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Pranking 101: Bedwetting PrankPranking 101: Bedwetting Prank

Pranking 101: Bedwetting Prank

Sep 26, 2021

A prankster's best friend is a good laugh. For some, the joy of playing tricks on their friends and family members is one of life's simple pleasures. These jokesters often face criticism for their antics, but they know that once the snickering stops and people realize it was all in fun, they'll be laughing too! 

Most of us here probably have experienced wetting our bed once or twice during the course of our childhood. If you haven’t - lucky you - you didn’t have to wake up smelling like piss and getting scolded by your mom or dad. If you have, how about a trip down memory lane through a bedwetting prank! With that, we officially welcome you to Ownage Pranks’ most drenched Pranking 101 episode where we will be giving you our top favorite bedwetting prank ideas and videos you can use on your next prank session!

But wait!

Hold up, prankster. Before we give you our bedwetting prank ideas, here is a list of considerations you have to take note of so you don’t end up getting tagged as an insensitive and irresponsible prankster:

Check their prank-o-meter

Pranks are meant to be taken lightly and with good humor. Make sure that you’re not harming someone else in your joke, especially if they have different values from yourself or don't think pranking is funny at all! Remember: it's always better when people can laugh together after a sensitive situation has been blown out-of-proportion by some jokester who wanted attention for himself!

Have a bribe prepared at hand

What if you've gone too far? The cruelest prank ideas have the tendency to affect people's feelings towards us, or worse: they hate us! If ever there is such dilemma with your victims then don't worry - all hope isn’t lost just yet! One of these methods would involve giving something valuable like baked cookies and lasagna which has been prepared specially by you!

Timing is important

When deciding whether or not to pull off a prank, timing is one of the most crucial factors in play. You don't want your plan to backfire or your victim to have a heart attack because they're going through something tough at home and have had too much caffeine for their own good! 

Check if anyone is available for the prank

All these bedwetting prank preparations will go to waste if your supposed victims are not in their house (well, duh?). So if you want your plan to go smoothly, make sure that your beloved friends or family members are within the vicinity or, better yet—have an accomplice from your target house to inform you whether the targets are there or not!

If no one is in the house for the doorbell prank

In any case anyone from the target house isn’t available or might have gone out for a little while and you really, REALLY, are in the pranking mood, you can leave all the hard work to an automatic prank call app! The way our automatic prank call app works is that it uses advanced AI technology to make it seem like your prank call victim is ACTUALLY talking to a real, live person. 

Onto our bedwetting prank ideas and tutorials!

Bedwetting Prank Ideas and How-Tos That Actually Work

Drunk Friend Bedwetting Prank

First on our list is a very simple and classic bedwetting prank idea. All you have to do is when you and your friends have a fun night out, ask them if you can have a sleepover. Once they’re at your place, wet your drunk friend’s bed with water just in time before they wake up so once they do, they’ll think that they actually peed themselves and have wet your bed. Watch them turn red because of embarrassment! 

How To *Actually* Make Someone Bedwet Themselves

Did you know that with a little help from Science, you can *actually* make someone wet the bed themselves? (Yes, with ACTUAL pee!) Just follow these instructions while crossing-fingers that they actually work on your target bedwetting prank victim! 

  1. Make sure that your prank victim drinks lots of fluids before they sleep. Since you would want your bedwetting prank victim’s body to do its job, you have to make them go to sleep with a full bladder. You can offer them tea, juice, or anything that isn’t water that would help in not making it seem like you’re forcing them to drink because you have an evil prank idea at hand.

  2. Force yourself to stay up late. Since you wouldn’t know the exact time when your prank victim will go to sleep, it’s important that you know once they already are so you know when it’s prank time.

  3. Make sure that your prank victim doesn’t use the bathroom before they go to sleep with a full bladder. You can do this by keeping them entertained during the duration of trying to fall asleep. Tell them a story - better yet - watch a film with them to keep their mind off of peeing.

  4. Once you’ve made sure that your prank victim is asleep, it’s game time: fill up a bowl with warm water. You would want to opt for a bowl, which has a larger opening than a cup since it has more room for your bedwetting prank victim’s hand. Oh, and you should use warm water. 

  5. Quietly enter the room and make sure there is no other object in the bed than your friend and the bowl of water.

  6. Place your victim’s hand in the water and let Science do the trick. They say that this would work sort of like when we hear the sound of running water, our brain sends a signal to the one that is responsible for peeing.

  7. Keep a hidden camera placed in the room so you can record this hilarious moment.

  8. Go back to sleep and wait for the prank victim’s natural bodily functions to do the trick. Good luck!

We hope you enjoyed reading through this list of bedwetting prank ideas we have for you. If you liked this kind of prank tutorial, don’t worry, we have more Pranking 101 episodes prepared just for you. Just a disclaimer: we won’t be liable for any mess you’ll be making, so do it at your own risk!

As always, happy pranking!


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