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5 Creative Text Prank Ideas You Can Try!5 Creative Text Prank Ideas You Can Try!

5 Creative Text Prank Ideas You Can Try!

Mar 18, 2021

Everyone has that one moment where they feel more naughty than usual. This rebellious streak can be as small as wearing mismatched socks to something as big as a high-stakes prank. Who knows what kind of crazy ideas you can cook up in that window. The only question is - do you have the guts to follow through?

Why don’t you try funny texting pranks? When done right, you can have some high-intensity fun without any major consequences. It’s one of the cheapest and easiest pranks to play on your friends and family - right next to prank calls.

What Are Text Pranks?

Text pranks/ texting pranks can come in different forms. As long as texting is the main medium - it is technically a text prank! Sounds straightforward, right?

Here are some ways you can execute funny text pranks:

Toggle The Settings

For this text prank, you need to have access to their phone. Now don’t go snatching phones left and right. Just stick to the people you are close to, like family and friends. When you have their phone go over to settings and make changes to their autocorrect. Instead of the usual “yes,” “no,” and “I love you,” you can make the reply the complete opposite.

So how would the exchange look like? Well, it will go something like this:

Actual Conversation 

(This is what you type.)

Modified Conversation 

(This is what you’ll both see after you change their autocorrect.)

You: Mom, there is a concert in [town name] and [friend’s name] got tickets! It’s a 3 day road trip with [unreliable friend] and [unreliable friend]. Can I go?

Mom: No

You: Omg, love you! 

Mom: No, I’m actually saying no.

You: Yeah, very clear!

You: Mom, there is a concert in [town name] and [friend’s name] got tickets! It’s a 3 day road trip with [unreliable friend] and [unreliable friend]. Can I go?

Mom: Yes

You: Omg, love you! 

Mom: Yes, I’m actually saying yes.

You: Yeah, very clear!


You can always make more creative decisions. You can switch out names from nicknames to pet names. Instead of saying a boyfriend or girlfriend’s name, it can switch to either a stranger’s name or an insult - from Matt to Mark, Jess to Jenny, babe to b*tch, or honey to mother f*cker. It’s going to have your unsuspecting boyfriend or girlfriend wondering if there is somebody new or if you’re looking for a fight.

Alternatively, you can change the words they use a lot. Instead of saying “Are you at home?” you can make “home” into “strip club” or any location that can get a laugh. It isn’t hard to come up with ideas. Work, gas, store, coffee - these can all become ammunition.

Toggling with the settings is not just limited to your smartphone. People also use emails and writing software like Microsoft Word to pull this off!

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Send Strategic Messages

Another way you can have fun with text pranks is by sending very strategic messages. Again, there are several ways you accomplish all of this. One way is to send a funny text. Jokes and puns have always been very popular.

The second way is pretending your text was for a different person. Text messages are always a personal thing. The language and tone of each one isn’t the same for everyone. After all, a text to your grandmother will definitely sound different from how you text your best friend. Can you imagine how funny it would be if you had those two mixed up? Or how about realizing how differently you talk to other people? There is so much potential here.

The third way you can make a texting prank is to pose as a new contact. You could be a local business, a telemarketer, or a “scammer” - there are so many options. As a new contact, you can send all kinds of texts as a joke.

When it comes to text pranks, this type is the most common.

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Supplement Your Pranks and Prank Calls

The last form of text pranks is a supporting one. For really ambitious pranks, you need to be able to set the scene. Text pranks can help lay down the groundwork and whet the target for the main course.

For example, you want to make a fake delivery prank. Texting your target about the package’s ETA will make them really believe something is coming. It can be the cherry on top of an already delicious sundae.

With so many approaches to texting pranks, you can spend a whole year pranking your friends and family and still have ideas to spare!

5 Creative Text Pranks

You should keep a few things in mind when pulling April Fools' pranks. The trick may amuse some people, who will laugh along with you; nevertheless, it may turn off others. Be careful when picking a target. These April Fool's Day text pranks are also a good source of ideas. Depending on the recipient's reaction, you may need to improvise and go with the flow.

To get you started, Ownage Pranks has a couple of the best text pranks you can try! Here are our top 5 picks:

These Are My Confessions

You can never really tell when someone chooses to open up. Sometimes you just have to wait patiently by the sidelines. But wouldn’t it be so juicy to accidentally be someone’s chosen confidant? What if you were accidentally chosen? Isn’t that even more interesting?

