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Hilarious Nude Pics Prank Call!!

Dec 6, 2015 5.9M views 0 comments

Category: Prank call
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Buk Lau
Prank Victim: Emmy
Rage Level: Mellow

Girl gets creepy prank call about her leaked nude pics!

Best quotes: 

  • “Can I have your blessing to make da explosion to the photos?”
  • “You look like a perfect dumpling, you lo?”
  • “I want to BOOM BOOM BOOM LET ME HEAR YOU SAY WAYYO all over the face on the pictures”

Body of content:

One of my viewers requested a nude pics prank on her best friend who was feeling very paranoid about some scandalous pictures! She had sent the nude photos to her now ex-boyfriend and was concerned since they broke up that he might leak or sell them. I turned her nightmare into reality, just for a little while!

I called her as Buk Lau pretending to be the excited new owner of the nude pictures. I told her that I paid extra to get her phone number from the ex-boyfriend in addition to the nudes, just so I could ask her for more! Except this time I wanted the pics to be a little more unique, involving unusual body parts like her ARMPITS. 

I hope you get a laugh out of Buk’s ridiculousness with his nude pic requests! What would you do if you were in her position? Would you be down to send a video of your toes for $200? Tell me in the comments below!


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Pranker: [Speaking to audience] So this girl is worried about her ex-boyfriend

Pranker: Justin, potentially sharing some inappropriate photos she sent to him

Pranker: him a while back. By request of her best friend, I gave her a call as

Pranker: Buk and pretended I bought a couple of those pictures.

 [Phone ringing]

Girl: Hello?

Pranker: Yeah, how are you doing? Can I talk to Emmy please?

Girl: Yeah, this is her.

Pranker: My name is a Lulu, I try to call you something a little bit weird

Pranker: yeah, somebody try to sell me like a picture of you for the fifty dollar

Pranker: I buy some, you know, and I wondering if maybe you can send me a couple

Pranker: more pictures for like a fifty dollar, you know? 

Girl: Picture?

Pranker: Right, right.

Girl: No, I don't, no.

Pranker: But why not? You lo-, you look like a so delicious, you know?

Pranker: I want to just see

Girl: Wait, where did you get these pictures?

Pranker: Some guy said to me, you know? Forgot his name start with a J

Pranker: I think I can not remember, I have to-

Girl: Justin?

Pranker: YEAH, that's right.

Girl: Was his name Justin?

Pranker: Justin right, right, right.

Girl: Oh my God, okay

Pranker: You know him, right? He say he is your best friend or something.

Pranker: He said she's okay with it, you know, I give her half of the money

Pranker: you know, you

Girl: I am not okay with it, NO, no, that's my ex

Pranker: Oh crap, oh.

Girl: Oh my God

Pranker: Oh my you're right, can you give me fifty dollar back then?

Pranker: Can I get the refunding?

Girl: That, that's, Justin's deal, that is not mine and if anything.

Girl: How the heck, did you even get my number?

Pranker: Yeah, that was part of the deal, I say 'oh shit' she look like a

Pranker: delicious one and he say 'okay for 10 more dollar I give you her

Pranker: phone number' so I do it.

Girl: He gave you my number too?

Pranker: Yeah, unfortunately yeah

Girl: Do you actually know him?

Pranker: Not really, I met him through a friend, you know?  But I wondering

Pranker: can I have your blessing to make the explosion to the photos?

Girl: What?!

Pranker: I-, I want to just get your blessing, you know? I don't want to

Pranker: do it unless you say I can do it otherwise it's a weird, you know?

Girl: Oh my

Pranker: We sorry about that, I don't mean to come on too strong, you know?

Girl: You're perverted farking okay?

Pranker: Eh-, wh-?

Girl: You buy, those pictures of me

Pranker: He told me you knew about it, he said you ok with it, you know?

Pranker: I'm so sorry about that

Girl: No, I'm not, no I'm not okay with it, no.

Pranker: But on the bright side, you look like a delicious, you know?

Pranker: I hope that maybe helps you a little bit

Girl: Thanks? I guess.

Pranker: You look-, you look like a perfect dump ring, you know?

Girl: Um

Pranker: So how about fifty more dollar for one more picture? Can you do that?

Girl: Well I don't have any other pictures, sorry.

Pranker: Yeah but-, but luckily, you know, we in the twenty one century, you

Pranker: can just take out the telephone, put in front of your place and BOOM.

