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Best Pranks To Do At SchoolBest Pranks To Do At School

Best Pranks To Do At School

Apr 28, 2021

Don’t say you’re too cool for school if you haven’t tried at least once to pull off a legendary prank! Whether you are in middle school or high school - you can always find ways to make your every waking school day interesting. Not everything should be about reading assignments, quizzes, and occasional school dances. Sometimes it can be about googly eyes, spoof calls, and hidden alarm clocks! One day you’ll look back in your innocent and carefree school days, and you will regret not knowing these things. So read on to find out how you can rule your school with amazingly epic pranks that can make a lifetime of a good story!

Are you ready? You should be because you are about to be SCHOOLED!

Why school?

Well, if you’re going to ask us, you can pull pranks everywhere you like. Like, really. People pull off pranks in grocery stalls and other public establishments all the time - what makes school so unique? What’s fun about schools is that the vibe is not as severe as colleges, business offices, and other places dominated by adults. The people are young and willing to do things merely for fun. The only limit in these halls is the students’ creativity and guts to do these things. What’s there to lose, right?  So if the question is “Why pull pranks in school?” our answer is: Why not!?

What should I consider when pulling pranks at school?

As much as schools are full of youthfulness and mischief, these students are primarily minors that adults should look after. When you submit to a school’s authority, you need to abide by rules not to get yourself into trouble. Once you know what you should be mindful of, you are good to go! So here are things you should consider when pulling pranks at school:

1. Be mindful of your school’s rules and regulations. 

Every school is different. Some schools are strictly more conservative than others. If there is a school handbook handed to you by your school, take time to read and understand that before acting on anything. You might be conflicted and think, “what is the point of messing around without breaking the rules at least a little bit?” Well, that is totally up to you. Some rules are lighter than the others. You know your school well and how they deal with punishments, so the best advice we can give - is to weigh things according to your best judgment. The first step in having fun and being responsible is to be aware and familiar with the gaming field.

2. Know your limits.

The goal here is to have fun and make memories, not bully or belittle other people! You should be able to think about whether the prank that you are planning is good-natured or bad-natured. If it is the latter and you just want to be on the top when it comes to your high school power dynamics - then that’s not cool. What are bad-natured pranks? These are pranks that hurt other people - whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. These are “pranks” that may cause years of trauma or psychological damage, and no one wants that, not even you! So make sure to only do things with good intentions by knowing your limits.

3. Your education comes first, fun comes second. 

You come to school to learn and be more educated beings. Before doing pranks, make sure you aren’t neglecting your school responsibilities. Besides, teachers can be more forgiving of you when you are a good student!

Now that you know what to consider when doing pranks in school, we listed down ten fool-proof ideas you can do with your besties if you haven’t thought of anything on your own yet.

Prank Ideas to do in school:

1. Change seats every time your teacher turns their back.

This is one of the easiest ways you can do as a class because all you need is each other’s cooperation and flawless and soundless timing. We suggest you do this gradually every time your teacher is writing something on the board. Don’t all switch seats at once because they would notice that! The key here is the slow burn of confusion in their faces. Try not to giggle or make unnecessary gestures because it might blow your cover. Though we understand that that could be tough. *Grins*

2. Fight! Fight! Fight!

Gather around the hallway during your break time. Make sure there are enough of you to make it a noticeable crowd. Now yell “Fight! Fight! Fight!” or things that insinuate violence like “yeah, beat him up!”. Once you caught a faculty, a school staff, or even the principal’s attention - reveal the middle of the huddle where two people are playing a battle of rock paper or scissors! 

3. Play Rebecca Black's Friday over the P.A. system.

Need another way to love Fridays? If you have access to the school’s P.A. system, why not suddenly give your school a quick jam to the American classic Friday by Rebecca Black! Fun, fun, think about fun! You know what it is. *Smirks*

4. Put googly eyes all over the school.

Googly eyes aren’t all that expensive when you check Amazon. You might need help pasting these little things. We suggest you come to school early as you place the googly eyes in chairs, walls, clocks, books, and even the bathroom stalls with your friends. Now, the whole school is watching everyone do their thing. 

5. Change your clock's time while the teacher is out.

This works if your school doesn’t have a bell that rings every hour. If your school bell rings every after class, don’t bother doing this anymore. When your teacher goes out on a quick bathroom break, immediately grab the clock and change it ten to twenty minutes in advance. Once they come back, they might even dismiss the class earlier than usual!

6. Put pants and shoes on sticks and place them in bathroom stalls.

You can use any spare pairs of shoes or pants at home. You can gather sticks randomly outside for this trick, and once you dress ‘em up - place them correctly in one of the stalls. Notice how long until someone else finds out that this cubicle pooper is merely a tree branch! 

7. Send your teachers a prank call.

You don’t necessarily have to do this inside your school premises because this prank is pretty flexible. If you can manage to hide your phone throughout your class discussion, then good for you! If not, you can try this during the weekend or as soon as the classes are over. You can try making a prank call with the help of Ownage's prank calling app. All the hassle that comes with a prank call, like getting a new burner phone for the mere trick, the voice acting not to get caught, and what have you - are all resolved by this single prank app. It already has many pre-made prank scripts performed by professional actors. All you need is to listen and have fun hearing the princess reactions of your teacher unfold!

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8. Convince your entire school that Fall Out Boy is playing in your school.

A Redditor with a username roger10091 shared on the sub /AskReddit a hardcore prank worth trying! As many seniors want to leave a legacy in a school, they’re leaving soon; they excited their whole school up through posters and different promotional gimmicks to lead them to believe that Fall Out Boy will come to their humble school and play their songs live. They even named a date for it that a vehicle pulled up in the school garage when the day came. Everyone was screaming and chanting for the band’s name when they went up to the stage - some people were sold by the act that the senior guys were Patrick Stump with his bandmates! It was crazy! Their legacy lived on, these boys!

9. Hide alarm clocks in lockers, books, under floorboards, etc.

If you want something less laborious than the previous one, you can try this out! All you need is to hide alarm clocks (with set alarms, of course!) in unusual places and watch people around it jump in inevitable surprise!

10. Tape your teacher's computer mouse.

If you have access to the faculty rooms, you can try this one out! Just tape the bottom of your worst teacher’s mouse and watch them get confused why it isn’t working. Just make sure they wouldn’t know it’s you!

Now that you have all these ten marvelous ideas, there is no more reason to get bored with your routine in school! Just make sure to keep in mind all the considerations before doing these pranks, and you should be fine! Good luck and happy pranking!


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