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16 of the Best Revenge Pranks Online!16 of the Best Revenge Pranks Online!

16 of the Best Revenge Pranks Online!

Mar 26, 2021

There must have been a time when you were so angry all you could think about was, “Just you wait. When I get my chance, you’re gonna regret this!” It could be a fight between siblings, an argument with parents, a bad breakup with your SO, or a prank war with your mortal enemy- you have to give them a taste of their own bitter medicine. 

Most people will tell you to take the “high road” or be the “better person.” But here at Ownage Pranks? We don’t think so. Sometimes the best thing to do is to get even.

So what are your options?

If you do the exact same thing - you are petty.

If you forgive them - you become a doormat.

If you unleash the full extent of your rage - you could go to jail.

Our advice? Get back at them through pranks. Prank calls, prank texts - it doesn’t matter how.  There is no greater satisfaction than playing tricks and getting away with it- especially when it is well-deserved. A harmless prank can be a way to break the tension and have fun at the same time.

What’s The Difference Between A Regular Prank And A Revenge Prank?

Before we dive into our prank ideas - let’s distinguish the difference between the two. Technically, any prank can be a revenge prank. If your goal is getting back at them, then yeah, anything will do.

However, experienced pranksters know that you can make things a little more interesting in a revenge prank. Making people laugh isn’t the only goal. You’ll want your victim to feel a little bit guilty/sorry about what they did. Make a clear connection between the reason why you are angry and the prank. If they have more than two brain cells, they should be able to put it together.

Ownage Pranks Presents The Best Revenge Pranks

For Your Siblings

Sibling rivalries are a tale as old as time. Teach your brother/sister a lesson with these pranks:

Purple Rain

Always fighting for the shower? Let them go first, but not without putting food coloring on the showerhead. When they turn on the hot water, they should be covered in your color of choice.

The colored water won’t last very long, and there should be no lasting stains. However, if you are really angry, you can upgrade the food coloring for skin-safe dye for more interesting results.

Warning: Always double-check the ingredients and make sure your target is not allergic. The hospital trip is not worth it.

Iced Cream

Tired of having your midnight treats eaten before you get a chance? Even when they were purchased with your own money? Give them a treat that they won’t forget.

Save the container of your go-to ice cream and fill it with a concoction of your own. You can either freeze plain cream in the tub or create your own unique flavors and blends. While you can put anything in it (sriracha, cinnamon, soy sauce, mustard, etc.), remember to pay attention to the looks. It should be convincing enough to eat. 

The prank is a flop if you don’t get them to take the first bite.

Alarm Hunt

Do you live with a noisy sibling? Show them how bothersome noise can be in the most inconvenient time - bedtime.

Take your phone and set alarms at 1 hour and 30-minute intervals. Make sure the alarm is the most obnoxious sound and bump-up the volume to its maximum setting. When your sibling falls asleep, sneak into their room and hide your phone. Remember, you want them to work for it.

By the time they deal with the noise, they would have already lost precious sleep. Maybe your siblings will learn the importance of staying quiet.

Creepy Crawlies

Looking for a simpler prank? Simply take a couple of plastic/rubber insects and stash them around the house. Plastic cockroaches in the cereal, rubber spiders on the toilet paper roll, and scorpions under the sheets are great ways to start. While it isn’t very fancy - you should get a couple of good screams.

For Your Parents

Pranking parents rarely work out well, but if yours have a sense of humor, you can try this one for size:

Out Of Eggs

Are you a sunny-side-up with bacon kind of family? The type who religiously eats the same breakfast every day? Wreck the family’s schedule by hard-boiling all of the eggs and placing them back on the egg tray. When mom or dad goes down to make breakfast, they will be in for a surprise. After 2-3 failed sunny-side-ups, they should figure out that all the eggs are hard-boiled. But hey! You cooked breakfast.

Photo Bombs

Are you tired of looking picture-perfect all the time? Slip into a costume and photobomb your parents’ pictures during special events like their anniversary or birthday. When they check the photo again, they are in for a surprise.

Warning: If you want to keep the peace, you might want to have a couple of “decent” photos. Don’t ruin all the photos.

Bad News

In the middle of a busy week, spam their phones with calls and texts telling them you have bad news. You don’t actually have to be very specific. You can leave it at that. Then ignore their calls and texts afterward. 

Give them a couple of hours to stew, then give them an absurd reply like, “We are out of toilet paper.” Or any other equivalent. The idea is to make them worry enough to panic, but not so much they throw a fit.

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Overprotective Father

If you have overprotective parents, you can poke at that quality. All you have to do is use a voice soundboard or ask a friend to prank call them about something they clearly don’t want you to do. You can use our prank as a reference.