Pranker: right? Picture right there, fifty dollar, you have a very unique attribute

Pranker: you know, like the little mole you have it on your waist and stuff like that

Pranker: It's so cute


Pranker: What?! So I want to-, I want to BOOM BOOM BOOM, let me hear

Pranker: you say well all over the face on the picture is that okay?

Girl: NO, no that's nasty. That is messed up, alright, you know what

Girl: I want you to do?

Pranker: Uh oh, crap, you sound like a too serious now, I little bit worried

Girl: I want you to delete those pictures

Pranker: Ohhh

Girl: and I want you to delete my number

Pranker: Okay, well that's not going to happen sweetie pie, you know? 

Pranker: I mean what do they say in this country the R.O.I., you know?

Pranker: The return of the investment okay? So I pay the fifty dollar

Pranker: To-, to see the beauty, the beautiful, right?  But then I, uh

Pranker: I can not even make a one explosion before I delete it, just one, okay?

Girl: No

Pranker: Uh, okay, half of one, you know? Like a small one

Girl: Half on one?!

Pranker: Yeah

Girl: Oh my gosh

Pranker: Basically, I have to give myself the-, uh, what do they call it

Pranker: in your country, the, the red balls, uh, blue balls, you know?

Girl: Sure, you can do half on one, I guess

Pranker: Alright, okay, now we getting somewhere, okay? At least that way

Pranker: I feel like I got 25 dollars what, you know, not nothing, so, uh

Pranker: D-, D-, so what-, so basically, if you want to do the half explosion

Pranker: you have to BOOM BOOM BOOM a let me hear you say but then you don't

Pranker: wait, you know? You have to hold back from that.

Girl: Why?

Pranker: Why what? You know why? What's, what's wrong?

Girl: I can't even.

Pranker: You can not even, I see that on the internet before, you know, they have

Pranker: like a funny picture and they say: "I CAN NOT EVEN", you know, I can not EVEN

Girl: Are you making fun of me?

Pranker: No, I-, I just thought it was funny, you know, sorry.

Girl: Is-, is it-, is it because I'm white?

Pranker: Of course not, I just think you are delicious

Girl: I'm sorry, thank you but- [Dog barking in background]

Pranker: See.. Your dog agrees with me, he wants more pictures too

Girl: What?!

Pranker: I said, your dog he agrees with me, he wants a more pictures too

Pranker: In the background, he's like my p***y, right?

Girl: No, no

Pranker: He say ruff a ruff I want the BOOBIES, you know you entice

Pranker: I know you want to do it.

Girl: No, I-, I don't even-

Pranker: Yeah

Girl: You-, you have to delete those pictures now, uh

Pranker: Uh, okay, how about this, meet me halfway okay, Lulu can make a one explosi-

Girl: I'm sorry

Pranker: Lulu can make a one explosion

Girl: I'm sorry, bye

Pranker: One explo-, one explosion and then I delete it okay

Girl: [Hang up]

Pranker: [Laughing]

 [Phone ringing]

Girl: What?

Pranker: Why do you have to be so mean okay, I been so nice to you, I don't mean

Pranker: to upset you, okay, but you are so beautiful, you know?

Pranker: You deserve to have like a one-

Girl: Only Justin is so sick and twisted to do crap like that, so-

Pranker: FARK THAT GUY, let's say it together ONE, TWO, FARK A YOU JUSTIN, you know?

Girl: Yeah, yeah, fark Justin

Pranker: But you don't say it with me, ready? ONE, TWO

Girl: I do-, I don't want to say it, I'm ski-


Girl: What?! I don't even know how to, uh, oh my god

Pranker: WHAT?

Girl: Nothing, nothing, it's nothing

Pranker: Okay, look, okay, one hundred dollar, if you send me

Pranker: a picture of your feet, what do you think about that?

Girl: Why?!

Pranker: Two hundred dollar, if you send me the video of you wiggling your toes

Girl: You just want a vid-, a videos of my toes?

Pranker: Yeah, but you have to wiggle it, you know? Wiggle it very aggressive

Pranker: but, you know? Very, very excite.

