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Epic Footlocker Prank Call - You Sold Me Fake Jordans!

Mar 13, 2013 3.3M views 0 comments

Category: Prank call 
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Tyrone
Prank Victim: Footlocker
Rage Level: Mellow

Foot Locker prank call gets hilarious with Tyrone!!

Best quotes: 

  • “I look at the jumpman he-he he’s all SLIPPITY SLOPPY and stuff”
  • “Is this the locker foot?” 
  • “Somebody’s trying to send me a message, trying to connect with me TELE-MA-MA-PATHICALLY or something”
  • “Can I speak to the manager who was exhibiting b***h-like behavior a second ago, please? Thank you”

Body of content:

What would you do if you paid for what you thought were real Jordans, only to find out they were fakes?! I decided prank Footlocker as a disgruntled Tyrone who bought Jordans that he discovered were counterfeits after noticing the Jumpman logo has a booty crack! 

This prank was based off a real incident where Chinese manufacturers were selling fake Jordans that had exaggerated butts on the Jumpman logo. The Foot Locker employees were completely taken off guard by the weird situation and it led to a hilarious conversation!

Would you like to see some more Foot Locker pranks? What other stores should I call up about counterfeit products? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!


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 [Phone ringing]

Lady: Thank you for calling Foot Locker, Miley speaking how can I help you?

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Uh, yeah, yo, what's up girl, this is the LOCKER FOOT?

Lady: I'm sorry?

Pranker: Is this the LOCKER FOOT? 

Lady: Yes, how can I help you?

Pranker: Uh, yeah, I-, I came in there, and I bought the uh, THE JORDAN RETRO-5's a-

Pranker: little while back, and uh, I-, I was just looking at the JUMP MAN right now-

Pranker: and uh, the jump man has a BOOTY CRACK, called up, the backside of the logo!

Lady: Okay, so it has a crack on, one of the shoes? 

Pranker: No it-, it-, it has a-, a-, A BOOTY CRACK in the JUMP MAN LOGO! 

Lady: Okay.

Pranker: Yeah, and I mean I-, I mean t-, typ-, typically they don't-, it-, it don't look-

Pranker: like, you know, the Jordan symbol, has an ASS or like it looked a little off to me!

Lady: Uh, if you go online, you could try to contact Nike, because that's a Manufacturer problem!

Pranker: Well see I, I had the shoes for a while now, I-, I-, I-, I didn't even think much-

Pranker of it, right? I was rocking them for one of the first times, at the gym! Uh, the other-

Pranker: day I was doing my workout, right? I was-, I was doing some SQUATS, I was getting-

Pranker: my PUMP IN, and uh, my-, my FELLOW BROTHER was spotting me from the back, N-, NO HOMO-

Pranker: though or nothing, but he was spotting me, with the squats, and then he told me, he's-

Pranker: like: "HEY YO, I don't mean no DISRESPECT or nothing, but your jump man, kind of looks-

Pranker: like a RETARD."

Lady: Okay?

Pranker: He be looking at it, he pointed out to me, he looks like-, it's a little bit off! I'm-

Pranker: like: "What do you mean dawg, why you hating on my shoes?" HE HATING ON MY KICKS! I look-

Pranker: down, I look at the JUMP MAN, he-, he's all SLIPPITY SLOPPY and stuff! 

Lady: Oh okay, give me one second, I'm on-, I'm going to put the manager on-

Pranker: Alright BOO BOO 

Manager: Foot Locker, you are speaking to Sean, may I help you today?

Pranker: Hey yo, what's popping Sean? 

Manager: What's going on man?

Pranker: Hey uh, just talked to your associate a second ago, about my JORDAN RETRO 5's, uh, I purchased-

Pranker: a few months ago and now I want to RETURN THEM because the logo is farked up?

Manager: Yeah, after thirty days it's a wrap man-

Pranker: Alright.

Manager: that's nothing I can do with-

Pranker: I-

Manager: because I can't even return anyone's shoes 

Pranker: Alright-

Manager: I can't even sell it!

Pranker: HIT ME WITH A REFUND! And like a pair of SHOES! 

Manager: I'M SORRY?

Pranker: I said, hit me with a refund, and like a free pair of SHOES!

Manager: Free shoes bro? 

Pranker: I'm-, I'm-, just I'm real confused right now! Man I don't know what to think! Because I'm-

Pranker: I'm looking at the at the SHOE it says LAM YEY MOH YEY inside, the inner FLAP. 

Manager: Okay, never heard of that! 

Pranker: Like it, it looks like somebody was playing TIC TAC TOE, then got SIDE TRACKED-

Manager: Never heard of that

Pranker: I mean even-, I don't know if, I got some like, SOME SWEAT SHOP stuff from CHINA and somebody's-

Pranker: trying to send me MESSAGE, trying to connect with me, TELE-MA-MA-PATHICALLY or something! Come on.

Manager: Yeah, okay, now you sound bogus! Now you definitely sound bogus!


Manager: I can't do nothing about it, what do you want me to do? I can't do nothing about it.

Pranker: For one, I want you to stop, being a BITCH. Secondly, I want you to help me out! 

Manager: [Hang up]

Pranker: Hello? [Laughing] 

 [Phone ringing]

Lady: GO AHEAD, thanks for calling Foot Locker, this is Costine speaking, how may I help you?

Pranker: Uh yeah, could I speak to the MANAGER, who was exhibiting BITCH-LIKE BEHAVIOUR a second ago, please, thank you?

