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How To Pull The Best Santa Claus Prank Call with Ownage PranksHow To Pull The Best Santa Claus Prank Call with Ownage Pranks

How To Pull The Best Santa Claus Prank Call with Ownage Pranks

Dec 12, 2020

With the yuletide season upon us, it’s easy to get into the Christmas fun. It’s normal to release a bit of our mischievous side when we’re with our family relatives over the holidays. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of holiday fun.

Some families are not afraid to poke fun at each other. While this could sometimes lead to minor injuries, it’s also what makes Christmas with family fun and memorable.

If you’re still wondering for ideas on what prank you’re going to pull this Christmas, then you’re in the right place!

Looking for something more Christmas-themed? The best pranksters of Ownage Pranks have written a guide on how to make the best Santa Claus Prank Call that you’ll be talking for years!

Note: This prank does not necessarily work with adults. It’s better to pull with little kids who still believe in Santa Claus.

It’s every child’s dream to receive calls from Santa Claus all the way from the North Pole. I remember when I was nine, I would pray to Santa every day of December up until Christmas so I could get a bright red toy truck. I would count the days until Christmas. I didn’t get my toy truck that year. I got Hot Wheels instead. My indignant nine-year-old self would probably jump on the chance to talk to Santa Claus just so he could complain that it wasn’t what he asked for.

Here’s how you can pull this prank call off....


How To Pull The Best Santa Claus Prank Call

1. Choose Your Victim and Ask Their Parents

From my experience, I find that kids under the age of ten years old still believe in Santa Claus. You want someone who’s innocent and not sceptical of the world. (so obviously that means no teenagers). If all you have at home are older, check out Funny Prank Call Ideas for Teenagers.

Once you’ve found your perfect target, it’s best to ask their parents for permission. You’ll be playing on their innocence and once they find out they’ve been pranked, there might be some tears and a tantrum. The parents need to be there to support their child if they can’t take the truth.

Of course, this prank doesn’t have to end in humiliation. In fact, you can just use the Santa Claus prank call app to get the kids more excited about Christmas and ensure they become good boys and girls until the next year. But where would the fun be in that?

Speaking of fun, check out this Ownage Pranks’ video of Black Guy wants to be Santa. It is HILARIOUS!

2. Download a Santa Claus App

Use your phone to download a free Santa Claus app. There are loads online. Do a little bit of research and choose one that will allow you to be versatile instead of just sending in a pre-recorded video. You can also check out Ownage Pranks’ Voice Changer app for some of your prank calls.

3. Let Your Target Answer Your Phone

The timing here must be perfect. Let your target play with your phone so it’s organic. We all know how kids love playing with phones. Alternatively, you can leave it in your bathroom and ask them to get it for you. Once they have your phone, you can finally enact your prank calls.

4. Call your Phone and Activate the Santa Claus App

Let the poor child know that it’s Santa Claus that’s calling you. If they’re a true kid at heart, they will accept the call instead of giving the phone to you. You can take things to the next level by hiding so they have no choice but to answer it. Once they press the green button, it’s time to have fun!

5. Let Them Believe it’s Santa Claus

You have two choices here: you can use a free Santa Claus app to play a pre-recorded video of Santa Claus from the North Pole OR you can take it up a notch by acting as Santa Claus yourself. Ready your Ho Ho Ho’s and prepare a list of demands.

6. Make Them Your Little House Elf

When a kid thinks they’re talking to Santa Claus, they will do ANYTHING. Get them running around the house doing little chores for you. Here are some fun things you can order the little child to do:

  • Get everyone egg-nogs
  • Carry your items
  • Deliver your food
  • Wrap your gifts
  • Stay in their room and not bother any adults

7. Bring it up a notch

Make each order more outrageous than the next. It can start by bringing everyone food because they’ve been a bad boy and they need to atone if they want *insert gift they want to receive here* for Christmas to save Santa Claus in the North Pole.

The best thing about this is that by the time they figure out they’re being pranked, you’d have gotten your fun already. From experience, you can even get them to confess to the crimes they vehemently deny they did. Now watching them admit guilty for a Christmas present IS fun.

Christmas pranks are fun. Just make sure it doesn’t escalate and get out of hand. The holidays are about family fun. You don’t want to unnecessarily start a feud. However, if you have a fun family like me, you can definitely start a prank war you’ll be telling the ages. Check out Ownage Pranks’ Prank Call website for some prank ideas.

Are you not confident of your pranking skills? Have the pros do it for you! Get in touch with us and we’ll get them good. Request a Prank here. The more details you can provide, the better.


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