Girl: I don't know if I can do that, that's 

Pranker: What?! Y-, you, you don't even have to put

Girl: Yeah

Pranker: your face in it, you know? You just have to wiggle the toes

Girl: I guess I could do that, but I'm not gi-

Pranker: ALRIGHT, YEAH, okay, let's do it

Girl: Only if you-, you know delete-, delete the pictures first

Pranker: Okay, I delete it, done, finish

Girl: Okay, good

Pranker: Okay, so where-, where's my feet?

Girl: I don't think. I'm actually going to take the pictures, as long as 

Girl: you deleted those pictures and stuff. I think I'm good, actually, thanks

Pranker: That's a fark up you-.

Girl: [Hang up]

Pranker: [Laughing] [Speaking to audience] I'm going to call back again now

 [Phone ringing]

Girl: Can I help you?

Pranker: Yeah, that was very mean okay, you really hurt my feeling, I thought we

Pranker: were being friendly, very nice, very honest, if your boobies, weren't so nice

Pranker: I'd be more upset, you know? But.. I have to let it go

Girl: That makes me feel great

Pranker: I didn't delete the photos yet so can-, can you send me the feet

Girl: Uh, I don't, I don't think I can sorry.

Pranker: Okay, what about like a-, d-, do you shave your armpit?

Girl: Yeah

Pranker: Crap. Okay, can you send me the picture?

Girl: You're into some weird crap

Pranker: Yeah, but ca-, can you send me the picture of the armpit for the fifty dollar

Girl: Why do you want picture of my armpit?

Pranker: Because-

Girl: You can like literally, go on google and type in 'Armpit'

Pranker: Yeah, but I can't find your armpits, you know? You have a very-, if your armpit

Pranker: is even-, one quarter as delicious as your boobies, I feel like it would be worth it

Pranker: I'm a friendly Asian guy who just wants to-, b-, beat his meat, is that too much to ask?

Girl: No, yeah, that's, that's messed up, okay, you could just go on like Pornhub or something

Girl: did that ever, cross your mind?

Pranker: Yeah, okay, so Justin, Justin tell me, you are the sadist, is that a true? He told me

Pranker: "You are sad-ist", I say, "why she so sad"? And he say "no it's not sad-ist, it's Sadist"

Pranker: and I was like, "what does that mean?" And then he says, "it means she's kinky motherfarka"

Pranker: And I'm like "oh okay sure I pay fifty dollar for that"

Girl: That's pretty personal

Pranker: Yeah, but I paid fifty dollar remember so-, I think I deserve it

Girl: You paid-, how much? Fifty dollars? I thought you said fifteen

Pranker: No, FIFTY, five zero, you know? I wish it was fifteen.

Girl: Holy crap.

Pranker: I know it's-

Girl: Well, at least I'm not cheap I guess

Pranker: Yeah, sorry about that

Girl: I’m going to

Pranker: Wait

Girl: Text him right now


Girl: to Justin


Pranker:  HE WON'T SELL ME ANYMORE PHOTOS, you know?

Girl: Then why would he give you my number?

Pranker: But wh-

Girl: Why would he give you my number?

Pranker: But I wasn't supposed to say how I got it okay, but I like to be honest

Pranker: you know? But can you get my money back

Pranker: at same time maybe, and then I can meet you up

Girl: I'm not going to get your money back, I can't do that

Girl: He probably already spent it on whatever crap he's into

Pranker: Does he have a small noodle?

Girl: Um, yes, he has a very small noodle

Pranker: Oh crap, I hope you upgraded with the new boyfriend, you know?

Pranker: I'm sorry about that

Girl: Very small farking  1 inch wonder

Pranker: Okay, can I upload it and just call it a day? 

Girl: Upload the picture of me?

Pranker: Yeah, well I have three

Girl: NO, NO, NO, you have three?

Pranker: Yeah, what do you think, this is, you know?

Girl: NO, GOD, NO, NO, that's the last thing I want you to do.

Girl: I already told you I want you to delete the pictures. I don't know how

Girl: Hard it is to understand. I'm sick of you calling me, don't call me again.

Pranker: Okay but-

Girl: Don't call me again, okay?

Pranker: Last thing, last thing, last thing okay,

Pranker: look I have to tell you something, okay, look

Girl: Okay what?

Pranker: Your friend setup- joke for you

Girl: What?

Pranker: Your friend, you know, she, set you up for a prank.

Girl: Oh my God... Oh my God

Pranker: [Speaking to audience] Me and her we rebonded...

Pranker: I think she was about to be my girlfriend

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