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Ownage Pranks Presents the Top 5 Best Prank Calls of All TimeOwnage Pranks Presents the Top 5 Best Prank Calls of All Time

Ownage Pranks Presents the Top 5 Best Prank Calls of All Time

Feb 8, 2021

Some prank calls are better than others, and Ownage Pranks is here to sniff out the best. So what are we looking for when we say the best prank call of all time? It is simple, really. 

It’s when a great idea meets a skilled prankster, but it doesn’t stop there. It should also have the perfect conditions for your target. In summary? We are looking for lightning in the bottle. 

Now, this is easier said than done. Given its long history, it is difficult to track down every prank call ever made. Think about the different prank calls made around the world in different languages and dialects! The ones that are recorded vs the ones that aren’t. There are so many iterations out there.

You might have seen a ton of prank call lists on the internet. Heck, you might have tried some of the ideas passed around during sleepovers and summer vacations - things that aren’t posted on the internet. But if there is one thing we know for sure - that only scratches the surface. They do not even begin to cover all the crazy prank call ideas out there. 

The next thing we are going to look at is the execution. Did the prank call go on without a hitch? Did anything go wrong? Did those mistakes make or break those prank calls? Execution plays a big role in creating great prank phone calls. 

These are the questions we try to answer when looking for the most hilarious prank calls.

Top 5 Best Prank Calls of All Time

While there are things, we will undoubtedly miss - Ownage Pranks tried to get the best prank calls of all time! Watch these prank call videos and see the master pranksters at work!

Angry Asian Restaurant Prank Call

What better way to start off this list than with Ownage Pranks’ most popular prank call yet - the Angry Asian Restaurant! This prank call features Buk Lau, our resident Asian guy, and a local Chinese restaurant. This video received over 16 million views in the original animated version. While this is not the smoothest prank call, it is popular for a reason.

Buk Lau is ordering take-out from a Chinese restaurant. He wants to speak to a Chinese employee, thinking he would find someone who isn’t fluent in English. You’d think that would work in our favor, but no! We only find out the caller on the line happens to be Chinese.

The target quickly switches to Mandarin and asks him what he wants. After a quick backtrack, Buk Lau claims he is Vietnamese instead. Then what follows is the most chaotic exchange ever. 

If you want to use Buk Lau for your future prank calls - we have a free voice soundboard!

Job Reference Prank Call

The second on our list is the Australian comedy duo - Hamish Blake and Andy Lee. They are known for their drive-time radio show and podcast. They have a bunch of funny bits, but this one takes the cake! While prank calling random numbers, they managed to find the nicest Australian man in this viral prank call video.

Hamish calls a random phone number posing as Tim Barnard. He is in a bind and is looking for someone to put down as a personal reference. The target, James, is quick to agree. So Tim writes his number down as a personal reference and goes to his interview. Ten minutes later, Andy calls the same number posing as HR, asking if he knows Tim.

True to his word, James gives him a stellar job reference. He pretended to know Tim from Adam and went above and beyond with his recommendation. Not only did he promote the character of this fictional friend, he even smoothly navigated all the traps they laid out for him in the prank call. Wouldn’t you want to have James as your best friend?

It just goes to show, you don’t have to limit your prank calls to your immediate contact list. Try dialing a random phone number and see where that prank call takes you. Who knows, maybe another “James” might answer, and you could meet another stand-up guy.

Crazy Indian Restaurant Prank Call

The third one on the list is another one from Ownage. Instead of a Chinese restaurant, Buk Lau sets his sights on an Indian one. Here is how it went: 

Buk Lau calls an Indian restaurant to complain about the service saying the food wasn’t good and that he didn’t get any change. The target is unfazed and just tells him to come over. He isn’t very focused on the conversation either. 

Buk Lau tries to get a better reaction, and he gets it - in a way. The Indian restaurant owner brings the same chaotic energy back - tit for tat. The call ends. 

Buk Lau calls again, and this time the owner is mad. He thinks Buk Lau is a Nepali, and he brings out his ultimate weapon - cawing? It’s so hilarious we broke character. It’s hard to keep the same voice when you have an old Indian man going, “caw, caw, caw!”

Now was that the most perfect run-through? No, definitely not. Not by a long-shot. But it was hilarious! It goes to show how much power the target can have in the conversation. The comment section agrees that while it was a great prank call, Ownage lost this one, and a rematch is definitely in order.

Religious Show Prank Call

There isn’t an American out there who doesn’t know about Howard Stern. Howard Stern is a radio and TV personality who has been around since the early 1980’s. He is still known for his radio show, The Howard Stern Show, which features interviews, prank calls, and comedy sketches. 

In this one, they have Richard Christy call posing as Ethel, an elderly lady who doesn’t exactly sound like one. The target? A religious show with Jesus music in the background. Ethel asks for prayers for a personal medical condition - constipation, to be exact. While they pray for her, you hear wet fart noises in the distance.

It must be some kind of divine intervention because constipation isn’t the problem anymore!

It is a funny prank call that just goes to show, you need to be careful for what you wish for - Ethel clearly wasn’t. Baba Booey!

Fortune-Teller Prank Call

Let’s end the list with another Buk Lau classic, which also features Russell Johnson! Who is basically the same person, but the caller on the other end doesn’t know that. Here we call a psychic’s number for help. 

Buk Lau needs his little friend to be not so little. He calls a fortune-teller about his problem. The woman quickly tells him to send money via Western Union. She wanted $95, no $390 first. When Buk Lau calls her again, she tells him to get a banana, olive oil, and three pennies. Watch the rest of the video to find out the rest of her “spell.”

When Buk Lau calls again, she confronts him about the money. When it doesn’t look like she believes him - out comes Russell Johnson and his all-American accent. Just impeccable voice acting right here, quickly switching from Buk Lau back to Russell. Russell then pretends to be an investigator and calls her out for being a con-artist. Check out the video for this hilarious exchange!

These 5 prank calls show you the sheer amount of range pranksters have! Hopefully, these inspire you to come up with really creative prank ideas. When you use any of our prank call ideas or prank scripts, remember to tag us with our social media handles!

Other Hall of Famers

If you are looking for other prank call ideas, you can also check out our Hall of Fame. There we have some of the best prank call scripts and prank call reactions. Here are our honorable mentions: 

John Cena Prank Call

The John Cena prank call was first made to piss off someone’s wife. And it worked. You basically call your target and play John Cena’s very loud, very obnoxious theme song. You can also add your own announcer script selling the many virtues of pay-per-view wrestling. Call them a couple of times. When you know they are beyond pissed off, call again as a regular Joe. 

It’s funny to see the complete 180 in their character.

Read More: Ownage Pranks Teaches You How to Enact the Best John Cena Prank Calls the World Has Ever Seen

Santa Claus Prank Call

Take on the role of a beloved childhood character and prank call the children of the house. Make them believe they are talking to the real Santa. And the best way to get on his good side is to follow his list of demands. Very soon, you can have a small team of elves ready to do the work. 

Warning: Only do this prank call when they are ready to find out Santa isn’t real. After this prank call, you can’t keep the charade up for much longer. 

Read More: How To Pull The Best Santa Claus Prank Call with Ownage Pranks

If you need help prank calling friends and family - Ownage Pranks is here! We’ve prank-called thousands of targets. So when you request a prank call with our experienced team of pranksters, we are sure to come up with something truly memorable. It might not make the list of greatest prank calls ever, it will definitely be something you won’t forget years into the future! 

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