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Next-door Pranks 101: Here’s How To Prank Your Neighbor!Next-door Pranks 101: Here’s How To Prank Your Neighbor!

Next-door Pranks 101: Here’s How To Prank Your Neighbor!

May 31, 2021

Whether you despise or cherish your next-door neighbor, a good ‘ol prank has always been a proven and tested way to bring you closer to them (literally). As the classic and crowd-favorite saying “Love your neighbor” goes, you might want to express your love for them through a practical joke, and yes, people like us totally exist! However, keep this in mind: unless your beloved neighbors move out, you have to stick with them until the course of your stay, so you might want to keep a healthy rapport with them. Maybe just stick with giving them a baked pie or something—or if you’re really up for it, take the challenge of executing a fun (and harmless) prank for the ultimate test of friendship!

Wait a minute, prankster—again, your neighbor lives next to you whether you like it or not! Before you go about knocking and pranking, you might want to consider some of these basic precautions. As much as we want you to be able to execute the funny prank of the century to your apartment neighbor, we also want you to remain safe from a revenge prank from them. (If you’re here for a list of best revenge pranks, we’ve also got you covered!) Alright, buckle your seatbelts and take note of these five handy-dandy tips:

  1. Consider the demographics

You don’t want to get tagged as that “insensitive and horrible neighbor,” right? Remember, a good prank is a sensitive one. Take note of the demographics of the people living next door: are they a young prankster like you, or are they already an old couch potato who think jokes are way too inconsiderate and no fun at all? Is she in a good mood to play a classic prank, or is she already sick and tired of fun neighbors (like you)? Worst case scenario: your neighbor is actually a policeman, and you got arrested because of a prank you thought was safe and legal—YIKES!

  1. Start small

If you want to maintain an excellent pranking relationship with your neighbor, remember to start with minor, classic pranks than going grand right at the very beginning. Testing the waters is a very crucial step, just like any other thing in this world. If your neighbor liked the basic practical joke you played on them, then you might want to turn the notch up a little the next time you decide to prank them again!

  1. Prepare a bribe

Crisis alert: your neighbor got really, REALLY mad at you for pulling a prank on them, or worse: they start despising you as their neighbor! Oh no, nobody wants this to happen, right? If ever you reach this kind of scenario, you should have prepared a bribe to redeem yourself to them (and save yourself from further trouble). This is where the baked pies might come in handy, pal.

  1. Timing

Timing is one of the crucial things you should consider when deciding to prank your neighbor. You need to be able to understand that they might be under different circumstances from you. They might be undergoing a rough patch right now. Her beloved pet dog may have died days ago. To put it simply: they might have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Talk about bad timing!

  1. Check if your neighbor is there

All these prank preparations will go to waste if the victim is not in their house. So if you want your plan to go smoothly, make sure that your beloved neighbors

are within the vicinity or, better yet—have an accomplice from your target house to inform you whether the targets are there or not!

If you’ve made it this far, you’re all set, prankster. Congratulations! Now, onto the list of 10 pranks you can pull off on your neighbor:

  1. Ghostly Printer

The idea is simple: you trick your neighbor into thinking that an evil spirit possesses their printer or that they’ve invited a demon into their house. If they have an unsecured wireless printer you can easily connect to, create a word document, then type and have this printed: “Hello! I am a demon taking over your printer. If you don’t send a baked pie to your next-door neighbor, I will take over your dishwasher.” Fingers crossed, they always keep their printer open and loaded with papers ready for action!

  1. Bless You!

Your friendly neighbor hosts a barbeque party, and what do you give them in return? A good prank, of course! When you get the right timing to do it, pour water on your hand (we suggest making it extra disgusting and sticky for that eww factor), make a sneezing noise then throw the water at the back of the person’s neck! This will make your neighbor think that you’ve sneezed on them. Despite being a harmless prank, this might make you uninvited to the next party your neighbor decides to throw.

