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Have Exciting Conversations Through These Fun Numbers To Text!Have Exciting Conversations Through These Fun Numbers To Text!

Have Exciting Conversations Through These Fun Numbers To Text!

May 31, 2021

Communication has been an essential part of our lives, especially during these times when we are obliged to stay at home. Here’s a question for you: when was the last time you had received an exciting call or text? You probably don’t remember and you’re obviously reading this because you want to have some, right? Fret not cause this list is for you to experience it right now! We spared you the trouble of looking through a bunch of lists and compiled the most intriguing ones we’ve stumbled across online. 

This is for you, fellow prankster! We know how much you love fun and exciting stuff that keeps you at the edge of your seat. We have gathered these fun numbers to text and call that will surely make your phone and messaging apps exciting again! No, Buk Lau or Rakesh aren’t the ones responding at the other end, but we guarantee you that the conversation will be as fun as the one you might get to have with them! Keep in mind that when you text or call these numbers, THEY MIGHT CHARGE YOU FOR IT. No one wants to get twice their phone bill at the end of the month. 

We have a more elaborate list of funny numbers to call whenever you want to entertain yourself--or better yet, try our prank call app to get twice the amount of toll-free entertainment for less the hassle of dialing a bunch of numbers!

So if you have a credit to spare, open your phone’s native Messaging or Phone app RIGHT NOW and try calling or sending a blank text message to these numbers:

1. (212) 804-6979

If this is your last resort to experience having a girlfriend to send you sweet, mushy, (or naughty, even!) messages, then we got you covered. First, save this phone number, then change it to Bella or Kylie (or whatever your ideal girl’s name is). When you’re ready to have a (fake) conversation with the woman of your dreams, compose a message then hit send. Voila, after a few moments, you will receive a text message back. The fun doesn’t end there: a few moments, you will receive a phone call with a pre-recorded voice message from your fake girlfriend. Watch as your friends’ jaws drop because of how much of a chick magnet you are!

2. 866-740-4531

What’s up, Guardians of the Galaxy fans (or even those who aren’t)! Who would’ve thought you would have the chance to text Groot, the tree-like being, himself? By texting 866-740-4531, you’ll finally experience one of the deepest conversations you’ll have in your life. He’s a pretty good (and very consistent) texter. We won’t spoil you with the very important details, so go ahead and see for yourself!

[Note: Thank you Ricky Robinett for this opportunity to talk to Groot!]

3. 1-603-413-4124

Nothing hits home like having a conversation with Santa Claus. Here’s a pro tip: ring his number when Christmas is finally around the corner so you can ask him and his elves what you want as a gift (only if you’ve been on his ‘good’ list the entire year). What’s even more exciting is you can use this number to trick your family and friends into thinking that you can give them a good word for Santa Claus and help them advance their way to the list. A life hack indeed.

4. (605)-475-6959

This Bad Breath hotline may come in handy when you finally have enough of that one friend who seems like brushing their teeth isn’t part of their routine! The first thing that comes to mind is telling them that their breath stinks, right? However, as a kind and considerate friend, you don’t want to come off as offensive or rude. Hence, this handy-dandy solution: leave them a note with this number and wait for the Bad Breath hotline to do the job.

5. 605-475-6958

Known as the Sobriety hotline, this number will instantly make you the life of the party! Keep this number saved in your contacts list so you can easily call the hotline whenever you and your friends decide to have a fun night out together. We suggest giving this number to the drunkest person in the room and tell them to call the hotline to see how sober they are. If you are the anti-social type, you can still have fun by trying it out yourself.

6. 212-479-7990

Got a creepy dude who can’t seem to take no as an answer? Give this number to him and he surely will leave you alone! Behold, the Rejection hotline: your savior to annoying and creepy strangers. Enter this number when they ask for yours and when they try and call you the next day, they will get a pre-recorded voice message saying “Hello! This is not the person you were trying to call. You’ve reached the Rejection hotline!” What a fun and exciting way to tell that person to leave you alone and serve him right for not stopping despite saying no!

7. 605-475-6961

Harry Potter fans, rise! This hotline is definitely for you. If you’re sick and tired of your life and finally decide to enroll in the magical and fabled Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, then dial this number. The people from the prestigious school would definitely be happy to brief you with the admission details and will wholeheartedly welcome an eager and aspiring student like you (only if you get in!).

8. 401-285-2079

Indecency is a no-no! Whenever a friend or family member crosses the line because they tend to interrupt others because of their insensitive acts, you may ask them to dial this number on their phones to get the intervention they need. At first, it may seem like they were asked to dial the number for entertainment purposes only but eventually, when they come to their senses, they will realize that dialing this number has its purpose. It will be satisfying knowing that you have pranked someone into thinking that it isn’t just a fun number to call and have somehow let them know that their actions aren’t any fun anymore--both at the same time!

9. 605-475-6973

Other people tend to complain over things that seem unnecessary. In nature, telling them directly about how their inconsiderate actions offend people is the way to go but as the sensitive person that you are, you want to find a less harmful alternative. If you are acquainted with someone with such a character, you may ask them to call this number and the person on the other end will remind them of one thing: “Stop complaining!” 

This will also come in handy when you feel like you are now the person on the other end: the one over-complaining! Call this anytime you want a reminder to stop getting annoyed because of things that seem unnecessary. You’re welcome. 

10. 605-475-6964

Do you think you’re having the worst day of your life? Dialing this number will make you think twice! The purpose of this hotline is simple: a wake-up call that your life could always suck more. Nothing more inspirational knowing that it could be worse, right?

And that was ten of the most fun and exciting numbers to text and call whenever you’re bored. What was your favorite from the list? Share it with your friends!

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