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Top Slumber Party Pranks to Play on FriendsTop Slumber Party Pranks to Play on Friends

Top Slumber Party Pranks to Play on Friends

Apr 28, 2021

A slumber party is a perfect way to get to know your friends better. Card games, embarrassing stories, and face masks aside — one way to give the night a dose of entertainment is by staging a hilarious and lighthearted prank! Add these to your sleepover staples! We've rounded up the top ideas for sleepover pranks for a night you won't forget.

Frozen teeth

This one works first thing in the morning when everyone is about to brush their teeth! Immerse their toothbrush heads in an ice tray overnight, and wake up before anyone else to pop them. It's the perfect way to wake them up after an exhausting (in a good way) night! Keep in mind that some might not be fond of early morning tricks, and might not take your prank as lightly as it’s supposed to be!

Alarm clock prank

Remember your deep-sleeper roommate whose 100 alarms wake you before finally having her rise to her grave? Alarm clocks are one's best (and worst) enemy, and the same goes for pranks! Sneak as many alarm clocks as possible into different places and set the timers to various intervals. Bonus tip when you're using phone alarm clocks: make use of audio recordings your friends find the most annoying! It can be from their most-hated TV characters or real-life nemeses. Your friends will most likely curse you for this, but it makes for hilarious, annoyed-to-death reactions!

Mixed-up clothes

Piss off your friends by mixing and matching the OOTDs they prepared with other's! Wait until everyone's asleep, then rummage through their overnight bags. Combine every piece of clothing into one pile and return them randomly into each bag! This will mainly be effective on your fashion-savvy friend who can't take an outfit mismatch — just imagine her distressed look after seeing her halter top will be paired with leggings that just don't make it to the cut. 

Elle Woods Wannabe

Recreate the iconic Legally Blonde scene wherein Reese Witherspoon's character got fooled into thinking the party she was attending required costumes. You can be as elaborate as you wanna be, and ensure the costume requires maximum effort to get the most out of your friend's creative juices (you can even mention appealing prizes that await the winners!). This can be as fun as it is also cruel, so prepare extra clothes for the victim to make up for the laughs at her expense. Keep a polaroid camera in handy to capture the movie-like scene that’s about to unfold!

Scary Movie Prank or Ghost Prank

The good thing about scary pranks is that they don't just work during Halloween, but all year round! Get a few screams out of your friends by staging an elaborate ghost prank! To make this a perfect prank, start by setting up the movie and turning off the lights in the room. Remember, in this prank the timing should be perfect. Wait until your friends' eyes are glued to the television before doing the thing. Let your victim's worst horror movie nightmare come to life by dressing up in a character costume. And if your physique doesn't fit, it's best to get outside help! Trust us, the screams will be worth it.

Choco Mint

This prank idea works best for lovers of Oreo cookies but are not fond of the chocolate mint flavor (It DOES taste weird, doesn't it?! Peace out to our choco mint lovers out there!). Replace the cream filling in the middle with toothpaste, and watch as your chocoholic friend gets the surprise of her life as she licks into eep— a taste of Colgate. Get yourself ready as they will hunt you down for replacing the cream with toothpaste!

Bed Bugs

Nothing scares a visitor more than a flying cockroach, so make sure you have some fake ones in the stash for your next sleepover! Position them next to your unsuspecting friends' pillows, and they'll most likely be horrified and scared to sleep, afraid they'll get bitten by these bed bugs!

Face paint

Is there really a slumber party prank list without a good ol' face paint trick? Put your artistic skills into action by making art out of your friends' faces. This works well for heavy sleepers, whose face reactions will be hard to paint after realizing your mischievous deed when they wake up!

Explosive cake

A cake is always a good treat to celebrate with your gal pals, but take it a notch higher by incorporating a balloon on the coveted dessert! Watch as the cake (and your friend's emotions) blow up right after this prank gets done.


Good Morning!

This funny prank could cost you money since you will need lots of balloons but, but, seeing their infuriated or funny faces- money well spent! You can also collect all the balloons you used from the party to set up. Begin by blowing up balloons; pop the inflated balloons with a sharp object first. When everyone is awake, or all the balloons have been popped, keep popping them. If you want a good prank, pop as many balloons as you can, therefore keep that in mind when planning your party decorations. Balloon pop, good morning!

Bombs Away!

Surprise the first person to enter the bathroom by setting up bam confetti bombs! No trick brings a better surprise factor, and the good thing about this is that it’s easy to clean up and even makes the victim feel extra special! 

Together Forever

Tie the ankles of two friends sleeping next to each other with a piece of clothing. You might even want to try their wrists too, just beware of waking them in the process! This works best for sleepers who aren’t moving much while snoozing off. Just imagine their reactions upon realizing they’ve tied the knot with a friend overnight!

Whipped Cream Facial

Facial masks are all the rave when it comes to sleepovers, so why not make it more fun by using Whipped Cream? Yeah right, your friend who rigorously follows a 10-step Korean Skincare routine will probably not be amused, so do it when she’s sound asleep!

Check out: Whip Cream Prank Ideas That Might Get You Whipped!

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PS. Don’t forget to send us your best prank recordings, and we might just include you in our Hall of Fame. We’re rooting for you!


Hope you enjoyed our list of sleepover pranks, Happy Pranking!


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