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Credit Card Scammer Prank - Phone Scammer Series

Jan 26, 2014 4.2M views 0 comments

Category: Craigslist and Backpage pranks, prank call 
Format: subtitled
Characters: Buk Lau, Tyrone
Prank Victim: credit card scammer
Rage Level: Mellow

Credit card scammer gets hilarious phone prank!

Best quotes: 

  • “I just wanna make sure you’re not like a GIANT MOTHERF**** or something who’s gonna BEAT MY A**!”
  • “I don’t like the TOOTSIE ROLL”
  • “You know what she love? She LOVE the BLACK DING DONG, you know?”

Body of content:

I found an ad on Craigslist by a guy who was clearly running a scam by trying to get credit card information from people. The whole concept of the scam was so ridiculous and obvious, I decided to phone him up as Buk Lau and try to get him to crack! 

The scammer turns out to be a teenager from London, and wants to meet up in person to supposedly put money on my card - supposedly no strings attached! I responded with some unusual requests, including requesting a movie date with him. Throughout the phone calls he couldn’t help but laugh at the strange conversations with Buk!

I thought I almost got him to admit his scam - but at the end he went silent on me! The demon voice must have scared him off. Do you think he was ready to stop scamming after this call? What other phone scammer prank calls should I try? Let me know in the comments!


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 [Phone ringing]

Scammer: Yo?

Pranker: Duh, hello?

Scammer: Yeah?

Pranker: Duh yeah, can I talk to Michael, please?

Scammer: Yeah, that's me.

Pranker: Duh yeah, I talk to your COUSIN, uh, VIA E-MAIL about the, uh, opportunity on the

Pranker: Craigslist. He give me your telephone number

Scammer: Yeah

Pranker: OK! Can you tell me about the opportunity and how it working?

Scammer: Well didn't-, didn't the person that e-mailed you, tell you?

Pranker: DUH YEAH! He tell me some information about how we have to MEET UP! And the you uh,

Pranker: He said you explain to me, some more on the telephone.

Scammer: Oh, okay, hold up-, hold up.

Pranker: OK.

Scammer: Yeah, hello?

Pranker: Hello?

Scammer: Yeah, yeah, uh, my cousin works in the bank, and he drafts money into, your account.

Pranker: OK! So it-, it's a very simple process? Or how it working?

Scammer: Huh?

Pranker: Is-, is THAT'S IT?

Scammer: Yeah, yeah, that's all. And, it will take like one to two days, but he does it a lot,

Scammer: he works in the bank.

Pranker: Oh okay! That sounds like a so EASY! You know. So-, so-, so-, how much money can he get for me?

Scammer: Like-, I don't really know that much, but I know it'll be like-, 9 Grand

Pranker: 9 Grand? Okay, and what-, what kind of information, do you need dor me, to make it the

Pranker: you know? GO SMOTHLY!

Scammer: Uh, just-, just the pin, card, full name and address!

Pranker: Ok, but, how do I know that, you know, I-, I-, I-, I look on the internet because I-, I

Pranker: I try to, I-, I go on the Craigslist, and it say, you know, WARNING, AVOID THE SCAM!

Pranker: SOMEBODY TRY TO TRICK YOU! So, is this anything like, you know, not a-, not a-, NOT A AUTENTIC

Scammer: Ah no, you'll get-, you'll probably get a letter saying that, that money, uh, put on to your card

Scammer: so you know that it's actually happening.

Pranker: Oh, okay! OK! Do I meet you somewhere? Do I have to send to you, somehow, or what do we do it?

Scammer: Yeah, you have to-, you have to meet me!

Pranker: But, so a-, are you the, uh, you come by yourself? Or something? Are you a SMALL GUY? Or BIG GUY?

Scammer: Yeah, I come by myself. Yeah, no, I'm-, I'm a teenage boy! But my cousin does it.

Pranker: OH OKAY!

Scammer: I just give them the card

Pranker: So-, you're not like a BIG BLACK GUY or something, right?

Scammer: No, [laughing], I'm [laughs], no, I'm black but I'm a young, teenage, small, I'm a short person boss.

Pranker: NO-, I-, I-, I LOVE! I LOVE THE BLACK PEOPLE! You know, I just want to make sure you not like a GIANT

Pranker: MOTHERFARKA, or something who's going to BEAT MY ASS, you know?

Scammer: [Laughing] to make sure I'm what?

Pranker: I don't-, I want to make sure you're not like a GIANT MOTHERFARKA! Right? WHO BEAT ME! Or something.

Scammer: Oh, alright, alright, ALRIGHT.

Pranker: OK! So I want to know, you know, is it okay just-, just for my SAFETY, can we-, can we maybe go get

Pranker: like a HAMBURGER together, maybe SOME CHINESE FOOD! I-, I take you out for dinner! Or something like that?

Pranker: To be like a, so we can feel COMFORTABLE, YOU KNOW?

Scammer: You want to take me out for dinner?

Pranker: Right or-, or so-, some COFFEE OR SOMETHING! Right, so we can, you know, get to know EACH OTHER! You know?

