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Spice Up Your April Fool's Day With These Alexa Pranks Spice Up Your April Fool's Day With These Alexa Pranks

Spice Up Your April Fool's Day With These Alexa Pranks

May 31, 2022

The month of April fools is just around the corner. When it comes to your friends and loved ones, you still need to be on the lookout for pranks. Many applications and other tools are available to help you pull off your own stunts as well. Make sure your tricks aren't harmful before you go ahead with them.

Some people are playing April Fool's day pranks on their loved ones this year using their Alexa, according to a new HITC research. This means that anyone can make fun of others with their Amazon Echo gadgets.

Dare to do it? Here's how!

What is An Alexa?

Alexa is a product of Amazon, which means she can also be your personal shopper. You may interact with Alexa, Amazon's digital voice assistant, using your voice. In order to keep you organized, informed, protected, connected, and entertained, she can play music, control your smart home and answer queries. A rising number of smart speakers and other Alexa-enabled devices allow users to access Alexa's cloud-based services.

Unlike apps, Alexa's "skills" are like the software that drives your smartphone. Some of Alexa's abilities are enabled by default, just like on your smartphone. More than 25,000 skills have already been added to Amazon's library, many of which are from well-known brands. Every day, more and more items are added to that collection.

Alexa can:

  • Stream live radio

  • Play music (Amazon Music)

  • Report you the news (even sports updates)

  • Play podcasts

  • Check the weather for you

  • Control your smart home

  • Tell jokes

  • Manage your lists and calendars

  • Call phones and other Alexa-enabled devices

  • Play audiobooks

  • Find local business information

  • Answer questions (with a cute response)

  • Set timers and alarms

  • Tell you stories

  • Shop on Amazon

  • Administer games

  • Summon a ride

  • Teach history lessons or do math

  • Order food

  • Find recipes online

This is why Alexa can also be a perfect prop in your fun pranks.

Doing The Alexa Prank

You can do a lot with your Amazon Echo to prepare for the forthcoming jokester holiday, but start by asking Alexa a simple inquiry. "Alexa, what are you going to do for April Fool's Day this year?" "I'll show off my finest foolish spirit," Alexa says. "What does a P-R-A-N-K-S spell out? Pranks. Tell me a prank, please."

April Fool's Day is a great opportunity to encourage Alexa to teach you fun or even devilish pranks, but you'll only get tons of funny responses. Her clever wordplay will have you giggling on the floor with her devious proposals.

Talk Slow

You can also instruct Alexa to speak very quickly or very slowly. Because so few people are aware of this feature, your loved ones will also be puzzled.

Emergency Broadcast

When you do this, make sure to look out for your loved ones as this might cause them to panic. You'll need to pair your Amazon Echo with your smartphone over Bluetooth to accomplish this.

This is a perfect prank to do on your parents. You can get Alexa to play a YouTube prank emergency broadcast. This will cause people to believe that a nuclear attack is near.

Fake Fart

Another prank you can do is fake fart sounds. This would be a devilish plan to do on your kids or friends. While listening to phony fart sounds, you can set up an Alexa routine to raise the loudness.

Rick Roll

Place an echo in the bedroom of the person you wish to play a joke on. Ask Alexa to wake you up to the song "Never Gonna Give You Up" as your alarm song. It's a good idea to be cautious after having Rick-rolled.

Alexa to Yoda

You can also use your Alexa for other purposes. Some examples include making it sound like Yoda from the popular "Star Wars" series.

Other Alexa Tricks

For those who want to boost their April Fool's Day prank game, Amazon provides some terrific options. In order to keep people amused all day, you can use Skill Blueprints to generate a variety of preprogrammed alternatives.

Using Skill Blueprints, you may construct your own quizzes. Visit the Skill Blueprints Custom Q&A page. There are a variety of sample questions and answers to choose from, or you can compose your own. You only need to ask a question to get a response from Alexa.

Here are a few questions to try:

  • "Alexa, who is the best dad in the world?" And you can create a custom response saying it's you. You can do this in front of your kids to make them adore you more.

  • "Alexa, whose turn it is to do the dishes?" Then, the answer could be it's your kid's turn! They would happily do the dishes because of the fact that Alexa acknowledges them!

  • "Alexa, who rules the world?" A response like "Why are you asking when you know it's you?" would probably freak your victims out!

  • "Alexa, who is the best kid in class?" You can create an affirmative response saying that it's your kid. This is perfect, especially if they are having a tough day at school or they just recently got a failing score.

Have a wicked sense of humor? Try out Alexa's burn feature. It's a breeze to put together. To add and customize your list, click here. For example, there are funny burns preprogrammed, such as:

  • Apart from everyone else I've ever met, you're my favorite person.

  • Because you're so dense, light bends around you.

Once you've created a list of burns, all you have to do is say, Alexa, roast me! You can also set it to roast someone else.

Other Pranks To Try On April Fool's

Of course, it's a day of never-ending pranks; that is why we also prepared a mini list of what else you can do if you don't have an Alexa!

Prank Calls

Prank calls will always be cool. Before you call your target, make sure you have your script ready. If you don't, you can get a prank call app from the App Store or the Play Store. It's important to use the Ownage Pranks prank call app. Calling without being seen? All you need is this app! Are you looking for some new ideas for prank calls? You don't have to do any work to use the app! Do you need a prank phone call script? At Ownage Pranks, we have it!

Spider Attack

Use a needle to attach many small fake spiders to a thin string. Just above the door frame, tape the string, and then close the door to secure the space. Add spiders to the small space between the top of the door and the door frame. When your target opens the door, they'll jump out at them. Prepare a video camera to record their reactions.

Silverware Prank

Switch the things in your kitchen drawers for this one. Switch the tools with the junk drawer for the best results. But be careful because this joke could make them say, "What the spork?"

With these Alexa-based tricks, you can have some harmless fun at everyone's expense. Be sure to watch the reactions of your loved ones as they try to use their Echo devices and find that they aren't working quite right. So, which one is your favorite?


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