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Ownage Pranks Specials: Top Evil Prank IdeasOwnage Pranks Specials: Top Evil Prank Ideas

Ownage Pranks Specials: Top Evil Prank Ideas

Sep 19, 2021

When it comes to evil prank ideas, you know you can always count on Ownage Pranks. We have always been committed to giving our pranksters not only expert-quality hilarious prank ideas but also the cruelest evil prank ideas that will get any victim anywhere and at any time of the day. All of these pranks can be done with items found around your house or in stores near where you live, so they're easy to execute. Whether it's putting salt in someone's coffee cup, hiding their keys under a couch cushion, or switching out all of their toiletries with ones from the opposite sex, there is something here perfect for every type of person.

For this very special compilation by Ownage Pranks, we'll give you five of our most evil but harmless prank ideas to date. Before that, as always, here are the things you have to consider before pulling one of our top evil prank ideas to your friends or family:

Take note of these considerations

These evil prank ideas could cost your prank victim their perfectly good day. With that, it is important that you take note of these basic considerations so you know when and where it will be the right time to pull off the prank you decide to do!

Check their prank-o-meter

Pranks are meant to be taken lightly and with good humor. Make sure that you're not harming someone else in your joke, especially if they have different values from yourself or don't think that a supposedly "funny prank" is funny at all! Perhaps you've seen how some people in school used to do what they thought were harmless pranks in the middle of class, only for them to lose a friend the day after class. We wouldn't want that to happen! Remember: it's always better when people can laugh together after a sensitive situation has been blown out-of-proportion by some jokester who wanted attention for himself (not really).

Have a bribe prepared at hand

What if you've gone too far? The cruelest prank ideas have the tendency to affect people's feelings towards us, or worse: they hate us! The scenario where this happens is called a crisis in humor because it can be rough on both parties involved. If ever there is such dilemma with your victims, then don't worry - all hope isn't lost just yet! One of these methods would involve giving something valuable like a baked batch of sugar cookies and lasagna, which has been prepared specially by yours truly.

Timing is important

When deciding whether or not to pull off a harmless prank, timing is one of the most crucial factors in play. You don't want your plan to backfire or your victim to have a heart attack because they're going through something tough at home and have had too much caffeine for their own good!

Alright, now that we're all set, onto our top evil prank ideas!

Evil Hot Pepper Prank Idea

More Evil Hot Pepper Prank Ideas Here: Pranking 101: Hot Pepper Prank

If you have an upcoming family gathering, a house party, a game night with your friends, this will be the perfect hot pepper prank idea you can do to kick start the event! With this Strawberry or Pepper prank, they will surely be in for a fiery surprise. All you have to do is buy strawberries and strawberry-looking peppers and wrap them in melted chocolate. Once it cools down, put all of them together in a large bowl and roam around the place, asking your friend, a mutual friend, or your family if they want a taste of the dessert you just prepared. Be sure to film their reactions so you have a funny clip of someone who'll unluckily pick the hot pepper!

Evil TV Remote Prank Idea

More Evil TV Remote Prank Ideas Here: Pranking 101: TV Remote Prank

Let’s get right into it. The idea is that when your prank victim decides to watch TV, they will get annoyed and bummed out by the fact that the remote is covered in jello! Alright, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Prepare the things you would need: packets of Jello, a container big enough to fit the TV remote control in, a cling film, a plate, and of course, your target victim’s TV remote!

  2. Grab the container that you’d be using and cover it with cling film.

  3. Make the first layer of jello. Follow the instructions indicated on the Jello packet. Once you’re done preparing your jello, pour it into the container and place it inside the fridge to harden.

  4. Once it’s hard enough, place the remote face down and slowly begin pouring the rest of the jello to the brim and make sure that the remote is fully submerged into the Jello! Put it back in the fridge and wait for it to harden. Make sure your prank victim won’t see it or else, all this preparation will go to waste!

  5. Take your jello remote concoction and place it on a plate. Leave it next to the couch or wherever your prank victim will sit and watch the television! We’ll leave the rest of this to you, so do your best!

Evil Prank Call App

Want to try a prank using your mobile phone? Well, you can never go wrong with a classic prank call. Ownage Pranks' prank calling app lets you prank call your family or friends anonymously. What makes it a good prank idea is that we have a speech recognition technology with silence detection, real-time analysis, and AI response that works to make it seem like your prank victim is talking to a live person through their cell phone! Let all this translate into action right now, and try doing your next prank idea with this!

Evil Instagram Prank Ideas

More Evil Instagram Prank Ideas Here: Ownage’s Pick: Best Instagram Prank

Put every single one of your Instagram followers at the edge of their seats with this Big Announcement Prank idea we have for you. All you have to do is post a photo or video in your Instagram feed or stories of you posing as if you have achieved a very important milestone in your life along with a really, really long caption that leads to nowhere. If you think that's not enough to dub yourself as a diabolical person, another thing you can do to tease everyone is to make a post or story along with the caption “I have a very important announcement later!” and never talk about it anymore. PLAIN EVIL!

Evil Prank Ideas For Your Neighbor

More Evil Prank Ideas For Your Neighbor: Next-door Pranks 101: Here’s How To Prank Your Neighbor

We’re glad that you and your neighbors can have some fun. For this last prank idea, prank your neighbors into thinking that their pet cat (or dog) has been lost or stolen. This will surely make your neighbor run around and look for their pet, only to find out that you’ve just hidden it for the meantime!  

Here’s another idea if you want to take your prank to the next level: if your accomplice has a pet, use it as an artificial replacement for your neighbor’s missing pet. This will make the fact that they’ve really lost their pet believable because you already bought a replacement for them. You’re welcome!

And that was it for Ownage Pranks' ultimate collection of our most evil prank ideas to date. As much as we want you to go all out on these evil pranks on friends or family and embody being a diabolical person (for fun, of course), you should always keep it toned-down and harmless for everybody's sake. Happy pranking!



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