbor: [Laughs] Uh, I love this.

Pranker: She told me you were at Costco, I was going to ask you if you're still there, if you can just bring-

Pranker: wa-, a couple of those five dollar chickens, my wife wanted to invite you guys over for like a-, like a-

Pranker: reconciliation trying to mend things, you know, just to avoid any problems, okay? 

Neighbor: You know what, for you, no dinner. 

Pranker: Wo-, wo-, why?

Neighbor: No dinner for you. You e-, you e-, you eat by yourself! 

Pranker: No-, no-, no-, like go-

Neighbor: It's probably because your wife isn't even talking to you, you need some company, but that's not going to be us.

Pranker: Listen-, listen-, listen-, listen.

Neighbor: Okay? 

Pranker: W-, w-, w-, why are you being like a little, a little a**hole now, right? Can you stop the a**hole behavior?

Neighbor: [Laughing] Uh, because I can. 

Pranker: Yeah, but like, you know-

Neighbor: Uh-

Pranker: you are very rude, like-, I can't believe like you would do all this stuff, and just have no heart, right? Like, so heartless!

Neighbor: I'm not heartless! You call me-, uh-, you called me up, and you're upset, because somebody tooted the horn and you didn't-

Neighbor: get any beauty rest.

Pranker: Yeah man-

Neighbor: Okay?

Pranker: I have bags under my eyes because of your ass, a**hole behavior. 

Neighbor: Your wife didn't get any beauty rest either, and-, she is the one that really needs it. [Hang up]

Pranker: [Laughs] [speaking to audience] Okay, he hung up. [laughs] This is like the weirdest interaction dude. [Phone ringing]

Neighbor: Hello? 

Pranker: Yeah, so-, this whole thing was, uh-, this whole thing was a prank, uh-, set up by your granddaughter.

Neighbor: Oh! 

Pranker: So, I'm-

Neighbor: Aha.

Pranker: She's-, she's been on the line with me for a big portion of this prank call. I'm a voice actor and comedian, she sent in-

Pranker: a detailed request explaining that there has been honking by the neighbors in the morning, when she was being picked up.

Neighbor: Oh, yeah.

Pranker: Uh-, so which is why I called as Middle Eastern character, but I am so curious! What was going through your head that entire time?

Neighbor: Uh, that the little punk next door-

Pranker: [Laughing]

Neighbor: who it is, would be-, uh-, would be talking so big like that. You know-, the only thing I care about in the garage is my generator-

Neighbor: I-, I don't think the guy next door could carry it off, though.

Pranker: Oh, yeah, he's too scrawny, huh? Maybe he got his wife to help.


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