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Best Sleeping Pranks for Light SleepersBest Sleeping Pranks for Light Sleepers

Best Sleeping Pranks for Light Sleepers

May 7, 2021

You’ve probably prepared your makeup kit to paint their face, or got a rope to tie their feet together, so on and so forth! But to no such luck. They find out about your supposedly hilarious act before you can even take a step forward. We get the frustration — light sleepers can be the most challenging people to play around with! They just couldn’t snooze themselves long enough for you to sneak in and do some naughty stuff, could they?

If you’re running out of pranks to pull on your friend who wakes quickly, then we’ve got some good tips and ideas that might help! Here, discover the best sleeping pranks for light sleepers.

Tips on executing a sleeping prank for light sleepers

Use their weakness to your advantage

Sure, they might boast an advantage from your other friend who sleeps like a baby and is such an easy subject of a good laugh. But fret not; these light sleepers also have their weaknesses that you can use as you plot your much-awaited prank! Make use of the things that’ll take out the winning reactions from them, and use their ability to instantly wake to make sure you’ve got them at a vulnerable and priceless moment!

The louder, the better!

Light sleepers respond the easiest to noise, which can be a curse for them and a good way for pranksters to victimize them! You probably don’t even need to play the loudest noise to jolt them awake, but in the sea of good prank ideas, it’s the easiest way to get their attention.

Make them a good breakfast

They probably won’t have a good night’s sleep given the pranks you’d likely play on them, so make sure you make up for the fuss by preparing them a breakfast that’s fit for a royal! If they don’t get good sleep, they better eat good food, at least, and since you’re the naughty friend who kept them awake through your ruthless pranks, you better be in charge!

Best sleeping pranks for light sleepers

Blaring noise

At the top of our list: make some noise! Timing is of the essence with this prank, so make sure you catch your light sleeping friend just when they’re about to doze deeply into Wonderland! Make sure to play some anxiety-inducing noise to elicit the element of surprise. Perhaps the sound of fireworks or an ambulance siren will work, although you’re free to improvise! Just make sure you know your friend well enough to wake them with a not-so pleasing sound.

Fart Alarm

This works best if you’re all snuggled next to each other in one bed! Sleep with your back facing your prank target, and make use of a farting sound to trick your friend into thinking you’re farting in her face! Play it numerous times in the night, so she’d most likely reach for the sofa as her sleeping quarter, instead!

Spoof Call

Here goes for your friend who sleeps so lightly that she wakes up in a single ringtone! Disguise yourself as her ex’s new girlfriend by changing your caller ID and using a voice changer to make the call convincing! Ownage Pranks Spoof Call App lets you do those, and so much more; you can even pretend and accuse her of drunk calling her ex! It’ll sound so convincing that your friend might get pretty worked up with the commotion and all that, only to find out in the end that you’re the one behind the deed! 

Head in Bed

You don’t need to wait for Halloween to scare your friend off as if you’re in a blockbuster horror movie. All you need is a fake human head and place it beside her. Just wait for her screams upon realizing she’s sleeping next to a bodiless human! It makes for a quick scare, but the reaction will be one of the best, for sure! Reserve her a glass of water for a possible heart attack (LOL, but don’t do this if she’s got heart complications, of course!).

Morning Alarms

Nobody likes an alarm that won’t go off at 5 am in morning! Good thing if you’re a deep sleeper — you’d probably sleep through all the noise! It’s a curse specifically targeted to light sleepers, who will probably lose precious sleep as they stumble on finding the alarms that don’t seem to go off. Set multiple alarms for an ultimate prank that would drive your friend nuts!


You would need the rest of the gang’s cooperation on this, but it’s worth your mate’s surprised look upon waking up to the sound of everyone clapping in the middle of the night! It’ll have her confused on why she’s suddenly got everyone’s attention, so let her go figure!

There goes the top prank ideas best fit for your light-sleeper friends! If you’re preparing more naughty acts for your next sleepover, you can also check out our list of Top Slumber Party Pranks for some epic ideas! 

Happy Pranking!


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