Lady: Okay, give me two seconds 

Pranker: Alright. 

 [Voices in the background] Tell him no?

Lady: Uh, he's kind of busy right now

Pranker: Okay I-, I just-, I just HEARD YOU GIRL! I just heard you say, TELL HIM NO, how are you going do me like that?

Lady: I'm talking to him and he's busy! 

Pranker: Alright, you want to be my LIAISON? 

Lady: WHO? 

Pranker: Okay, too big of a WORD, MY BAD. That's like VOCAB UNIT: 12, I didn't mean to jump too FORWARD or nothing! LISTEN.

Pranker: I need to speak to-, to-, to the manager please! 

Lady: And, he is busy. 

Pranker: Okay, alright, can you relay to him, ask him when can I-, when I-, come in for my shoes?

Lady: [Talking to person in the background] When can he come for his shoes? Do you know? 

Lady: He-, he can't-, you can not come in for the shoes, I don't know what to tell you 

Pranker: So-, so-, does early next week WORK? Ask him that.

Lady: Uh, whatever works for you really, truly.

Pranker: Well I-, I want to know if-, I want-, I want to get-, make sure it's on HIS SCHEDULE!

Lady: He said it really, truly don't come in, you can't come in for shoes so, I really, I don't know what's going on though

Pranker: Come on girl, just ask him right quick, be like, does early next week work, he'll understand!

Lady: [Hang up]

Pranker: HELLO? WHAT THE FARK. YOU-, YOU-, SHE JUST HANG UP, F-, [speaking to audience] definitely calling her back.

 [Phone ringing]


Pranker: Hey yo, what's popping Charles? 

Guy: What's up?

Pranker: Hey yo, you the manager? 

Guy: I am 

Pranker: Are you-, are you the one I just talked to a second ago? 

Guy: NO.

Pranker: Alright let me, let me holla at him! Right quick!

Guy: Do what now?

Pranker: Let-, let-, let me holla at that other manager, right quick! what's his-

Guy: He's gone for the day, something I can help you with? 

Pranker: What's his name again? 


Pranker: What's his name again? 

Guy: What's this pertain to? What can I help you with?

Pranker: Hey yo, what-, WHAT'S HIS NAME? Am I asking you a HARD QUESTION MAN? 

Guy: I mean I want to know what it's pertaining to first, before I give out his name!

Pranker: I mean it's his first name! He's the manager, right? I'm trying to REFER TO HIM

Pranker: when I hit CORPORATE! 

Guy: You are trying to do what now? 

Pranker: I am supposed to come in there, to get some FREE SHOES, for the INCONVENIENCE-

Pranker: and a refund, on my RETRO- 5's, I want-, I want to talk to him, and figure out-

Pranker: when I can do that. 

Guy: You said-, bro-, I can't understand what you just said

Pranker: OK! Let me-, let me say it, SLOW MOTION for you, alright? So you can understand!



Guy: Hey, how about this, don't talk to me like you slow man, for one thing, nobody called you slow-


Guy: [Hang up]

Pranker: HELLO? [Laughing] 

 [Phone ringing]

Manager: Thank you for calling Foot Locker, you speaking to Sean, may I help you today?

Pranker: Hey yo, uh-, uh-, uh-, I had some uh, some issues with-, with my shoes, and uh, I was wanting-

Pranker: to talk to somebody I was thinking I would talk to-

Manager: Yeah I think we already spoke about this man!

Pranker: I know man, but what-, but what happened with the whole FREE SHOES THING? 

Manager: What free-, who told you,  you could get free shoes? 

Pranker: But the-, HEY YO DAWG! BUT THE MD5 HASH! 

Manager: THE WHO?

Pranker: THE MD5# IS RE-ROUTED PROPERLY, and then it goes through the OC3 OPTICAL LINES, and then you can't-

Pranker: and then you can't REFUND IT! So I got to talk to the STORE! That hooked you all up!

Manager: I don't understand what you saying, the branch-, the store that hooked us up, that is-

Manager: You not even making sense right now bro

Pranker: Yeah I know, but you-, you ain't giving out FREE SHOES for nothing man! You mentioned that, you touched the-

Manager: No, no-

Pranker: And-, and-, and-

Manager: I never mentioned no free shoes-

Pranker and then-, but it was for the INCONVENIENCE, because I'm a long-

Manager: No, there's no-, we don't give out, this isn't Burger King! Where we give out free fries bro, we don't give out free shoes.

Pranker: Man if this was BURGER KING this wouldn't been done a long time ago! I work at B-

Manager: Yeah exactly, this ain't Burger King, this is Foot Locker

Pranker: This is like a WHOPPER JR. It's not like I'm asking you for a BIG-MAC.

Manager: A Whopper Jr.? Yeah you know, you asking for a Big Mac and a chicken sandwich!

Pranker: No man! I-, I ain't asking you to SUPERSIZE ME or nothing! I'm asking for like PEANUTS, something small! Just a free pair of SHOES

Manager: But I just gave-, Bro, I just bro-, go talk to Nike, have them stop by the shoes and you'll be okay. 

Pranker: Hey yo-

Manager: Alright? 

Pranker: Hey yo-

Manager: Don't call here anymore, alright? 

Pranker: Dawg, but yo-, you all denied me!

Manager: Alright


Pranker: [Speaking to audience] Man, ain't nobody going to spot me from the back no more with these messed up shoes. It's too bad. Crap felt kind of good

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