Scammer: Oh-, oh-, alright, alright.

Pranker: But-, but-, NOT-, NOT-, not like a SEXUALITY THING! You know, just like a-

Scammer: [Freaking out] Yeah mate, I'm-, I'm not gay!

Pranker: I-, NO DON'T WORRY! You know, I don't like-

Scammer: Yeah?

Pranker: TO DO THE GAY THING! You know, I don't like-, I DON'T LIKE THE TOOTSIE ROLL!

Scammer: Alright, yeah-, yeah. 

Pranker: Ok so, it's ok-, can we-, can we do that? Maybe we can like-, maybe we can go to the PHOTO BOOTH

Pranker: take like uh, a photo strip! Or something?

Scammer: Go to the photo booth and take photos?

Pranker: RIGHT! RIGHT! So then I can have, you know, be like: "This is my BLACK FRIEND" you know, I can show my friend

Pranker: BACK IN CHINA! I can tell them, you know, OH LOOK HERE, I go to school here! I-, I VERY POPULAR BOY!

Pranker: You know, EVERYBODY LIKES ME!

Scammer: [Laughs] Alright, we'll see, we'll see, uh, are you free tomorrow?

Pranker: Duh yeah, t-, tomorrow I-, I CAN DO IT! BUT-, BUT-, BUT-, BUT-, FOR DINNER RIGHT?

Scammer: No, fo-, for to-, to meet, to get your card!

Pranker: But yeah, but-, we go to eat together! RIGHT?

Scammer: Yeah-, yeah-, yeah-, uh-, uh, do you know where King's Cross is?

Pranker: Do I know where?

Scammer: Where King's Cross is, the station?

Pranker: I do! I do! RIGHT. I know it!

Scammer: Yeah, so, meet me at King's Cross station, uh, what time?

Pranker: Eh, can we do like a 6 o'clock?

Scammer: Yeah-, yeah, that's good.

Pranker: Okay but, where-, where do you want to eat THE FOOD?

Scammer: Uh, I'll meet you after-, after I drop the card to my cousin, then I'll meet you again!

Pranker: Okay, so, you want to, TAKE THE CARD FIRST, then come back to me? 

Scammer: Yeah-, yeah-, yeah.

Pranker: Okay, NO. But I want to take you out to the DINNER FIRST! You know, I want to go out

Pranker: you know, maybe we can, BE THE FRIEND! You know, you can go, you can-, you can introduce me to

Scammer: Yeah, I know, but, if I just-, the quicker I drop it to him, the quicker the money will come

Pranker: IT'S OKAY! I-, I UNDERSTAND! But I don't mind! You know, I can wait AN EXTRA 5-6 HOUR!

Pranker: to have a good time with you right?

Scammer: Yeah, I'll come back, I'll-, I don't go home until late.

Pranker: BUT, YOU KNOW! Everybody you know, in the past! Last time I tell somebody: "I COME BACK FOR YOU!"

Pranker: I get the STOOD UP! You know?

Scammer: Yeah just, meet me tomorrow with the card, at 6 o'clock King's Cross and then we'll talk more.

Pranker: Okay, are you-, play I-, I-, I-, are you busy or something? You sound like you play THE GRAND THEFT AUTO!

Pranker: or something in the background, right?

Scammer: Oh no, I'm watching a film!

Pranker: OH OKAY. Okay! Alright so-

Scammer: Alright, yeah-, yeah?

Pranker: What movie you watching? CAN I COME OVER?

Scammer: HUH?

Pranker: Can-, can I come over? Watch with you?

Scammer: Ah, no, I'm not-, I'm not here right about now. That's why I'm meeting tomorrow. I'm not in London.

Pranker: But, you are not in LONDON RIGHT NOW?

Scammer: No, I'm not, I', going back tomorrow morning!

Pranker: Okay whe-, where are you right now?

Scammer: HUH?

Pranker: WHERE YOU AT?

Scammer: Oh, I'm at Liverpool.


Scammer: Eh, no, it's alright-

Pranker: I TAKE THE BUS! You know?

Scammer: No, it's alright, it's alright.


Scammer: No, you're cool! You're cool!

Pranker: I DON'T THINK SO! You know? I try to TALK TO YOU! You even don't want to BE MY FRIEND.

Scammer: Huh?

Pranker: I try to talk to you! You don't want to be my friend!

Scammer: [Laughs] [Hang up]

Pranker: Hello? [Laughing]

 [Phone ringing]

Scammer: My uh-, my phone, my connection went off!

Pranker: YOU HANG UP ON ME! You know? 

Scammer: Huh? No! I no hang up on you man!

Pranker: Oh okay, you know and I-, I-, I-, I don't know, you know, I-, I-, I thought we become the

Pranker: friend or something! But it sound like I very upset you! Or something! You know, you very

Pranker: uh, SICK OF ME ALREADY! We talk for like a TWO MINUTE! You are already like:


Scammer: No, you're good-, you're cool, boss

Pranker: I, okay you-, YOU PROMISE ME?

