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Pranking A Restaurant That's CRAZY Expensive - Prank Call Classics

Feb 18, 2018 1M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls, Restaurant pranks
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Buk Lau
Prank Victim: Expensive French restaurant
Rage Level: Mellow

Prank call on a CRAZY expensive restaurant featuring Buk Lau!

Best quotes: 

  • “Do you have any meal for like a cheap motherfarker somebody who don't have a lot of money like, just like a special groupon something like that?”
  • “Yeah, bonjuree, are you the- the croissant who hung up on me?”

Body of content:

I prank called an extremely expensive French restaurant as Buk Lau to see if they would be willing to give a discount on their fancy food. It turns out they had NO mercy when Buk Lau told them that his wife was dying and it was her last wish to eat in their restaurant! Can you believe they were so cold or is this how any expensive restaurant would respond? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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Guy: If you don't have enough money, don't come to this kind of uh, of restaurant, even if your wife is dying- even if your wife is dying. It's not a reason.

[accordion sound]

Pranker [speaking to audience as Buk Lau]: So, I went back to France and tried to get table at the most expensive restaurant in the country.

Pranker: But as usual, those French people weren't too accommodating for my requesting. Why do I keep going back there?

[phone ringing]

Lady: (Translation): Good evening this is [censored].

Pranker: Yeah, bonjuree, I was calling to make a reservation for the restaurant.

Lady: For dinner of for lunch?

Pranker: Uh, is the lunch cheaper than the dinner?

Lady: We have lunch menu at one hundred and thirty euros, without drinks, or you can choose a la carte.

Pranker: Yeah, but I wondering like, because basically, you know, my wife, she just diagnose with the terminal illness, so we just got back-

Pranker: from the hospital, and I want to take her out for like a fine dining, like just, like uh, as like a WELCOME BACK THE REAL WORLD, you are no longer DYING IN A HOSPITAL BED, you know?

Pranker: so I wanted to see if we can like just go there and- but keep the meal kind of cost effective, you know I-

Pranker: I don't want to go BROKE. If I do a la carte for like a salad, how much is the salad there?

Lady: So, if you choose a la carte it depends what you want, but it's about uh- 300- and uh- 380 uh- euros.

Pranker: Do you have any meal for like a cheap motherfarker somebody who don't have a lot of money like, just like a special groupon something like that?

Lady: No we don't.

Pranker: Eh- can we get a leftover from the dinner if I try to like wait around until finish the food, you think I can just show my wife and show her like:-

Pranker: "Look, this is what you are missing out because we are too poor or something like that?

Lady: I understand but uh, it's the only menu that we have.

Pranker: What about like eh- bu- ca- can I say I'm like your cousin, something like that? And you can give me like the employee discounting?

Lady: Uh, I'm sorry but, we don't uh- [background speaking]

Pranker: Yeah, ok but, do you have like a- like a waiter or a manager, I can talk to him maybe?

Lady: Yes of course.

Pranker: Oh okay, great.

Lady: Just a moment please.

Pranker: Okay. [music playing on hold]

Guy: (Translation): Good evening this is [censored].

Pranker: Uh yeah, hello, bonjuree, how are you doing?

Guy: Very well sir, can I help you?

Pranker: Yeah, I wanted to come in there for one reservation, I wanted to see if you guys might be able to extend to me like uh subsidized-

Pranker: pricing for the menu because of the dire circumstance?

Guy: No, I'm afraid no, we can not do it, no, I'm afraid not sir.

Pranker: Yeah, but like I was telling your co-worker like my wife is actually- just got out of the hospital, she still has the wrist-

Guy: I really understand, I really understand your-

Pranker: she- she- she still has the wristband, you know? She's still wobbling, I got to-

Guy: yeah, yeah I- I can not do anything for you tonight sir.

Pranker: I understand, what about-

Guy: Thank you very much.

Pranker: what about like half a dish, maybe? Man-

Guy: No sir, we don't do this.

Pranker: my wife is dying man, can't you have a heart?

Guy: I und- I understand sir, I understand-

Pranker: No but you- you don't- you just want to hang up one me, I can tell you just want to hang up, you know, it's disrespectful. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Guy: so- you- you- no, no, no, no, I just want you to speak to the manager, I can not do anything for you sir.

Pranker: What is your name?

Guy: Thank you very much sir.

Pranker: What is your name so I can talk tomorrow to the general manager, I will talk to them.

Guy: [hang up]

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Wow, let's call him again! [phone ringing]

Guy1: (Translation): Good evening, this is [censored].

Pranker: Yeah, bonjuree, are you the- the croissant who hung up on me?

Guy1: Uh, no I- I'm the guest relation manager.

Pranker: Yeah, hello, somebody, somebody hang up on me, and I- I don't understand why, I was just telling him about-

Pranker: how my wife was dying and then he hung up on me.

Guy1: Oh, I'm sorry about that, I will investigate and check who it is, uh, what I can do for you sir?

