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9 Funny Prank Call Ideas For Teenagers9 Funny Prank Call Ideas For Teenagers

9 Funny Prank Call Ideas For Teenagers

Nov 27, 2020

Nothing screams like teen spirit more than getting into trouble for the heck of it. Who doesn’t remember those hormone-fueled years? Wrapped-up in teenage angst and stupid decisions? Got to say - I miss it sometimes. 

If you are looking to make memories, Ownage Pranks has the perfect activity for you! Here are 9 funny prank call ideas for teenagers. Consequences? Minimal. Fun? Off the charts. Give these prank call ideas a try the next time you find yourself bored with nothing to do. Never prank called before? Check out our blog - “How to Prank Call: Step-by-Step Instructions” 

Pizza Misplacement

This prank call is pretty simple. First, look for a pizza place near you and make your call. Bring out your Inner Karen and bitch about your pizza. It’s been over an hour! The pizza will be cold! I doubt you know how to make an authentic Margherita pizza! Pull out all the stops, but remember to pay attention to their temper. 

Just when you feel like they will hang up, complain about the pizza company. The clincher? It isn’t the same company! If you are calling Pizza Hut, say it is the worst Domino’s in the city. If you are calling Dominos, vice versa. You get to have an entertaining call, and they feel like they have the best pizza. It’s a win-win. 

Free Health Clinic Results

We are taking a page right out of the teen classic - Mean Girls. When Jason (Gretchen’s skeezy boyfriend) is with Taylor in the mall. Regina George takes matters into her own hands. She calls Taylor’s mom pretending to be Planned Parenthood

Doesn’t that sound like a great prank call idea? There are several ways you can do this. To customize this prank call idea play with the options below: 

  1. Subject - Your indirect target. A family member or friend who will be the subject of the test results. 
  2. Victim - boyfriend/girlfriend, parents, siblings, other family members, best friends.
  3. Caller - Planned Parenthood, local free clinic, OB-GYN
  4. Purpose of call - pregnancy results, STD results, emergency contact of someone pregnant, etc.

Call your friend’s number and pretend to be a nurse or receptionist. Clarify who you are talking to, then mention that the contents are confidential. You want to pique their interest. When they say yes (they aren’t supposed to, BTW), you can share the news. Be sure to catch their prank call reactions on tape. It might make for interesting material later on. Who knows - it might grace the walls of our Hall of Fame.  

Before you start researching interesting STDs or pregnancy terms, think about the aftermath. You have the power to control how “bad” it gets. Bad being very subjective since pranking is all about the reactions. If you want to keep your friendships intact, target someone who is very open-minded. It would help to have your subject in on it as well. With their help, you can really sell the prank call. 

However, if you don’t care about the consequences, go for the big guns. Look for religious parents with a very conservative upbringing. Now that should make for an interesting prank call! 

College Admissions

Timing is everything for this one. Your prank call should be within the small window when the results are out. It should be late enough for them to have a couple of letters, but not so late that they have one from every school. They should be waiting for 2-3 letters when you make the call. 

Pretend to be the college admission board and ask for another interview. Claim that your victim is a waitlisted student, and they want to confirm their interest in the school. You can start off the interview with real questions like - What are your goals in the future? What makes you [School name] quality material? 

Then bring out the “reports” supplemented by your high school. Here you can dish out all the dirt only you would know. Cheated on an AP test? Plagiarized a paper in the 3rd grade? Clogged up the toilet and left it there? Provide realistic names to back the story, and see how far you have to go before they catch on. 

Internship Opportunities

Your high achieving friends might be looking for part-time jobs and summer internships. This can be your last hurrah before university starts. Pair this prank call with one of our email prank ideas, and stage an interview. 

First, send them an email to confirm their slot, then make the call. The thing about interviews is that anything goes. After the polite chit-chat, mention the extra work they have to do. Bombard them with personality tests, short essays, and quizzes. They are bound to get tired of it and let it go. 

