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A Guide on the Best Spoof Call AppsA Guide on the Best Spoof Call Apps

A Guide on the Best Spoof Call Apps

Feb 2, 2021

Looking for a spoof call app can be very overwhelming. There are so many apps available, and they make promises you aren't sure they can keep. If you've never tried using a spoof call before, you are bound to download a few bad apples.

Ownage Pranks is here to simplify things. Let's go through the top features of the best spoof call app. All you have to do is compare the listed features on the app store with the ones here. As long as the app's information is accurate, you are sure to get the best spoof call app for prank calling. 

What Counts As A Top Feature?

Each developer has their own take on features or forms of caller ID spoofing app should have. For some people, the top features are a no-brainer. It's called a spoof call app, right? So it should just offer easy-to-use spoofing services.

However, others have gone the extra mile. They don't just stop at spoof calling services. They include other features that people might need when they make spoof calls. 

So who uses these types of fake call apps

Besides the off prankster here and there, it's not used solely for those who want to protect their privacy during prank calls - security contractors and telemarketing companies commonly use them.

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Here are the following top features of the best spoof call apps: 

Spoofing Services

Every spoof call app should have spoofing services, a way to disguise your number and hide your caller ID. You can say this feature is a focal point in the app. The app comes with a fake phone number in place for some services. You can use it just like a regular number. 

On the other hand, other services give you the power to create your own fake number. You can change the country code, state code - it doesn't even have to look like a real phone number. You can set it to whatever you like.

From spoofing services, you can branch out to spoof calls and spoof texts. 

Spoof Calls

The most common spoofing service on the market is for calls. Spoof calls are a way for you to make a phone call without giving away your caller ID or any other relevant information. For more information, you can check out: What Is A Spoof Call? 

For most pranksters, it covers everything you need. It is a quick and easy way to make an anonymous call. However, there are limitations. If the app only advertises spoof calls - it means you can't make spoof texts.

Also, a fake call app can make you endure the most awkward situation! Who doesn't want to clear the dead air when in such an uncomfortable situation? This app will be your savior!

Spoof Texts

Spoof texts allow you to send one-time text messages to random numbers. Most of the time, it is used to redirect people to a phone number they can call. It is a popular service among telemarketers and scammers. 

Despite its reputation, there are legal ways you can use this. It can be your new partner during prank calls. It helps you give your prank call idea a bit of realism. But its real-world applications are not just limited to pranks. It is great for long-term correspondence as well. If your spoofing app can set up a virtual phone number, you can receive text messages and calls. 

If you want to protect your privacy, there is no better way to do that than with a fake call app. It's great for prank calls, so much so we have a spoof call app in the works!

Record Conversations

The next handy feature is being able to record. During calls, you can record the conversations for future references. Some people like to use this as a way to gather evidence. In a one-party state, you can legally record a conversation as long as you are one of the speakers on the call has full knowledge that the call is being recorded.

But here in Ownage Pranks, we only care about one thing - pranks. When you have this feature, you can use it to catch your whole prank call on tape. From Tube Bar prank calls to Crank Yankers - recording prank reactions is a part of the culture! We have been doing it for years as well! Just check out our Youtube channel for our animated prank call videos. 

Voice Changer

If disguising your phone number wasn't enough, you can change your voice as well. Some fake caller apps come with a voice-changing feature to help you complete your disguise. There are two ways they edit your voice:

Male to Female / Female to Male

The most common type is changing your voice to sound like a different gender. It can be male to female or female to male. Now the voice changing feature is very rudimentary. It focuses on changing your pitch. So "female" can mean a high voice, and "male" can mean a low voice. 

Voice Soundboard

Other fake call apps take it a step further with a free voice soundboard. Unlike the first type, this doesn't always happen in real-time. Most voice soundboards have a ton of voices and accents but a very limited vocabulary, just like Ownage's soundboard. If you want to use this for your prank call, you might not be able to keep up with the exchange. 

Background Audio

Changing your voice is not the only thing you can control. You can also insert background audio throughout the call. The drone of a crowd, the rumble of a car, the rush of a river - they have everything you need to set the place. By using this, you can create a very realistic setting for your prank calls. 

Bonus Round

We've covered all the top features of a fake caller app. Now let's look into other qualities that might help you decide what app to download. 

Available In The AppStore and PlayStore

You don't have to be a tech nerd to have a favorite mobile phone brand. People are drawn to different things. So while some people enjoy Apple's ecosystem and its user-friendly interface - others prefer the versatility and freedom Android offers.

Both sectors have a pretty good hold over their markets, but things can change. Since Apple and Android phones are constantly competing - people are bound to switch and follow the next best thing. When you do this, you want to access the same apps and get back to your routine. Wouldn't it be a major bummer if one of the apps couldn't make the switch?

Do away with the hassle of finding another spoof caller app that works for you. It would be easier to settle for one that can survive and thrive on both platforms. So if you are looking for a spoofing app - make sure it is Apple and Android-friendly. 

Flexible Payment Plans

The next thing you have to consider is the cost of the app. What type of payment system would you prefer? Most spoofing apps are free to download with in-app purchases. Those in-app purchases can also come in different forms. 

Some have a subscription-based system where you pay for the plan of your choice. It requires a certain level of commitment. But what if I don't plan on making 5 spoof calls? What if I want to just give it a try? Or use it once in a while? The subscription system isn't the smartest way to go. 

Another way people go about it is by charging per action. It makes it easier for you to test out - but it can be more expensive. A dollar or three for every call can still add up. 

The popular system is with credit. You have to pay x-amount of dollars for x-amount of credits. Every time you make calls and text messages, they deduct your credit. If you want to keep making prank calls, you can treat these apps like you would with a Metrocard. It is a lot cheaper while still being flexible to use. 

Now that you know the different payment options pick the mobile app that best suits your purpose. If you want to spoof your prank calls, the credit system is your best bet. 

If you are going to pay for spoofing services, you might as well get the best one on the market. When you download your app, remember to get one that has everything on this list!

Download the best

Now spoofing apps isn't for everyone. You can get an idea of how pranksters succeed in their pranks by watching several prank call videos.

If you still want to make an anonymous prank call, you can do it through Ownage Pranks! Request a prank call, and we can design the perfect prank call for your friends and family. You are sure to get the best results!

And if a spoofing app isn’t your game to play, try this Ownage Pranks prank call app that will surely help you pull out a perfect and smooth prank on your friends and family!

Happy pranking!

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