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Safe and Harmless Prank Ideas for the Cautious PranksterSafe and Harmless Prank Ideas for the Cautious Prankster

Safe and Harmless Prank Ideas for the Cautious Prankster

May 31, 2021

Some people think that pranks are always done by people who don’t take life seriously. That may be true. Others believe that these people have no regard for human safety and would go to risky lengths just for laughter. This one is not true! A good prankster knows how to assess risks properly and wouldn’t do things that would harm or injure another person. You can make a prank that is both safe yet hilarious! Do you know how that saying went? Simplicity is funny! Yes, that saying existed. You don’t need to overthink and overcomplicate pranks to perform a good one. Even the most simple pranks can be the perfect prank! So read on to know how to perform safe pranks.

What counts as “safe and harmless”? 

You may have heard of some pranks that have “gone wrong,” which means pranks that went the way the prankster/s didn't expect them to turn out. Yikes! Safe and harmless pranks are pranks that avoid that from happening by having little to no risk involved as much as possible. These are pranks that won’t need much “cleaning up,” whether literally or figuratively. They may sound boring or too "vanilla" to more hardcore pranksters. A good vanilla ice cream goes with anything! Brownies, fruits, pudding - you name it! So why won't simple pranks be just as good? 

We’ll let you in with a bit of secret: good intuition and risk assessment is the key to any safe and harmless prank. In anything we do, there are always risks that come with it. Pranks are no special, so don’t treat them differently from your daily life decisions. To practice these two things, you must:

  1. Read the room. 

Would you devise a prank during your sweet grandmother's funeral? Well, maybe. Suppose your grandmother was a prankster and would love to see you do something like that in her honor. But in most cases, you shouldn't! That's just rude and insensitive, especially to those who are mourning. You should know when the right timing is to predict whether your prank is going to be taken in a good way or not.

  1. Know your victim. 

Before doing a prank, you must know who you will do it. (Duh!) Some people tried makeup on someone while they sleep, not knowing the person had a severe allergic reaction to it. Some people surprised their victims with super hot chili without knowing they have asthma. Do you see our point here? You should know your victim to know what kind of pranks will work for them. That's why it's perfect for pranking just your family or closest friends. If you want someone else, make sure you know a substantial amount about their personality before doing anything. This might save you some embarrassment or, worse, money for hospital bills or pay for the repair of damages. Keep it mindful, folks!

Now that you know what we mean when we say safe and harmless pranks, you can continue reading for ten safe and harmless prank ideas! 

10 Safe and Harmless Prank Ideas

  1. Small Shoes Prank. 

If you are in the mood to prank your brother or your father, stuff some cotton or toilet paper in the insides of their shoes. Make sure that you follow the natural shape of the shoes you are stuffing so that they wouldn't know that there's a bunch of this soft stuff inside even when they are wearing socks before putting it in. It's better if you do it on both shoes with the same amount of material to confuse them even more! Don't overdo it, though! Just enough to make them think that their feet grew a few centimeters. 

  1. Prank Calls. 

A straightforward way to mess with anyone is to make prank calls through our prank call app or our spoof call app. This classic prank is now done in a more sophisticated manner without taking away the enjoyment of fooling anyone on the other end of the line! Because people use smartphones now and could immediately see the caller ID, spoof call apps help disguise your number and have a random caller ID be on display. Prank call apps are loads of fun, too, especially when you don't have a specific prank in mind. They have many prank scripts that professional voice actors perform while you just sit behind your phone and can laugh as much as you can when your victim makes candid and hilarious reactions. There's no way for them to know it's you unless you tell them. We won't rat you out, promise! 

  1. Bubble Wrap Mat Prank. 

This is one of those practical jokes that are enough to baffle your victim funnily but won't cause them to get mad at you in any way. As in, zero! Who would get angry when they step on a rug and hear all those satisfying popping sounds as they wipe stuff off their feet? No one we know, honestly! This wouldn’t anger even the people without the highest tolerance for sense humor. So if you want one of the safest, most harmless - yet effective pranks on this list, this is the one to go! (In our opinion.) Just add a good sheet of mostly un-popped bubble wrap under any mat that you have at home, and you're good to go!

