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    November 19th by tyler

    Five For Friday!

    Friday is bittersweet. You are either counting down the days until you punch out of work, or you’re stuck watching daytime TV until there’s something to do that night.

    I understand this, so instead of flipping between re-runs of Dr. Oz and your favorite Soap Operas (shh, I won’t tell) how about you check out some Ownage classics. A few Fridays a month I will randomly select five videos for you to check out and re-live. I’m opening up my YouTube, clicking view all, and turning on shuffle. Let’s see what comes up.

    Here are this week’s totally random selections:

    1) Getting Freaky on Omegle #2 (Asian Guy)

    One of my favorite Omegle pranks! I love when I get the chance to log on to Omegle, mess with perverts and also meet some great fans haha. The set-up is simple, I put on my masks, in this case it’s my Buk Lau mask, and I get on Omegle and freak people out.  Check it out, and check out the whole Omegle playlist here. [link]

    2) Crazy Game Trade Prank Call (Animated)

    This is a good one! One of the more underrated animated videos, had so much fun with this call. In this call a very intimidating and convincing Tyrone offers a few other “deals” to a regular guy just trying to sell some video games haha.

    3) Investment Scammer Prank #1

    This shuffle button is doing a really good job! haha. This is the scammer prank that started it all! Still trying to hunt this guy down, hoping he reappears someday!

    4) Enzyte Order Prank

    Nice throwback! Haha. Four years ago! A fun prank I did, entirely in my normal voice. This is really funny, I called a teenagers parents claiming I need their confirmation for a very large Enzyte Male Enhancement order.

    5) Impossible TV Mount

    In this call my hillbilly character, Billy tries to get a company to mount his big ole’ TV. And he won’t take no for an answer. This is a great display of how hilarious Billy can be haha.
    Hope you enjoyed! Have a great Friday! Tell me your thoughts in the comments.