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Can Prank Dialers Be Traced?Can Prank Dialers Be Traced?

Can Prank Dialers Be Traced?

Mar 26, 2021

We’ve covered the different ways you can disguise your phone number when you are making prank calls. One of our suggestions was to use our in-house prank call app. Not only does it disguise your phone number, but it also comes with several pre-recorded scripts you can send. 

Ownage Pranks is not the only prank call app on the market. Another popular choice amongst pranksters is PrankDial or Prankster. They offer similar services - pre-recorded scripts with an anonymous number. It’s perfect for April Fools’ Day shenanigans and sleepover activities.


So Can It Be Traced?

For every ballsy prankster, there is always a paranoid one. Someone who can’t stomach the idea of getting caught and dreads the consequences. They will always ask the same question: can it be traced?

Simple Answer: No

Prank dialers don’t use your phone number to send out its prank scripts. It uses a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology to contact your target. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it’s the same tech behind Google Voice or Skype.

When you use VoIP, people can exactly track your number. It isn’t a regular call, so there is no caller ID or way to redial the number. It is definitely a better way to secure your privacy over the *67. Regular targets shouldn’t be able to track your prank phone calls.

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The Exception 

However, there are always exceptions. While they will never give out your personal information freely, it doesn’t mean they won’t give it out when the authorities ask. 

If someone were to file a complaint against a user and it goes to the police, they can subpoena the prankster’s information. If you end up on the wrong side of the law, the prank dialer will have to give up your name, email address, and caller ID - basically whatever they have on you.

When you make your prank calls, make sure you keep it legal. So no recording the call in a two-party state. No excessive insults that can be considered harassment. And most importantly, no prank calling emergency services. If you fail to do this, you can expect a call or visit from your local police. While prank dialers and most prank call apps value privacy strongly - they have to cooperate with law enforcement.


How To Trace A Call From A Prank Dialer

If you are planning on using the prank dialer app or similar services, find out what it takes to trace your phone call - very “know thy enemy.” Here are the steps your target would have to take if they want to find out who is prank calling them:

Record Relevant Details

Information is power, so jot down the details of the prank call. What time did it happen? How many times did they call? What were the time intervals?  This type of info may be helpful.

Redial The Number

See if you can redial the number. Most VoIP creates a fake one in its place, while it isn’t in the phone directory - you should be able to communicate back. Try to call your prankster. If this works, you can probably make a couple of prank calls in return.

A lot of effort goes into tracking a prank dialed call, so not many people do it. After all, what’s the harm in a good old fashioned prank? 

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Spoof Call Apps and Prank Calls

Prank call apps make it easy to send out hilarious calls. But if you want to make more original content and really cover up your tracks - you can try a spoof call app. 

Spoof call apps and prank calls are long-time partners. It is one way for you to make relatively anonymous calls without getting caught. The app helps you disguise your caller ID by creating a dupe in its place. With your “new” number, you can easily prank more people.

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What if you want to make an anonymous call, create original content, but don’t want to do the work? You can simply work with Ownage Pranks! Request a prank call, and we can closely collaborate with you! With our idea and our years of experience, we are sure to create the best call ever!

Happy Pranking!


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