  1. Fake Poop Prank. 

It's only harmful when it's real. But of course,  it isn't. Many kinds of food could resemble poop: peanut butter, semi-melted chocolates, or even kebab sometimes! (We dearly apologize for putting that picture in your head or if you couldn't see kebab the same way ever  again.) If you have any of these things at home, you can now put it anywhere your victim/victims are going to see it! You can put peanut butter on tissue paper and just leave it beside the toilet bowl to disgust anyone who comes inside the bathroom next. You can also leave little blots of peanut butter on the toilet seat itself! Doing this is so simple that it could even qualify as a prank for kids. Just be creative, and don't forget to clean up right after. 

  1. Glued Coin and Fake Money Prank. 

Let people think that it is their lucky day - not because they get free money but because the universe blessed them with a good prank! All you need to do is go to a public place (where people usually walk to and glue a coin into the ground. Feeling more generous? Print many fake bills and leave them randomly crumpled on the floor. Observe how many people will go down and try to pick it up only to find out that money is not that easy to find! A little bit cruel to get someone's hopes up like that, to be honest. But it's a funny prank that is safe and harmless, so you're good either way!

  1. Peeing Prank. 

When you are a male and visiting a friend's house, make sure to be a lovely and well-behaved guest by peering on the most unusual places. Grab an old plastic bottle. (an old PET bottle from your last bottled water will work perfectly) Grab the cap and puncture a hole in the middle just enough for water to pass through, just like a pee hole! The goal here is to make the direction of water look as if you were peeing. So next thing you need to do is fill the bottle with water and test it by squeezing. Once everything is all good, wait for the perfect timing that the host will come to the place/room that you are in. Face a wall and start pretending to pee there. Make sure to face an angle where your friend wouldn’t see that a mere bottle is doing all the waterworks! This will surely make them react violently at first but will indeed be relieved after showing that the "waterworks" is just water and nothing more!

  1. We Are Late For School Prank. 

Suppose that you are going to school with your sibling/s and you are now used to a daily routine like waking up, brushing teeth, taking a quick shower, eating breakfast, and eventually going out to face another school day; you can use this random prank to confuse them about the days of the week! Do this on a Saturday. Wake up just before they could so you can prepare to look like you are really about to go to school. Wake them up in your whole school attire and tell them that you will be late for school, and so are they! Watch them rush in a state of confusion until they realize what day it is. If done correctly, this fun prank could be filed under one of the most epic pranks you will ever make!

  1. Frozen Toothbrushes Prank.

 Do your parents/siblings/roommate place their toothbrushes in a cup? Perfect! Now you need to fill the cup with half-full water and place it inside the freezer until it freezes. Again, timing is the most crucial factor in this because you have to be mindful of two things: first, the schedule of your victim's brushing, and second, the time where no one would notice a bunch of toothbrushes in a holder chilling inside the freezer. The rest is up to you, good luck!

  1. Googly Eyes Prank. 

Googly eyes are ever so captivating anywhere you put them. Whether it may be in walls, tables, coffee mugs - you will always feel like you are being watched once you see these two wide-eyed stares in your direction! We're no psychologists, but it just gets people every time! Just glue a pair of googly eyes anywhere, and you're good to go!

  1. Reversed Tissue Paper Roll Prank. 

Not exactly the most hardcore prank ever, but certainly the easiest one to do on this list. You just need to go to the bathroom, reverse the tissue paper roll, and voila! Congratulations for making anyone who sees it lose their minds wondering why the heck the tissue roll goes the other way. That's the best scenario, though. But at least you will surely annoy people with this!

Now, THIS is how you make a safe and harmless prank. We're excited for you to have fun and NOT get in trouble. Best of luck to you, and happy pranking!


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