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Oct 12, 2014 2.7M views 0 comments

Category: Restaurant pranks, prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Rakesh
Prank Victim: Restaurant
Rage Level: Hardcore

Prank on a restaurant with AWFUL customer service!

Best quotes: 

  • “You are in a position of management, you should MANAGE the situation right now and help me.”

Body of content:

I did a restaurant prank call on a place with AWFUL customer reviews to see how they would handle Rakesh calling in with a food poisoning complaint. Clearly the reviews were accurate because they hung up on me immediately!! Their managers were incredibly rude and cursed at Rakesh over the phone, and the employees refused to hand the phone over to a manager while repeatedly hanging up!

How does this restaurant stay open when the service is so bad?? Should I try calling them again as a different character and see if they react differently? Tell me what you think in the comments below!


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[phone ringing]

Guy: Hello? 

Pranker [speaking as Rakesh]: Yes, hello? 

Guy: [hang up] 

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Well, that was the fastest hang up ever, they anticipated the prank.

 [phone ringing]

Guy: Hello [censored]

Pranker: Yeah, hello, motheryucker, I try to talk to you right now, but you hang up on me, right? 

Guy: Yeah I-, nobody answered me. 

Pranker: No, but I say hello right away, you-, your li-, little bit too fast, right? You have to give me the chance, right? 

Guy: Okay sir, can I help you? 

Pranker: Yeah, right, I come in to get the food, but the food EXPERIENCE was VERY BAD, and I go very sick, right? I'm still-

Pranker: actually sitting on the toilet, right now. 

Guy: Okay, well, come on down and ask to talk to the owner. 

Pranker: Okay, but I'm wondering right before I take the gas, you know, commute there and stuff, what kind of COMPENSATION can you do it for me? 

Guy: I don't know sir, you need to talk to the owner. 

Pranker: Okay-

Guy: I'm not the owner. 

Pranker: well, what are you then? 

Guy: I'm one of the managers, sir. 

Pranker: Okay, excellent, you are not useless, right? You are a manager, right? You are in a position of management, you should MANAGE the situation right now and help me.

Guy: Do me a favor, when you're done going to the bathroom, come on down, ask to speak to a manager, and we'll take care of you.

Pranker: Okay.

Guy: I can't talk to you while you are in the bathroom.

Pranker: You-, how about you do me a favor-

Guy: Thank you sir. 

Pranker: and stop being A BITCH.

Guy: [hang up] 

Pranker: Hello? [laughing] 

 [phone ringing] 

Pranker: LOOK, can you stop being lazy and try to help me? You just hang up on me like that? 

Guy: [hang up] 

Pranker: HELLO? [speaking to audience]: Dude, we're gonna call this fark so many times.

 [phone ringing] 

Lady: [censored] 


Lady: Uh, am I what? I'm sorry I couldn't understand you? 


Lady: I'm not the owner. 

Pranker: Are you the manager, or no? 

Lady: Can I help you with something? 

Pranker: Yeah, right, I talk to manager right now, he hang up on me right now like two-three times-

Pranker: I have a problem with the food, and he's not helping me, right? I don't know how someone-

Pranker: like this can be a manager, right? 

Lady: Uh, what happened? 

Pranker: Okay, I come to get the food and I got SICK, right? I was actually, I had little bit food-

Pranker: poison, I'm finally recovering a little bit right now, but I want to understand, can you please-

Pranker: explain to me why a manager laughed at me and then hang up telephone two-three times? 

Lady: Yeah, I'm-, I-, I-, I-, I don't know, I don't know. 

Pranker: Okay, but I asked you already, are you a manager, or you just employee there?

Lady: Yeah, I'm an employee.

Pranker: I think you should be manager honestly. If you want a recommendation, I will call for you.

Pranker: Can I talk to the other guy, please? 

Lady: Well, the only thing is-, is that we really, you know, need for you to either come in, or to-

Lady: to uh-, acknowledge that you were-

Pranker: LOOK-

Lady: you know DISSATISFIED when you were in the restaurant.

Pranker: I-, I know, but right now, I actually live a little bit far away, I am still a little bit sick-

Pranker: so before I do that, I want to just talk about it and see that something is going to happen-

Pranker: and I'm not going to be laughed at, right? I talked to the guy, he laughed at me and then he hang up the telephone.

Lady: What did you eat? 

Pranker: Wait, are you acknowledging what I said? I talk to him, he hang up telephone, you cannot plead customer like that. 

Lady: Well, I understand that, but I'm trying to get past that to find out what the problem is. 

Pranker: This is absolutely, ri-, RIDICULOUS, right? I-, I want to talk to him and I want him to apologize right now. 

Lady: Well-

Pranker: I am rela- 

Lady: I will apologize for him.

Pranker: that is not work, sorry- 

Lady: I am very sorry. 

