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School Hijinks: 6 of the Funniest School PranksSchool Hijinks: 6 of the Funniest School Pranks

School Hijinks: 6 of the Funniest School Pranks

Mar 26, 2021

Who doesn’t remember the reckless school pranks you used to play as a kid? Prank wars between students and pranks against teachers were definite highlights back then. Well, that is if you got away with it. (It would be a completely different story if you didn’t.)

Schools and pranks go hand in hand. For one thing, kids are naturally mischievous. They have so much time and energy. The strict, no-nonsense environment is basically begging for a bit of chaos, and students are more than happy to supply it.

6 of the Funniest School Pranks

It doesn’t matter where you go. Whether you are in middle school or high school, all-girls school or co-ed - pranks have a way of happening. If you want to pull some high school hijinks of your own, Ownage Pranks presents 6 of the funniest school pranks:

Prank Call

Let’s start with one of the most accessible and affordable pranks - the prank call. Download Ownage Pranks’ prank call app and send some of the hilarious scripts to your classmates and teachers.

Bad Break-up

Wait for someone’s break-up and call posing as the new boyfriend/girlfriend. Ask about a gift their ex gave and see if you can get it back.

Ownage Pranks did a prank call just like this—info courtesy of his ex-girlfriend.

Our target bought a golden cat worth $4,000 as a gift, but they broke up before he got to give it to her. So we called as Tyrone, her “new boyfriend,” and asked about it. First, we talk about her gift to the target. We want it back. When the target doesn’t give, Tyrone tries for the golden cat. Hilarity ensues.

When you try to duplicate this call, remember to target couples that ended on bad terms. You know, couples that are more angry than sad. This way, you can still have an entertaining prank call without poking someone’s already-fragile heart.

New Tuition Rates

Want to troll your school board or school district? Prank call random people about increased tuition fee rates. If they have any complaints, tell them to bring it up with the school board/ district. Boy, should they get ready for the influx of angry parents.

When you make this prank call, you have to prepare yourself for the flops because there will be many. Like what are the chances of getting a parent on the other end of the line? Not as high as you think - especially if you live in a big city. This prank call will have a better success rate in small towns. You are more likely to find someone with a kid.

Prank Text

Do you get anxious when you make calls? Maybe you are better off with prank texts instead of prank calls. Here are some of the funniest prank texts you can make.

Nun Fun

If you go to an all-girls Catholic school, you probably have teachers who are nuns. Or, at the very least, you must have religious teachers. With that kind of conservative mindset, all you have to do is send a dirty text to get them going.

Here are some examples of what you can do:

Pose as spam/scam text

Looking for HOT MEN in your area?

Try XXX-tacsy for your new HOT date.

Your pleasure is our guarantee!!! [eggplant emoji]

[Random Phone Number]


Hundreds of men in your area looking for love!

Meet your match with Cupid’s Bow!

Create your account now!

These suggestions are pretty tame, but you can always up the ante. If it’s too dirty for someone to see in passing - definitely send it their way.

You can also pose as a potential love interest.

I’ve only seen you a couple of times. But I can’t help it, but what to get to know you more. [Insert the sappiest compliment that applies to them.] Please give me a chance.

- [Fake Name]


U look hot in mass. I wanna [Insert very explicit sex move]. [Spam the eggplant emoji]

You bet these text messages are going to cause a scene, though you might not see it first hand!

Fast Food Delivery

Text your school that a massive food order is on its way and prepare cash for the delivery. No cancellations allowed. See how the conversations will go.

Here is a template you can use:

We want to remind you that your order for:

50 General Tso’s Chicken

50 Stir-Fried Vegetables

20 Eggrolls

100 Steamed Rice

20 Diet Coke

20 Sprite

10 Fanta

Is making its way to [Insert Address of School] right now. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our delivery man and to pay [$$$] upon delivery.

- 惡作劇 Restaurant

Or you could send them the entire menu of food and drinks from a random restaurant for “ordering purposes.” It should make them hungry outside of meal times (which we all know is torture in its own way). Plus, it doesn’t look like a prank! They will just think it’s a new, overeager restaurant in the block and not a bunch of high school students spamming the phone.