If you feel mischievous, you can use this opportunity to ask questions you want the answers to. There is a 50-50 chance your friend will lie, but you have nothing to lose. 


Pose as a distant relative and say that you are calling for their latest achievement! You can be very creative with this one. Some options at the top of my head are: 

  1. For living until 18, the doctors said it wasn’t possible after your brain injury as a baby.
  2. For being the president of a club or society in school. Aw, they gave you a leadership position. Isn’t that cute?
  3. For being in the AP track, who tutored you? Or was it something else...
  4. For getting into X college or Y university. A diversity bid, right?

It doesn’t matter what it’s for. It has to be something well-meaning. As the call goes along, start comparing the target to a fictional cousin who always manages to be a step ahead. Bring out thinly-veiled jabs and see how long they last. If they manage to keep their cool, your friend is practically a saintly. If they don’t? Welcome to the dark side. 

Pull A Steve Harvey

Everyone knows about Steve Harvey’s blunder with beauty pageants. While crushing to the winners, it makes for a very interesting prank call. Dial your target’s number and tell them they won a prize.

Try to really sell it too. A vacation in the Bahamas? A limited-edition sports car? Concert tickets? The prize should be something they want, but not so extravagant that they don’t believe it. 

When they are thoroughly hyped, ask them to recite a spiel for the winning video. The script could be something like, “Hi, I’m [Name], and I just won’t [prizes] from [fictional company]!” Let them do a couple of takes, then ask about their name. 

“Wait? You aren’t [slightly-the-same-name]? Sorry for the mix-up, but we got the wrong number.” Oops, my mistake. 

Pun-tastic Calls

There is elegance in simplicity. Instead of elaborate improv or planned out scripts, why don’t you try using puns? Reddit has some great ones you can try: 

“Leo’s Pizzaria and Abortion Clinic - your losses are our sauces. How can I help you today?” 

“Texas roadkill grill, hot, tender, and right off the fender! How can I help you today?” 

“Texas Crematorium, you kill em, we grill 'em. How can I help you today?” 

They might hang up on you several times, but you are bound to find someone who appreciates your pun-tastic humor! 

Caught On CCTV

If you live in a state with plenty of CCTV cameras, pretend you caught something scandalous on tape. This prank call should work with just about anyone. Who hasn’t done something stupid and thought they got away with it? It’s time to turn the tables against them. 

Learn to ask the right questions and make educated guesses. Remember, you don’t want them to find out you know nothing. If you have never tried improvising before, here are our top improv tips.

It might take awhile before you see any success. However, you want a guaranteed funny call, target family, and friends. A little bit of insider knowledge can go a very long way. 

Heist Gone Wrong

This is another case of a mistaken number, but with more serious undertones. Call your target with urgency in your voice and say your script: “I didn’t mean to shoot him…” 

“It’s all good. The body is gone…”

“Look, you put my life on the line, now I’m going to do the same with you…”

There are so many great angles! Pick the script that best captures the listener’s attention. Pepper in incriminating statements like, “you wanted this too” or “this was your idea.” Let them believe that they are in deep. 

Give your listener a couple of clues, and see what they do with that information. You super sleuth might visit the drop area or call the police. Who knows! Since it is hard to predict the outcome, this prank call idea is definitely not for the faint of heart. 

These are some of the prank call classics you can try. Technically, prank calls are not bound by age. You can try to pull these off whether you are 10 or 50 - nobody is stopping you. But there is a reason why I picked out these 9 for teenagers. It is because you will never get the same type of nervous energy. 

How often will you find 20-somethings worrying about college admissions? 

Are there even 30-year-olds worried about potential internships? 

Teenagers are the perfect age to enjoy what these prank calls have to offer. If you are still new to the pranking scene, you can ask Ownage Pranks to do it for you. With your prank ideas and information and our years in the business - we can make a prank call for the books! 

Happy Pranking!


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