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Funny Chinese Food Prank Call

Aug 14, 2009 4.8M views 0 comments

Category: Restaurant prank
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Buk Lau
Prank Victim: Chinese restaurant
Rage Level: Mellow

Ownage asks for outrageous chinese food names in

Best quotes: 

  • “I going to lick your a-noose todayy, very delish-”
  • “Can I get one order of the suck-a-d*** chicken?”
  • “That’s not Engrish…”
  • “I come, it in the navigation system today, I very twenty first century tech-nolo-GEE!!”

Body of content:

This is a classic Chinese food prank call from my channel! I pranked this random restaurant during one of my live shows and I thought it turned out pretty hilarious. The woman who answers the phone is so difficult to understand, but I think she’s having just as hard of a time understanding Buk Lau! 

I try to order a variety of made up dishes with completely outrageous names, and this lady goes along with it like nothing is unusual! Towards the end, I think she started to get just as much of a kick out of the call as I was, you can hear her chuckling a bit. 

Would you like to see more crazy Chinese restaurant pranks? Do you have any funny ideas for weird food names? Tell me in the comments below!


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Restaurant lady: Mincading?

Pranker: Duh, hello?

Restaurant lady:Hello

Pranker: Duh, I  want to make THE order today for the pick up please?

Restaurant lady: Yeah,  okay,  what do you like??

Pranker: Okay what the heck do you have for the SPE- SPE-CIAL?

Restaurant lady: Special?

Pranker:  The-the yes

Restaurant lady: Uh,  I- I-I have the menu??

Pranker: No...

Restaurant lady: Oooooh, everything on the menu what is ehh

Pranker:  The-  everything on the menu is a special today???

Pranker:... How the heck is that possible? Don’t lie to me big boy, tell-

Restaurant lady: Hold on, hold on, hold on, ho-hold on

Pranker: You are st-

Restaurant lady: Hold on hol-

Pranker:  Bitch!

Restaurant lady: O-OKAY.  HOLD ON, HOLD ON

Pranker:  AYYA, hah!

Pranker: Ah, [exhale]

[exhale] [ Asian music]

Restaurant lady: Hello???

Pranker: Duh hellooooo

Restaurant lady: Yup

Pranker: What do you have today for the-, special today?

Restaurant lady: OH NO, NOTHING I’M NOT NOT -

Pranker: [screaming] WHAT what the hell do you sell today for the special?

Restaurant lady: Not the thing. Everything is the same thing, nothing today is special.

Restaurant lady: Not the today special

Pranker: Everything, what is very delicious?

[phone making noise]

Restaurant lady: Buddha,  special on the-on the menu

Pranker:  [screaming]

Restaurant lady:... The menu

Pranker: Duh, why the hell you [mumbling]so much? Calm down

Pranker:... big boy, look here, take your time, okay?

Pranker: We don't r-r-rush! This is not a race, to see who can finish, look.

Restaurant lady: YEAH I TOLD YOU!

Pranker: Do you have a big Coke today?

Restaurant lady: I have to cook today!

Pranker: Okay, okay, let me get the two order of the orange chicken....

Restaurant lady: Tw-two order chicken?!

Pranker: Two ooorder of the orange chicken

Restaurant lady: Mmhmm

Pranker: The three order of the big Coke extra large

Pranker: To  drink

Restaurant lady: Auh only by the can

Pranker: You don’t have big Coke?

Restaurant lady: The cook the cook but can not not the large

Pranker: The how much money is that can?

Restaurant lady: One dollar each

Pranker: Like a someboodee what the heck man

Pranker: That is so much money, why the heck so expensive?

Restaurant lady: [breathing in to the phone microphone] what are you saying?! ONE DOLLAR EACH

Restaurant lady: NO CAN

Pranker: I go to the costco, I get the whole sale box for the-

Restaurant lady: YEAH

Pranker: Cen-

Restaurant lady: I know

Pranker: You under-

Restaurant lady: I know you [speaking in very bad english]

Restaurant lady: Man I know what’s wrong  you know  every one is one dollar each

Restaurant lady: That is too much money!

Restaurant lady: Yeah, uhh…

Pranker: I going to lick you’re a noose today very delish-

Pranker: Ok, let me get the two order of the spring roll..

Pranker: Can I get the one order of the sack a d*ck chicken?

Restaurant lady: What kind of chicken?

Pranker: The sack a d*ck chicken?

Pranker: The shoesine chicken!

Pranker: Do you have it?

Restaurant lady: WHAT KIND, I don't know what kind of chicken?

