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Macbook Pro is Out of Stock? Apple Store Prank Call

Jun 24, 2012 2.3M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Tyrone
Prank Victim: Apple store
Rage Level: Moderate

Apple Store prank call gets totally awkward!!

Best quotes: 

  • “What's the new MACBOOK uh, you got the new REHTYNA Macbook, display right?”
  • “If I'm watching some adult videos or some PORE-NOGRAPHY or something, am I going to be able to see PORES in their SKIN?”

Body of content:

A parent’s worst nightmare is their child’s life falling apart. In this prank video, I told a mom her son had lost his chance at college! He had gotten in trouble several times before for hacking or tampering with his school’s computer network. The son had just graduated high school and was accepted into the college of his choice, but I called as a high school official to let her know his diploma is being revoked!

The mom was skeptical of Rakesh initially, and even laughed at him a bit when she heard what was going on. A quick chat with Russell seemed to change her tone and she quickly started to panic! Three-way calls with her son turned out to be total meltdown material! What was your favorite part of this crazy call?? Tell me in the comments how your parents would react to a call like this!


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[phone ringing]

Lady: [censored] [indistinctive speaking], this is Isabella, how can I help you?

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Hey yo, what's popping Isabel? How you doing?

Lady: I'm pretty good, how are you? 

Pranker: I'm alright, you know I'm saying, I just wanted to call in tonight, and get some, uh, INFORMATIONS about that uh, you got-

Pranker: what the-, what's the new MACBOOK uh, you got the new REHTYNA Mac Book, display right? 

Lady: We don't have it in right now.

Pranker: Oh okay, well, when are ya'll going to get uh, the new uh, REHTYNA display, back in stock-

Pranker: because I wanted to come in and, hopefully uh, take a look at it and maybe pick a couple UP.

Lady: Uh, I don't know when we're gonna get any in stock, just because of the fact that they don't tell us when we're get-

Lady: we have shipment everyday, but they don't tell us what's gonna be in it.

Pranker: DAMN, ya'll-, ya'll keep that crap REAL low key, right? It's like a big SECRET!

Lady: Yeah! 

Pranker: HA!

Lady: Yeah!

Pranker: I feel you, so wait, can you tell me some more information about the RET, uh, what's it called? I don't wanna make a f-

Pranker: I don't even know how to say that crap right, but, I saw the ad, but, it is called REHTYNA display? 

Lady: The Retina display. 

Pranker: Oh, the Retina display, I see you, you let me say it 3,4 times, without saying nothing girl.

Lady: NO I-, I MEAN I, it sounded right, I didn't know that you were saying it wrong, it sounded right when you were [chuckles] saying it.

Pranker: Alright, well can we both call it REHTYNA display? Or you going to be embarrassed, because now I feel better about it that way. 

Lady: [giggles] we can say it like that if you'd like.

Pranker: ALRIGHT, let me hear you SAY IT. 

Lady: The-, how did you say it again?

Pranker: THE REHTYNA display.

Lady: Retain a display? 

Pranker: Yeah, it's good enough, alright, so-

Lady: Ok.

Pranker: so, I wanted to know, what-, what't the main difference between that one and like the uh-, the previous uh-, the Mac Book model? 

Lady: It's like, having, eh, like, impeccable like HD like quality on your uh, on your-, on your computer! 

Pranker: Alright, yeah because I-, I-, I-, that's what I thought it was but, I-, I've been saving up for a while now, I wanted to get in-

Pranker: what would it-, the main-, the main reason I wanted to get it was just to watch some like really HIGH definition videos-

Pranker: so I-, I wanted to know-

Lady: Uh huh.

Pranker: if that would really make a DIFFERENCE if uh, you know, be the, reason I'm going to BUY one.

Lady: Yeah, it would definitely make a difference.

Pranker: Alright, so if, if I, between me and you, so let's say, if I'm watching some like, if I'm streaming some ADULT VIDEOS and I'm going to see-

Pranker: like the motherfarking PORES in her skin, or what's going to happen? 

Lady: Wait, what? 

Pranker: If-, if I'm watching some Adult videos or some PORE-NOGRAPHY or something, am I going to be able to see PORES in their SKIN? In the new HD REHTYNA DISPLAY?

Lady: I don't know, because I don't watch that stuff, so- [giggles]

Pranker: Do you have somebody that ma-, that may be ha-, may have, ask one of the ALL GUYS watch PORN so, can you as one of your Co-Workers-

Pranker: what's popping, if they know what's going on? 

Lady: Uhm sure, let me see if I have anyone who can-, who can talk to you about it.