Here we call an overprotective father about his IG-famous daughter. We pose as Tyrone, and yep, you guessed it. He doesn’t approve. His overprotective instincts go into overdrive. We could have taken the prank call further, but his daughter wasn’t in on it. Can you imagine what we could have done if she was?

New Family Album - Revenge Style

You probably heard of this prank before. The OG version is to slowly replace photos from the family albums over time. But when you want revenge, you need something more than a random celebrity than Steve Buscemi. Instead, it should be someone that grinds their gears.

An annoying family member?

An opposing politician?

A controversial celebrity?

Find a face you know your parents will hate. Someone worthy of The All-American Rejects song - “Gives You Hell.” When you see my face hope it gives you hell~

For Your (Best) Friends

Did your best friend cross the line? Remind them all the ways not to mess with you:

New Number. Who’s This?

If you have access to their phone, change the names of their contacts. You can do a switcheroo (ex: mom becomes dad and dad becomes mom), or you should change it completely (ex: replace all the names with Harry Potter characters. Mom becomes Molly Weasley).

Pro Tip: You can also send them a couple of texts to make sure they don’t figure it out asap.

Not-So Suggestive Package

Here’s a spin on the inappropriate package prank where you send friends embarrassing things. In the original version, the goal then was to put their guard down. You want them to open it with other friends and family around - think opening presents during a birthday party or around the tree on Christmas morning.

However, in this prank, you want to raise eyebrows as soon as the package hits their porch. Explicitly label the outside the scandalous item of choice. But when they open it, it can be something harmless like a t-shirt or a blanket. It’s like a reverse gag-gift.

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For Your Significant Other

All is fair in love and war, and sometimes you need to remind your boyfriend/girlfriend of that. Here are some pranks for your significant other:

Lost Poster - Exes Only

Revenge pranks against your ex are one of the most common types out there. If your partner was unfaithful, make a lost poster calling them home. You can post this around the neighborhood to slip it under the people’s door in his building. Here is a template you can use:

Lost Person

[Photo of them, but censored-ish]

[First Name + Insult of Choice]


[Last Seen]


Here is an example when it is filled out:

Lost Person


Jake the Horniest Man Alive


  • Tall enough to ride the roller coasters in Disneyland

  • Dark brown hair

  • Has a smile that can melt plastic

Last Seen:

Screwing another girl on our anniversary


The info has to be juicy enough for other people to read, but not so juicy it stops being the truth. Having evidence on hand doesn’t hurt either.

Do You Like Pina Coladas?

Have you been trying to convince your significant other to delete their dating apps? Having no luck? Make a fake account with all the details you know that they would go for. If you guys match, see how long it takes for them to realize this new man/ woman is you all along.

For Your Neighbors And Co-workers

Do you relate to the Jim vs. Dwight dynamic? Do you see it when you interact with your neighbors and co-workers? Here are some revenge pranks you can use:

It’s All In The Details

Parking can be a big problem. Whether it’s obnoxious drivers who park in multiple spaces or entitled ones who park in your spot, you can put them in their place with this prank. Scribble out a note about how sorry you are about the “damage” to their car and hope they can still drive home safely. 

That’s it. That’s the prank.

Pro Tip: The fancier the car, the better the reaction. Don”t settle for the Hondas and Toyotas, aim for the cars that you know hurt the pocket. 

Snowed In

While you are clearing out the drive-way, toss the snow over to your neighbor’s side. Give them the false illusion that they are “snowed-in.”

This prank can be adapted in different ways. For example, someone once cleared out their parking spot at work. When they were about to drive in, a co-worker took their spot and wouldn’t leave. So they took the snow and put it back where it came from with extra care and attention around the door handles. 

Reserve this for the truly annoying people in your life.

Memo From Above

Do you have a messy co-worker with a desk covered in sticky notes? You can probably slip in a very “important” memo covered in coffee stains, so the contents are all jumbled. See them freak out about a missed deadline about nothing in particular.

If you don’t feel comfortable about making a memo, you can settle for a sticky note. Try to copy the victim’s handwriting the best you can and put it in a visible area. See their confusion come Monday morning!

Let The Games Begin!

Now, these suggestions are only a fraction of the revenge pranks out there. If you want more ideas, you can check out our 6 Not-So Harmless Email Prank Ideas or download our prank call app. We have tons of funny scripts you can use on your friends and family. You can also request a prank call, and we’ll help you bring your revenge plans to life! Much like that ex-employee and the overprotective dad...

Your revenge stories shouldn’t be boring and dry-cut. Add a bit of spice with these hilarious pranks! It will make for an interesting story at parties in the future.

Leave us a comment if you’ve tried these pranks first hand, or tag us on social media!

Happy Pranking!


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