Here are some examples of confessions you can send:

  1. I’m not 100% sure, but my period is late. I think I’m pregnant. - Send this to your parents

  2. I’ve been having really weird dreams. I don’t remember most of it, but I think you are there? I think we need to talk. - Send this to your best friend or the boyfriend of your best friend

  3. Remember that time when [old memory of something really bad]. I’ve been guilty the last [no. of years] years and I can’t take it anymore. It was me. I did it. - Send this to your sibling or cousin

There is no shortage of page six-worthy confessions. Just remember, the more unlikely it is, the juicier the prank.

Mystery Man/ Woman

Take a page out of Romeo and Juliet and create a fake boyfriend or girlfriend. It doesn’t matter whether you are a guy or a girl. There is always something intriguing about a love interest, especially now that no one knows about.

Pick the biggest gossip in your friend group. Then pretend to text your mystery man or woman, but send the message to your target. You can probably pair the text with a very incriminating picture. Then all you have to do is wait for the questions to come.

Here are some examples of text messages you can send:

  1. Don’t forget about Sunday night <3

  2. [Fake Name] can you pick up some tampons on your way home?

  3. [Fake Name] can you pick me up at [club/bar name]. But wait for my message, I’m going with [Friend Name], and [he/she] doesn’t know yet.

Don’t worry, I’m gonna tell my parents soon. It’s just my grandpa’s heart is still bad. You know he won’t approve...

You can stop there or come up with stories to troll them. It’s up to you. You can have fun painting a crazy picture of your secret love life.

Nosy Neighbor

Everybody likes to maintain their privacy, so having a nosy neighbor is one of the most annoying things. Pretend to be a “Good Samaritan” and point out the stuff that goes on when they aren’t home. From secret affairs to dog poop on the lawn - say it all and give them pics as evidence.

Given the nature of this text prank, you have to target close friends and relatives. People whose address you know to make it more believable. You can also take it a step further and actually leave evidence of your reports.

Here is an example you can try:

  1. Hi, I live across the street, near [a neighbor your target knows]. I was walking my dog when I saw someone climbing out of your window? He didn’t seem to steal anything, so I didn’t call the cops. I just think you should know.

  2. I saw [Neighbor’s Name] throw dog shit over the fence. I called them out on it but said you wouldn’t mind. I thought I should share.

If the helpful neighbor isn’t good enough. You can make the tone a bit more gossipy and Karen-like.

  1. Your garbage cans are not the standard size, so I reported your home. The city said they won’t collect your garage until you comply.

  2. Your driveway is very offensive. Don’t you know that gravel uses child labor to make? I can’t believe you aren’t more conscious about these things.

And the possibilities go on. Don’t forget to add images to make them feel super-extra.

Recruitment Agency

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to pretend to advertise a service. In this text prank, you can pretend to be a recruiter. From the U.S army to your local MLM charter, there is no shortage of people who are looking for new blood.

Pretend to be a service and come up with absurd requirements. Here are some examples you can use:

  1. Hi, I’m [Fake Name], a recruiter for [Company], and we’re looking for a new [Job Position].

  2. Are you tired of living in your parents’ basement? Do you want to make a name for yourself? With [Fake Company Name], you can do all of that and more! All you need to do is send a video that highlights your strengths and weaknesses through song. As the premier music charity, all positions have to have some kind of musical ability. Apply now!

It shouldn’t take long before they catch on, so make sure your first message packs a punch!


Remember when you would get into an argument as a kid only for the other person to parrot exactly what you said? 

I’m telling mom. I’m telling mom. 

Stop copying me. Stop copying me. 

Hey! Hey! 

It was one of the easiest comebacks that were sure to get a reaction. Use that same idea in a text prank!

Copy-paste their last message and just keep sending their reply back to them. See how long it takes before they get sick of the trolling. Another thing you can do is go back to the archives and copy-paste their drama verbatim. No matter what they reply, use their old conversation. It’s sure to yield interesting results.

That’s it for our top 5 creative text pranks. With the right target and prank idea, you are sure to have some hilarious replies!

Other Creative Pranks

If you are tired of texting pranks, you can move on to the next best thing - prank calls! Ownage Pranks has a prank call app you can download. It has pre-recorded scripts, so all you have to do is send them to your friends and family. We come up with new scripts every week!

For a more personal touch, we are also open to collaborations. Request a prank call, and you have the Ownage team behind your back! With our help, you are sure to come up with the funniest prank call yet!

From our text prank ideas to our prank call scripts, we are definitely your partner in crime when it comes to creating the funniest pranks.

Happy Pranking!

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