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What Is a Lyric Prank and How Do You Pull One Off?What Is a Lyric Prank and How Do You Pull One Off?

What Is a Lyric Prank and How Do You Pull One Off?

Mar 18, 2021

New to the pranking game? Welcome! There are so many different ways you can prank people. As a fledgling prankster, you have to try a little bit of everything to figure out what you like best.

Sure a couple of fart jokes here and there are hilarious, but what if the stakes are too low? Yeah, exploding cakes and balloon pits are wild, but what if you want a simpler prank? This is where prank calls and prank texts come in. You can still enjoy the fun thrills and frills without the added mess or expense.

Now there are subcategories to these things. Prank calls can range from hilarious one-liners to long-spun narratives. Find out the sheer range of prank calls in our blog post: 13 Ideas to Make the Best Phone Prank Call.

Prank calls are not the only one that comes in different shapes and sizes. Text pranks can be just as fun. From programming your parent’s autocorrect to texting TMI confessions - they have just as much of a range.

Read More: 5 Creative Text Pranks Ideas You Can Try!

One of the most common funny text pranks out there is a lyric prank.

So, What Is A Lyric Prank?

It is when you text song lyrics to a target. People usually do it line per line. The lyrics have to be strong enough to stand on their own without any major edits from you. The goal is to send as many lines as you can before they find out it used to be a radio hit!

This type of text prank is popular among kids and teens. They exchange lyrics and see who manages to outlast everyone else. However, some adults have been trying it out as well. It’s such a simple prank - you don’t even have to be especially funny to pull it off. After all, the words are written for you.

How Do You Make a Lyric Prank Of Your Own?

Lyric pranks are very simple to execute. People of all ages can try to pull it off. Here is how you do it:

Figure Out What You Want

You have to ask yourself, “What is my end goal?” There are two popular choices:

They Know They Are Being Pranked

Sometimes it’s just fun to share songs and song lyrics. You might try to set it up as a lyric prank, but you want them to know what you are doing. Whether it’s a one-hit-wonder or you are spitting fire, texting song lyrics is a great way to spark a conversation about music with your friends and family.

See, the whole point here is to get caught. So you want to try some famous lines like the “Mama! I just killed a man” from “Bohemian Rhapsody” (Queen) or “Hello, from the other side,” from “Hello” (Adele). You can still have fun even if they know they are being pranked. Someone tried this prank online, and the target continued the rest of the lyrics. Isn’t that cute?

So while this might not be the most elaborate prank - it’s not a bad way to fill up the dull moments of your summer/winter vacation.

They Stay In The Dark (Endurance Round)

But what if you want a different reaction? What if you want to fool them into thinking these song lyrics are your own words? There is another popular route. Pick somebody who isn’t music savvy and send the lyrics as text messages. It could be your mom, dad, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Just make sure they aren’t into the genre of your choice.

Since the challenge is finishing the whole song without them knowing - you really have to put a lot of thought into the lyric prank. After you send all of the lines, you can reveal that it was just a song all along.

TLDR: Different end goals mean different music. The first option focuses on popular songs with iconic lines. On the other hand, the second option can be more obscure songs to help keep the prank going.

Find The Right Music

Once you know how you want them to react, you can start looking for the music. Ownage Pranks has a list of song lyrics you can use in Pass the Message: Top 5 Lyric Prank Songs. There we have several categories from your best friend to boyfriend/girlfriend to your co-worker.

If you haven’t found anything you like on that list, you can also learn from successful pranks. There are screenshots and videos on Youtube so you can see how it plays out. If you think you can get a similar effect, then you can use the same song.

While you can use lists and forum suggestions, there are times when you have to pick your own songs. Skip going through your personal playlist. You’ll have better chances looking up individual songs online where you can clearly see the lyrics.

To help the search along, the song must have:

  1. A lot of I’s and You’s

  2. A clear story, narrative or dialogue

  3. And a whole lot of feelings

When these criteria are met - you can just copy-paste without worrying about how weird you might sound in the conversation. You have to admit not all artists and bands have lyrics that make sense in dialogue. Think about Imagine Dragons and Weird Al Yankovich - it doesn’t exactly flow. Rap, blues, and power ballads are a better fit.

Fix The Time And Place

When you have your song of choice, you need to decide when to test it out. Do you want them to pay attention to the conversation? After school/work hours are best. It could be just before bedtime when they are usually scrolling through social media. It’s the best way to get a quick and immediate reply.

But what if you want to catch them unaware? You could try messaging the lyrics throughout the day while they are busy. Most schools and workplaces discourage phone-use, so you have time to say your piece without worrying about them finding out too soon.

See How Long You Can Last

When you have your window, try your lyric prank! You have to be the first person to start the conversation. Watch their replies and see how well the prank goes! Never break from the script and hope they never catch on! If you have a successful run, you can also try to post it on Youtube and other social media.

Secret To Pulling It Off

It’s hard to find a song that perfectly matches your speaking style while going with the flow. If it sounds too flowery - you get caught. If it sounds too formal - you get caught. There are so many ways this can go wrong. You have to find a song that matches your texting style.

Be strategic about it. If you use slang a lot, you might have better luck with Migos, Saweetie, and Jhene Aiko. If your friends and family know you as the sappy type, you can use Lewis Capaldi or Lana del Ray. You might have to go outside your music comfort zone, and that’s okay!

Let the lyrics do all the talking. By focusing on the words instead of what you usually listen to - you have a better chance at fooling your target.

Lyric pranks can be a fun way to keep yourself occupied during those unusually dull days. It starts all kinds of new conversations with people you might not have contacted in a while. If your target had fun, it could become a tradition to keep in contact while you live far away. You bet mom and dad won’t find it too troublesome.

Other Great Prank Ideas

If you love lyric pranks, you can try to use them in a prank call! Instead of sending text messages, you can try calling your target with the lyrics. With a bit of voice acting and improvisation - it should make for an interesting prank.

But if you want to see what else you can do outside of lyric pranks - Ownage Pranks has tons of suggestions! Prank calls are one of the more affordable tricks, just right next to text pranks! If you want to give it a go, send one of our pre-recorded scripts and listen to your target’s reaction. Who knows, it might be Hall of Fame  worthy.

Ownage Pranks also accepts prank call requests. If you want to target someone with a specific idea, but you don’t know how to piece it together, let our team show you how it’s done. We guarantee you’ll have a great prank call!


Whether you are starting out with lyric pranks or not, just have fun with it! Happy Pranking!


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