Scammer: Yeah, tomorrow, if you promise me tomorrow six o'clock King's Cross with the card. We'll talk more.

Pranker: Okay so, we go out to DINNER TOGETHER?

Scammer: Yeah-, yeah-, yeah.

Pranker: Okay but-, can we do the MOVIE?

Scammer: HUH?

Pranker: Can we go watch a MOVIE TOO?

Scammer: Yeah-, yeah-, yeah.

Pranker: Do you want to maybe, do like a-, DOUBLE DATE, or something? I can-, I know the-, I have one ASIAN GIRL

Pranker: she likes-, she loves the BLACK PEOPLE, you know, she-, I tell you between me and you.

Scammer: Bring two! BRING TWO! Bring-, tell her bring another one!

Pranker: Okay, but-

Scammer: For me!

Pranker: Between me and you, you know, between me and you, she tell me, SHE LOVE, you know what she loves?


Scammer: [Laughing] I-

Pranker: I-, I-, I-, I BE-, I BE HONEST! Do-, do-, don't tell her I tell you that! You know, but, when she see you!

Pranker: She going to look at THE SNAKE IN THE PANTS, and go: "OH MY GOD!"

Scammer: Oh, alright-, alright, uh, tomorrow, I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?

Pranker: OK! OK! But what-, what is the address? So I can come tonight!

Scammer: HUH?

Pranker: Ok, but, what is the address, so I can come see you TONIGHT, to go watch the movie!

Scammer: [Giggles] No, uh, yeah tomorrow! We'll do that tomorrow, I can't do it today, I'm busy as well.

Pranker: Okay, but we going to meet before you take-, you take the card right? We are going to do like a dinner or something?

Scammer: Yeah-, yeah, bring the card with you! And then I'll meet my friend and then we'll-, I'll come back.

Pranker: OK! Do you want me to bring THE GIRL TOO?

Scammer: YES. YES. YES.

Pranker: Okay, do you like the, girl WITH THE BIG BOOBIE! Or do you like a girl with the MOSQUITO BITE?

Pranker: You know, have like a MILK, uh, TITTY! You know?

Scammer: Uh, mosquito bite?

Pranker: Like-, like-, you know, some girl, they have-


Pranker: Okay, so, you want, like the, BIG JIGGERY BOOBIES! Right? So it can be, JIGGERING ALL IN YOUR FACE!


Scammer: Huh? Yeah-, yeah-, yeah.

Pranker: Okay. Alright!

Scammer: That's cool, yeah?

Pranker: [Speaking as Tyrone] Uh, and, and what-, what's your name again?

Scammer: HUH? WHAT?

Pranker: [Speaking as Buk Lau] I-, I-, I SAID WHAT-, WHAT IS YOUR NAME? So I know how to meet you?

Scammer: You changed accents!


Scammer: My name is Michael, Michael!

Pranker: [Speaking as Tyrone] Alright Michael, sounds good MY BROTHER!

Pranker: [Speaking as Buk Lau] That-

Scammer: [Laughing] WHO IS THIS?

Pranker: [Speaking as Buk Lau] HELLO?

Scammer: WHO IS THIS?

Pranker: That's-, that's my a-, THAT'S MY ROOMATE!

Scammer: Hey c**t-, [laughing]

Pranker: [Speaking as Tyrone] Ay yo

Scammer: AH!

Pranker: AY YO, REAL TALK. MY BROTHER. Real talk right now, so, just tell me HONESTLY, how is this scam works exactly?

Scammer: [Laughing]

Pranker: Just-, just-, just between me and you, MY BROTHER, just because, I-, I just want to hear it FROM THE SOURCE.

Pranker: So, what's good?

Scammer: You want to know what's up? Where are you from?


Scammer: Makes yes-, YOU GUY ARE FUNNY.

Pranker: YEAH! I'm from LOS SANTOS!

Scammer: Uh don't-, don't even-, [hang up]

Pranker: WHAT'S UP? [Laughing] [Speaking to audience] he hung up, [laughing]

 [Phone ringing]

Scammer: [Grunts]

Pranker: [Speaking as Buk Lau] WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED MAN? Do I scare you? Or something?

Scammer: Uh, what's going on man?

Pranker: [Speaking as Tyrone] Not much my brother, JUST CHILLING MAN! Trying to find somebody to steal my money NEXT!

Pranker: You were next on the list!

Pranker: So yeah-, what's popping with this whole bank ordeal dawg? So you-, were you really going to get me some MONEY

Pranker: or were you going to jack my crap? BE HONEST.

Scammer: [Hang up]

Pranker: Hello? [Laughing] [Speaking to audience] Now he is scared!

 [Phone ringing]

 [Scammer picks up silently]

Pranker: [Speaking in demonic voice] DO YOU WANT TO PLAY A GAME MICHAEL?

Scammer: [Hang up]

Pranker: [Laughing] [Speaking to audience] He's gone. I think I terrified him a little bit. Maybe he will stop scamming people like a little bitch.

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