Pranker: ALRIGHT, thanks BOO BOO. 

 [music playing] Pranker: [laughing] 

Lady: Sir.

Pranker: Uh, yeah, hello? 

Lady: We actually don't have anybody, uh, who is willing to talk about that subject.

Pranker: Oh they-

Lady: so-

Pranker: they shy about it? OH COME-

Lady: YEAH! Well it's-, it's a l-, it's a little uncomfortable to be completely honest.

Pranker: I mean, I could understand for you! But for-, for one of my BOYS we-, we can get uh you know, get something in COMMON-

Pranker: I'll talk to him about it, you know, loosen him up a little bit, and then he can give me-

Pranker: his honest testimonial about what's POPPING with these new machines because I'm trying to-

Pranker: justify, if it's something worth my-, my 3,000 DOLLARS or whatever ya'll charging for that.

Lady: Honestly, the only way for us, for you to get a good judgment is for you to have to come into the store-

Lady: and look at the screen yourself, and you cannot look up those kind of videos-

Pranker: If, if, if I, if I-

Lady: in the store.

Pranker: IF I! If I hop up in the corner like a SHADY ASS MOTHERFARKA with one of the computers I mean, it is a-

Pranker: LAP TOP, so it's supposed to be pore table, so can I HOP up in the corner and just kind of pull up some uh, SOME STREAMING HD VIDEO.

Lady: NO, absolutely not. Absolutely not. No.

Pranker: HYPOTHE-, hypothetically speaking-

Lady: Uhm.

Pranker: if I hap-, if I happen to come in and do that, what's going to HAPPEN? 

Lady: You would get kicked out of the store. 

Pranker: But would I be BANNED from all Apple Stores? Or could I got to the one down the street and just get another one? 

Lady: Uhm, you'd if-, if you really wanna risk that, it's fine, they're just gonna kick you out that time, and then they'll probably-

Lady: keep watch for you the next time, I'm not sure, but uhm, the reason we don't-

Pranker: But the-, but then-

Lady: want to have anybody here that will-

Pranker: but then I could pull the RACE CARD and be like: "Just because I'm BLACK, ya'll be hating on me, because I can't TEST OUT-

Pranker: the motherfaking Retina display-" I don't like THAT.

Lady: Okay, this conversation has gotten way too out of control, I-, I-

Pranker: Well-

Lady: there's nothing-

Praker: ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, RELAX! Relax, yo girl! Girl, breathe, it's all good! I ain't go-, I ain't gonna POP through the-

Pranker: core and harass you or nothing, just BREATHE! You alright? 

Lady2: Hello? Sir? I'm sorry, but we're gonna have to duh-, disconnect this phone call, because she's feeling uncomfortable, if you-

Lady2: have some serious questions about the computers, you're more than welcome to call back, otherwise, I'm gonna have to go ahead-

Lady2: and disconnect this call, okay? 

Pranker: What I-, what is the-, what is the PRICE POINT of the BASE uh rehtyna display Mac Book Pro? 

Lady2: [background talking] The base price of the Retina display, is 2100? 

Pranker: And if I wanted to UPGRADE the uh, the R.A.M., how much is that?

Lady2: It all depends on what kind of RAM you want? 

Pranker: Would, WOULD THAT provide me with the OPTIMUM H.D. PORNOGRAPHY viewing experience or does not, not make a difference? 

Lady2: [inhales], SIR again, with the pornography references, like-

Pranker: MA'AM everybody does-

Lady2: this is-

Pranker: listen, listen, listen, everybody does something else with they Mac Book, right? If somebody comes in and asks you-

Pranker: "Yo is this good for Video Editing?", you are going to say YES, NO, right? If I'm asking YOU is it good for PORN-

Pranker: watching, you tell me, YES or NO.

Lady2: but you're not saying in videos sir, you're saying porn, so I don't have to answer your questions about porn.

Pranker: That, that's why I'm going to buy The Rehtyna DISPLAY! So I can see the PORES in people's SKIN!

Pranker: that's the whole point! Because right now I'm-

Lady2: Okay sir, [clears throat], again like I said, if you have any serious questions you are more than welcome to ask those.

Pranker: that's the thing! I'M-

Lady: Is a little-

Pranker: I'M DEAD! I'm dead motherfarking serious! That's why I said, let me talk to a-

Lady2: OH SIR, NO SIR, OK, YOU'RE NOT GONNA CUSS AT ME, thank you, this conversation's OVER. [hang up]

Pranker: SETTLE DOWN BERTHA, hello? [laughing] [speaking to audience]: She was not having it, but [laughing], hey girl let me holla at that REHTYNA!

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