Pranker: Yeah, really, I was just hoping to talk to that guy because like, he- my wife, she's like in the corner right now-

Pranker: she's crying, you know? So I wanted just to kind of talk to him real quick.

Guy1: Oh, I'm- I'm very sorry I don't know who it was, but uh, I will definitely investigate-

Pranker: In case it helps-

Guy1: and check what happened.

Pranker: i- i- in case it helps, it was definitely like an a**hole person like he was just very heartless- he's the-

Pranker: he cut people off, you know, he don't give a crap, only care about himself, does that sounds familiar?

Guy1: Uh, no, not really, we are not like this in the [censored], but uh-

Pranker: Yeah.

Guy1: but I will check what happened.

Pranker: Yeah, so I wanted to come for the lunch, you know, but because of the hospital, you know, I have no money, so I wanted-

Pranker: to just come in there, get something small, like a small size, just to kind of sit with her, have a cup of tea, you know-

Pranker: some coffee, give a nice tip?

Guy1: Yeah, we can uh, welcome you at the tea time at the deli, the tea time is 50 euros per person and uh-

Pranker: Oh crap.

Guy1: a tea with uh- with pastries.

Pranker: W- if I come tomorrow night after like a lunchie, do you guys have like a old pastry I can buy for 50 percent?

Guy1: Uh, no, well you can buy full price, uh, I don't make discounts like this.

Pranker: Yeah, I know, but- but remember my wife is dying remember?

Guy1: Yeah, I understand but, that's not a reason to uh- to apply uh a discount.

Pranker: SHE'S DYING MAN, like, don't you have a HEART, like, you don't feel bad for me?

Guy1: Yes, I do have a heart, it's not because someone is dying that we need to offer him, uh- uh- uh- a lot of things.

Pranker: Ok, do you mind- wh- can I come there and bring my own just cup of tea just to sit down then?

Guy1: [giggles] To bring YOUR cup of tea? No, it's not possible sir.

Pranker: But, HER LAST- HER LAST WISH IS TO EAT AT YOUR RESTAURANT, you know? So by tomorrow she might die, then after that-

Pranker: it's like, oh too late!

Guy1: If you don't have enough money don't come to this kind of uh- of restaurant. If you can't afford something, you won't ask uh someone to offer to you.

Pranker: Yeah, but when your wife-

Guy1: That's crazy.

Pranker: yeah, I understand-

Guy1: That's completely crazy.

Pranker: but I guess I'll take-

Guy1: Even if your wife is dying, even if your wife is dying, it's not a reason, and uh- acting like this is not uh, is not representative-

Pranker: Yeah..

Guy1: of someone eh- good health, and someone uh, with uh- who is normal, that's completely crazy, sir. I'm very sorry, I've never had uh-

Pranker: Yeah so I- I- I'm not normal- I'm crazy now?

Guy1: such request and I work in the- no, that's not what I'm saying.

Pranker: Yeah, you are man.

Guy1: That's not what I'm saying.

Pranker: I'm just telling you under normal-

Guy1: But no, not at all.

Pranker: circumstances, I would just- I would not even call, okay? But I guess I can take my wife to McDonald's, get her some french fry or something like that, right?

Pranker: I get what you're saying but if your friend or your mother or something, or your sister, you brother was dying, and they wanted to eat somewhere, you do whatever you can, right?

Pranker: Even though I have no money, I'm trying my best.

Guy1: This- this conversation is- uh- is, you know-

Pranker: Last question, if I come there to try to apply for a job as a cleaner, something like that, can I get a employee discounting?

Guy1: [laughs] No, because you need to be hired before uh- before having get discount.

Pranker: No, of course, I'm saying do you- you have a opening up, can I make application, uh- I just want to figure out how we can do it, maybe I can get her a dinner, you know, if I work there maybe the discount is good.

Guy1: [laughs] You can apply by uh, logging in online on our website.

Pranker: Can I put you down as a reference if I- if I try to make application, do you mind?

Guy1: Uh no, I don't want to, because if someone comes to me and ask for recommendation, I won't recommend you, uh for sure.

Pranker: I know man, but my wife, my wife is dying, can you give me recommendation, please?

Guy1: No.

Pranker: Okay man, well I-

Guy1: Can you remind me your name?

Pranker: It's Lu Lu.

Guy1: Lue lue?

Pranker: Yeah.

Guy1: L-U-L-U?

Pranker: Right, right.

Guy1: And your last name? And your last name is?

Pranker: Wa- wha- what do you need it for?

Guy1: Just to- to- to- brief my team uh, if you're coming to, uh, to take care of you.

Pranker: Okay, take- take care of me in a good way or the bad way?

Guy1: Uh, I don't know yet, I need to decide.

Pranker: Okay, alright. I'll call back from my wife's telephone just in case, okay?

Guy1: Okay, have a good night. Thank you very much.

Pranker: Alright, take care.

Guy1: Bye. [hang up]

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Dude, that guy was farking- [laughing].

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