Senior Prank

Senior pranks are a longstanding tradition in Australia and the U.K. But it’s definitely something we can adapt to in the U.S. Who wouldn’t want a chance at getting back at the school?

Besides, there is a clear logic for it as well. Notice how most of the prank suggestions are pretty low-stakes? Mostly it’s because you want to avoid the stuff that might get suspended or kicked out of school. But when you are a senior graduating from high school, you may have a shot at the crazier stuff.

Here are some high school pranks you can pull right around graduation time!

Mariachi Magic


We got this prank idea straight out of Reddit. A group of high school seniors hired a mariachi band to follow the principal around the school. While security probably intervened - there should have been a good few minutes of mariachi fun.

You can replicate this prank as well during an open house, prom, or even your graduation. Have the mariachi band follow a teacher or student. We give it 3-5 songs tops before campus police get involved.

Fun By The Lockers

You’ve probably seen and heard about balloons filling the halls making a ball pit, but that takes a lot of work. You can try for a mini version instead. Fill different lockers with all kinds of surprises like balloons, ping-pong balls, or shaving cream. When they open the doors to check them, everything will come spilling out.

Honorable Mentions

We know these 6 suggestions aren’t enough, so here are some others you can try:

Pun-filled Business Cards- Create hilarious business cards and hand them out during your next high school reunion.

New Country- Take a page right out of Community’s episodes and create your own pillow fort. Become an autonomous region and wage war on the blanket fort nearby.

Petting Zoo- Do you live in the countryside? Sneak some of the farm animals to school and set up a petting zoo.

Fly-In-A-Web- Put some clear cellophane on the doorway and watch people get caught in your “web”.

So what do you think? What is the funniest school prank on our list? Let us know in the comments!

Create School Pranks Of Your Own

Now what you want to leave a legacy of your own? That would mean making a new prank from scratch. It might be tricky, but it is possible. Here are Ownage Pranks’ tips for making a school prank :

What To Do

1. Cover Your Tracks- No one wants to deal with long-term repercussions over a joke. The best way to avoid that is not to get caught. It’s the cardinal rule for all pranking activities.

2. Use The School’s Loopholes- Sometimes, it’s best to use the school’s rules against them. Not only does this ensure your exit strategy, but it will also go down in school history! Think about how boys wore tank tops to protest the conservative dress code or how girls wore tons of make-up to school when their teacher made fun of those looks.

3. Be Creative!- Put a new twist in classic pranks or find new ways to go against the flow. Be as creative as possible!

4. Use Voice Soundboards- If you are going to mess with the P.A. system or make prank calls, use a voice soundboard. It helps you keep your anonymity, and sometimes the voices are funny on their own.

What Not To Do

1. Intentionally Breaking The Rules- People who think breaking the rules makes a prank are probably the same ones who try to do illegal shit, only say it was “just a joke” or “a social experiment.” Nobody is going to buy it. Plus, you are a student. No one wants to deal with the punishment they will dole out; it isn’t worth it.

Read More: Discover Some of the Worst Pranks Ever With Ownage Pranks

2. Injuring Students, Faculty, Or Staff- Most of the prank ideas you’ll find online don’t think about the consequences. So while you might laugh, you may also injure people in the process. Ignore any prank idea that may cause harm. Again, it isn’t worth it.

3. Making Fake Reports To A Police Officer- Reporting a bomb, school shooter, or drugs should not be a joke. For one thing, making a false report is illegal. Even if you are underage, you can get into serious trouble. Secondly, this stuff actually happens in real life. You don’t want to have a “Boy Who Cried Wolf” situation.

Read More: Is Prank Calling Illegal?

Most of these school pranks are up to you. It’s your time, your money, and ultimately, your resources - so make the most out of it!

If you want a hassle-free approach, a prank call is a way to go. It is the most accessible option for young students. All you need to do is download Ownage Pranks’ prank call app and select from our script library. You can also request a prank call and have our team help you set one up!

Nothing beats a good prank, especially when you are on the last leg of your school year. It is sure to give you all the fun memories you need to get through university and beyond. Though we have to admit college prank culture is its own thing, but that is for another blog post.


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