  1. Salt It Up

Whenever you get the chance to wander around your apartment neighbor’s kitchen (with consent, of course!) is the right time to execute this classic joke. If you have an extra bag of salt lying around your place, sneak them into your neighbor’s place the next time you visit them. The instructions are simple: replace their sugar jar with salt and watch them vomit (and despise you) the next time they make their morning coffee. Pro-tip: ask an accomplice to place a hidden camera just in case you’re not there to witness the epic moment!

  1. Lucky Day

We’ve seen this prank before, but nothing beats a dollar bill prank when executed to your beloved neighbors! This will surely make (or break) your neighbor’s day, especially when they pick their morning newspaper or bottle of milk from their front porch. First, print a 20-dollar bill with your funny face on it instead of President Andrew Jackson’s, then cut it in the size of a real one. Glue it on their front porch. Here’s the crucial part: make sure you have a hidden camera set up, so you have proof that your neighbor badly needs that money and that they thought that was a genuine 20-dollar bill!

  1. Embarrassing Delivery

Now this one’s more of a two-person prank. You need to have an accomplice dress up as a delivery person and prepare a box full of laxatives (only if you have some lying around). Ask your friend, who’s dressed up as a delivery person, to ring your neighbor’s doorbell and hand them the package with an embarrassing note, “We heard you have a hard time pooping these days.” written on it. This is where you come into play: make sure you record this hilarious and embarrassing moment, so you and your neighbor have something to look back and laugh about the next time you hang out together.

  1. Peeking Baby

If you have a penny to spend and decide to dial up the prank a little, then this one is definitely for you. The next time you visit a toy store, pick a fake baby up and keep it in case the right pranking time comes. Here’s how to do it: when you’ve made sure your neighbors aren’t around, stick your fake baby to their window with a durable sticky tape and make it seem like the baby’s peeking to say hi to them. This is definitely one for the books.

  1. Monster Snowman

It’s finally snowing, and rather than enjoying a cup of chocolate in front of your fireplace, you decide to prank your neighbor’s kids. Take note that this is recommended only for those who can make a decent-looking snowman, but in any case you don’t know how; you can always ask someone you know to make one for you. To make it seem like the snowman has eaten some of your neighbors’ kids’ friends, stick a pair of pants with a shoe inside the snowman’s mouth and make it seem as if he has eaten the other half already. Have fun watching those kids squeal in fright upon seeing your masterpiece!

  1. Prank Call

Nothing beats a good old prank call, especially with our prank calling app. Rule number one: keep it anonymous, and nobody does it better than Ownage Pranks’ own app! You might want to check out our best prank phone call ideas or formulate one yourself. The list of brilliant prank ideas is endless, fellow prankster!

  1. Crime Scene

You only need four things to effectively pull this prank off: chalk, a police tape, fake blood, and an existing relationship with your neighbor because this is a little extreme compared to the previous one (and we advise you not to pull this joke to strangers). Alright, here are the steps: draw an outline of a dead body outside their front door and attach police tapes around the sketch to make it seem as if it is a real crime scene. Add a little drizzle of fake blood around the illustration for that extra effect. Remember to tell them that it is only a prank just when they are about to report the incident to the police to avoid an extensive and unwanted commotion!

  1. Missing Pet

We’re glad that you and your neighbors can have some fun. For this last prank idea, prank your neighbors into thinking that their pet cat (or dog) has been lost or stolen. This will surely make your neighbor run around and look for their pet, only to find out that you’ve just hidden it for the meantime!  

Here’s another idea if you want to take your prank to the next level: if your accomplice has a pet, use it as an artificial replacement for your neighbor’s missing pet. This will make the fact that they’ve really lost their pet believable because you already bought a replacement for them. You’re welcome!

And that was 10 of the most fun and exciting ideas on how to prank your neighbor. Got any brilliant prank ideas we’ve missed? Send us a message here. Happy pranking, neighbor!


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