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Five Whip Cream Pranks That Might Get You Whipped!Five Whip Cream Pranks That Might Get You Whipped!

Five Whip Cream Pranks That Might Get You Whipped!

May 31, 2021

Most conventionally proper and organized societies use whipped creams for sweet drinks and desserts. At the same time, some people (also in conventionally good and organized communities) use whipped cream to mess with other people! If you think whipped creams are only used for eating, think again. It is such an excellent instrument for pranking people because they are typically harmless, and they give pranksters the chance to pull off amazing pranks they have in mind! If you are interested in what to do with your whipped cream at home, you can read on to find out!

What to do when you want to prank but don't have whipped cream?

First of all, you can find many homemade whipped cream recipes online. You can do so if you have an electric hand mixer (or speedy hands), powdered sugar, and time to spare. Of course, we are not a home cooking channel, so you might want to google how to make a decent one! If you are looking for an alternative, shaving creams can also do the work. It's up to you if you are willing to give that up!

If you are not in the mood for any of that, to go to the grocery store to grab cans of whipped cream, or go to your pantry and find stuff to make homemade whipped cream, you can always have tons of fun by downloading our prank call app or spoof call app! You can prank your friends whenever you like and wherever you are! What's so special about it? It's like your old and nostalgic prank calls but so much better and safer. The spoof call app hides your number under an unknown caller ID so that your victim will never know that it is you who is calling. No need for burner phones! Our prank call app allows you to prank call your friends from our wide selection of pre-made funny prank scripts that professional voice actors perform to avoid your friends recognizing your voice. Cool, huh? If you're thinking about ditching the whipped cream pranks, prank calls are excellent pranks to make, as always.

Now, if you are in the mood, we listed down five whipped cream ideas that you can try!

Are you ready to be whipped? Here we go!

5 Whip Cream Pranks You Can Do

1. Whipped Cream Nose Prank

Do this on a sleeping person who has his/her palms facing up and open. Ensure they are not light sleepers so that they wouldn't immediately sense that you are messing with them! Now, put a generous amount of whipped cream on their palms and fingers. Make sure they won't fall off easily. Legend says that if you tickle someone's nose while sleeping, they scratch or touch it unconsciously. Take advantage of this innately magnificent human reaction by tickling the tip of their nose using a feather or anything as light as it is. Once they feel the sensation on their nose, They will do precisely as you planned, and it would be so much worth seeing them put some cream on their noses!

2. Sticky Lotion Prank

This one is a prank that you can play on your sister or anyone you know who regularly uses lotion or other moisturizers. This works best if they own one of those containers that turn some of the product into foam. But if not, that's just okay too! Swap the contents of their bottle with, of course, whipped cream. If the switch is too apparent, try mixing it with the original moisturizer. Wait for them to slather the creamy consistency on their clean body! Wait for how long they can tell that their product gives them an icky and sticky feeling!

3. Whipped Cream Toiletries

Same with the Sticky Lotion Prank, except you put it in your victim's toiletries! You can choose from their favorite body wash, shampoo, conditioner, or even their shaving cream! You might be wondering why we love putting whipped cream in someone else's essentials. To tell you the truth, there is no reason behind it except doing it is a piece of cake and that it makes such an excellent prank. So why not, right?

4. Fake Cake Prank

This prank is filed under elaborate pranks that are worth it! Be a peach by making a "cake" for your family using whipped cream! Of course, we all know that whipped cream is used mainly for desserts, which might make you wonder what the joke is in this? Well, you're not going to make an actual cake but just cover whipped cream on a bunch of sliced bread stacked together to form a shape of a cake! You can be as creative as you like in choosing your base! You can use meat, but that would be too expensive. It's up to you, though! This is perfect if you are feeling crafty and want to just play like in Cooking Mama or any other restaurant games when you were a kid where you make pretty food, but they don't really taste as pretty as they look. Be creative with your cake! You can add a layer of cream cheese, fruits like a bowl of banana, or even top it with chocolate ice cream! There are no limits to this. What's important is you make a "cake" so realistic-looking and what seems to be made from a delicious recipe to impress your friends and family first - but will make them hilariously disgusted by your deceitful creation next! 

5. The Classic Pie on Face Prank

If you watch those old funny shows where people just put pies in paper plates and slam them into each other's faces, you can still totally use whipped creams for this! It would make such a fun slumber party prank that is so simple that kids could do so. Okay, not exactly the most thought-out "prank" you probably have in mind. But it will surely be fun to have some sweet facial cream party, won't it? 

These are the six fun pranks that you can do with whipped cream! Enjoy your creamy experience, and don't forget to have fun!

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