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Pranking Masterclass: Harmless Teacher Prank Ideas Pranking Masterclass: Harmless Teacher Prank Ideas

Pranking Masterclass: Harmless Teacher Prank Ideas

May 7, 2021

There's no avoiding the fact that school can be pretty stressful sometimes. Aside from the grueling academic competition and extracurricular activities, there are also the daily struggles that come with adolescent and teenage life to deal with. We get it, there are just so many things to worry about, and teachers are no exception to the pressures! After all, they're at the frontlines of stressed-out students, doing their best to make sure everyone comes out at their absolute best, ready to face the real world!

With that in mind, it's important to break off from repetitive class routines and snooze-worthy lectures sometimes! How about having a good laugh with the class over outrageous mischief? If you're wondering where to begin, here's a helpful guide on harmless teacher prank ideas, ones that won't get you in trouble!

Tips on staging harmless teacher prank ideas

Be resourceful

One thing that's limited when you're staging a prank in a school is your resources. After all, you're still under the rules and regulations of its premises, so make sure that you make the most out of the things around you! Whether it's making use of your bag supplies or finding a bizarre usage from an otherwise mundane part of school life, keep in mind that the right tool for the ultimate prank is at your fingertips' reach!

Keep it friendly

Since the person you're going to prank is someone who holds responsibility for your future (Come on, your dream school wouldn't be impressed with your lack of good moral character certificate!), you might want to make it low-profile when it comes to your naughty act. Make sure to stay on the safe side of caution, and don't do anything that will physically or emotionally scar your target. Keep things friendly and respectful with your teachers at all times!

Don't get suspended!

The key to pulling off a great prank on teachers is to make sure your victim would be totally cool with it. As much as we want to say that you can have a good laugh with anyone of them after your sneaky pursuit, that's not usually the case! With that being said, make sure to find the right teacher to prank, one whose sense of humor would not be equivalent to getting you into detention, or worse, suspended! 

Best Harmless Teacher Prank Ideas

Now that you've familiarized yourself with the general tips on how to play hilarious pranks on your teachers, it's time to get started! Presenting: Our Pranking Masterclass!

Pass the Note of Kindness

This is such a classic move in the classroom: passing a note to your BFF and having the teacher interfere with your exchange and make you read the message out loud in class. The joke's on her, it's not about the nasty girl you hate (or how you couldn't wait to Snapchat your crush afterward), but it's a pleasant note about her! Plus points for a wholesome prank: we're sure a note that says "Aren't we learning a lot from Mrs. ____?" will take her by surprise and even make her blush!

Cake Surprise

If it's a tradition for you and your classmates to surprise your wonderful teacher with a cake on a special day, then this will most likely be a hit! All you need is an empty cereal box coated with an icing flavor of your choice, and you're good to go! Your teacher's reaction after cutting the cake would surely be a sight to behold, but hopefully, she gets the humor out of it! Do this on her birthday, and make sure you have a backup cake (which is real, this time!) to celebrate.

Seat Shuffle

This prank will probably need the help of the entire batch to stage but is totally worth the stories afterward. Switch classrooms with the classes on your building, and act like everything's normal as your teachers question their visual memories of the room arrangements! Whether they figure it out with other teachers or not, it makes up for a good yearbook story and is an inside joke the whole batch can laugh about in the future reunion!

Everybody, drop dead!

At the start of the school day, carefully plan this prank with the rest of the class and make sure that everyone's on board! Have one person act as "the wizard" and make her hold out a placard that says "caderet mortuus" (Latin word for "drop dead"). Let her ask the teacher to stay the words in the placard out loud at a random moment in class (perhaps before an exam that everyone's dreading for?). The look on your teacher's face as the rest of the class falls to the ground would be priceless! And yes, it might even give you more time to study for that darn Math lesson.

Suspension Prank Call

What's a better way to prank an unsuspecting teacher but to use the magic of prank calls? Fake your way into a class suspension by changing your caller ID to that of a local official's secretary (and change your voice too!) and call your teacher to announce the cancellation of classes. Of course, your teacher might double-check with other teachers, but if not, Yay! Free day. Lol, just kidding! Let her know it's a prank afterward, of course! 

We hope that you learned a thing or two on how to stage a harmless prank on your unsuspecting teacher! Remember that no amount of laughs is worth jeopardizing your class standing, so stay out of trouble and keep it lighthearted! Just save the hardcore ones in another time and victim. 

If you've recorded the sneaky act, post it and tag us on Facebook or Instagram. We'd love to see if you have what it takes to be in our Hall of Fame.

Happy Pranking!


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