Pranker: The sesame chicken big boy calm down


Pranker: The yes not even that you stu- ok go good delicious.

[Asian music]

Pranker: Do you sell, do you sell the swine flu chicken?

Restaurant lady: You told the, the o-order, two order orange chicken

Pranker: Ok.

Restaurant lady: Two spring roll

Pranker: Ok.

Restaurant lady: And?

Pranker: Ok delicious that's it, I finish.

Restaurant lady: You ordered two orange chicken?

Pranker: The-

Restaurant lady: And two spring role

Pranker: Big boy I tell you already that's it, I grombinded

Pranker: THAT’S IT!

Restaurant lady: [chuckles]excuse me, but I don- I think, what you saying order

Pranker: Like a-SOMEBOOOOOOOOOOOOOODEEE finish! Ok, how mu-


Pranker: How m-money ok, that's it I wanted, two orange-

Restaurant lady: You coming I coming I talk to you, okay?

Pranker: Look here big boy I want to s*ck your c*ck today

Pranker: I want TWO- orange chicken the two spring roll

Pranker: The delicious THAT'S IT!

[Asian music]

Restaurant lady: Ok, you to order chicken two spring roll

Pranker: That’s it yeah.

Restaurant lady: Okay

Pranker: The- two Cokes, the big one, not the Asian one-

Restaurant lady: THE I DON’T HAVE TO TAKE ONE I DON'T WANT TO TAKE ONE for two Cokes

Pranker: Okay

Pranker: Two Cokes, a regular size Coke, white boy Coke okay

Restaurant lady: That’s it, just by the can.......

Pranker: Okay good

Restaurant lady: Okay?

Pranker: Delicious, let's do it, how much money?

Restaurant lady: How much money?

Pranker: How much I owe you today? Big boy

Restaurant lady: I call it $28.14.

Pranker: 28?! That's so much money! Ok... I come right now

Pranker: With the CASH money today, I pay you with a hundred dollar bill, ok?

Restaurant lady: Are you coming here okay? You come here I talk to you

Pranker: Do you have change for hundred dollar bill?

Restaurant lady: Mm yeah do you coming here, ok?

Pranker: Ok, five minutes, the food be ready?

Restaurant lady: You come here first

Pranker: Do you tell me the five minute the food be ready?

Restaurant lady: NOOO NO NO FIVE MINUTE

Pranker: Well how, how much time? I need to know

Restaurant lady: [mumbling] about ten fifteen minutes

Pranker: [mumbling] how much money? Ten minutes?

Restaurant lady: TEN MINUTES

Pranker: OK, ten minutes I be there the food, better be ready in the bag

Pranker: With uh chopstick up your aaa-uh ok?

Restaurant lady: [mumbling] You know, what is?

Pranker: You want to rape me?

Restaurant lady: No you [mumbling] I-I-I-I am  TOUGH STEAK

Pranker: I don't understand you......

Restaurant lady: [mumbling] you know what I did?

Pranker: That's not English

Restaurant lady: Eww WHAT MY I AM [mumbling] FIVE MINUTES MEAL

Pranker: Can I speak to somebody that can speak vietnamese, please?

Restaurant lady: No there's nobody here now

Pranker: Ok.

Restaurant lady: I’m closed, I’m closing five minutes

Pranker: Ok five minutes, I come right now

Pranker: I take the razor scooter and I come rush


Pranker: The-

Pranker: You know here a day?

Pranker: WHAT?!

Restaurant lady: You know here a day?

Pranker: What the hell do you say ma’am? I don’t get it


Pranker:... Yes. Yes. I do.

Restaurant lady: You know why what I close.

Pranker: Ok, I come, the do you want the your address?!

Restaurant lady: Yeah

Pranker: LIKE A SOMEBOOOOOOOOOODEE ok, I give it to you let me pull out the paper

Restaurant lady: You know what adress

Pranker: I know it, I come in the navigation system today

Pranker: I very twenty first century technology

[confused asian stammering]

Pranker: I come to you ten minutes, okay?

Restaurant lady: Okay

Pranker: Okay, love you

Restaurant lady: Thank you bye.

Pranker: You love me too? Say it.

Restaurant lady: Yeah yeah yeah I love you

Pranker: SAY IT!

Restaurant lady: OKAY BYE BYE

Pranker: Say it...

Restaurant lady: Okay?!

Pranker: Say you love me big boy

Restaurant lady: Thank you,  BYE!

Pranker: What the heck? [laughing]

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