Pranker: No, no, no, no, that is not working, right? 

Lady: We can't do this, we can't do this over the phone. 

Pranker: I un-, no but-

Lady: It's impossible. 

Pranker: Yeah, we can talk about and you can be respectful to me over the phone. That is possible, right? Nothing is impossible.

Pranker: Manager has little bit stick up HIS ASS, I don't know why, but he is being rude to me.

Lady: Well, I have apologized for him and I-, I was trying to get to the bottom of what-

Pranker: Okay, let-, you, you, you-

Lady: the problem was.

Pranker: you cannot apologize on his behalf, okay? Number one. Number two, today is my day off and if I don't talk to him right now-

Pranker: I will call back OVER and OVER and OVER again. 

Guy: Well, I'm not gonna-, I'm not let that happen. And I'm not gonna let you intimidate him. Maybe he didn't, you know..

Pranker: Okay, look-

Lady: I don't know.

Pranker: LOOK-, I AM THE-

Lady: and I'm not-


Lady: gonna argue-

Pranker: IS ALWAYS RIGHT, there is no need for you, I am asking you simply pass the telephone please, right? You are employee there-

Pranker: I am asking you simple request. IT'S NOT HARD.

Lady: Okay, NOW, NOW, NOW, you're-, you're-, uh, you're-, you kind of stepping out of stepping out of bounds, there's nothing I can do right now for you.

Pranker: You can pass the phone, right? 

Lady: I'm not gonna-, I'm not gonna get him back on the phone.

Pranker: Why not?

Lady: He doesn't-, because I'm not going to do it. 

Pranker: But why not? Give me one good reason why. 

Lady: I don't have to. 

Pranker: O-, okay. So-, you-, you-, it's okay with you to have CRAP customer relation, right? 

Lady: [hang up]

Pranker: Hello? [laughing] [speaking to audience]: I can't believe.

 [phone ringing]

Lady: [censored]

Pranker: Hello? Telephone got disconnected. I believe you were about to pass me to the manager, right? 

Lady: No I wasn't. Bye, bye. [hang up]

Pranker: What is-, hello? [speaking to audience]: Alright bitch, told you I'm gonna call back.

 [phone ringing] 

Lady: [censored]

Pranker: Hello, it's me again, manager please? 

Lady: I'm sorry sir, I'm not gonna put you through to him. 

Pranker: Okay but, can you please do your job?

Lady: the manager. 

Pranker: Thanks, I appreciate.

Lady: No, no, I'm-, I'm-, I'm not gonna do that.

Pranker: Okay. 

Lady: Because, I-, I'm just not doing it. [hang up]

Pranker: WHY DO I HAVE TO [laughing] [speaking to audience]: She's like actually raising me dude, like what the fark, you can't talk about on the phone? 

 [phone ringing]

Lady: [censored] 

Pranker: HELLO, telephone got DISCONNECT.

Lady: [hang up] 

 [phone ringing] 

Lady: [censored]

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Uh yeah hi, my name is Tyrone, I'm calling with Cisco deliveries, I want to confirm a shipment for tomorrow, may I speak with a manager, please? 

Lady: Just one second.

Pranker: Thank you.

Manager: Hello? 

Pranker [speaking as Rakesh]: DO YOUR JOB AND HELP ME MOTHERBITCH. 

Manager: [hang up] 

Pranker: Hello? [laughing] [speaking to audience]: I'm like his worst nightmare right now.

 [phone ringing]

Lady: [censored] 

Pranker: Wouldn't it be easier to do your job and just help me out? And give me the refund? 

Guy: [hang up] 

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Dude, that guy had like 13 pounds of force in that hang-up, that was angry. [laughing] 

 [phone ringing] 

Guy: [censored] 

Pranker: Yes, hello, you are the manager, right? 

Manager: One of them. 

Pranker: EXCELLENT! So you hung up one me earlier right, and don't care about my problem, so how do you think that is a good way to treat a customer?

Pranker: I would love an explanation about that. 

Manager: Uh, sir, you're being ridiculous. 

Pranker: I am being-

Pranker: You need to come down, and need to speak to the owner sir.

Pranker: you've been talking to me about it, right? You are a MANAGER useless PIECE OF CRAP, right? You have a reason to be there. 

Manager: You know what? Go fark yourself. Go fark yourself.

Pranker: You have-, FARK YOU.


Pranker: MOTHERUGLY. HELLO? [speaking to audience]: He's farking pissed.

 [phone ringing] 

Manager: You know what? Stop calling, just come down here BITCH. 

Pranker: Look, look-

Manager: And come talk to a MAN.


Manager: [hang up] 

Pranker: Hello? [laughing] [speaking to audience]: Nope, not done yet, calling back again.

 [busy line sound]

Pranker [speaking to audience]: They took the phone off the hook [busy line sound], I think that means I win, [busy line sound].

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