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Twerking Dance Lessons! - Asian Phone Prank Call

Feb 21, 2014 1.6M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Buk Lau, Tyrone
Prank Victim: Dance school
Rage Level: Mellow

Asian phone prank call on a dancing school!

Best quotes: 

  • “You have the voice of someboodee who is like the so booty-licious you know?”
  • “If I have a ghetto booty do not matter if I the guy or the girl right?”
  • “He/she was looking for uh, some uh- some twerking lessons.”

Body of content:

In this Asian phone prank call with Buk Lau I called a dancing school and asked if they could teach me how to twerk like Miley Cyrus. The whole interaction ended up being hilarious! The girl who I spoke to was skeptical that the call might be a prank, but she was too worried to be rude in case it was real. Should I prank more dance schools? Let me know in the comments!


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[phone ringing]

Girl: Hi, this is Amina, from Direct Groove. How can I help you?

Pranker [speaking as Buk Lau]: Duh hello, yeah I see your advertisement on the Craiglisting right, for the popping?

Girl: Yes?

Pranker: Duh yeah, I'm wondering what you can do and what the charge for class is?

Gril: Uh, where did you find the ad from?

Pranker: I see the ad on the uh, Craig.

Girl: Ahem. It's a hundred dollars and uhm, the, you have to pay in advance for the class because it's by the-

Girl: If you try to pay the day of it will be full by that time-

Pranker: One hundred do- are you the teacher? Or who is it?

Girl: I'm not the teacher, it's another uhm, guy named Sun, he's actually a Korean-American.

Pranker: OOOH, I like that you know, Sunny guy, okay! That's good, I like that.

Pranker: Do you only have a one type of classing? Or do you have like the several kind?

Girl: There are other kinds of, there's hip hop party moves-

Pranker: I'm wondering do you know the- the dancing that the- I tried to learn a specific dance move and do you know the dancing of the Miley Cyrus?

Girl: You know, I don't really know her dancing very well...

Pranker: Yeah?

Girl: Yeah I don't know her dance very well.

Pranker: BUT MILEY CYRUS YOU KNOW? She’s all over the news you know? She's that slutty motherfarker, the small girl you know?

Girl: Yeah, I know who that is [laughing]

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, okay! So basically I am hoping I want to dance a little bit like that you know, I go to the club with my friend, nobody you know pay attention you me...

Pranker: ... I'm like the little Asian person in the corner and stuff. So I want to learn how to put my leg on the wall and do the ass uh, twerking thing you know?

Girl: [giggles] Okay...

Pranker: So- but what do you think? Do you think someboodee will teach me this?

Girl: Uhm, you know I don't actually know anyone who teaches that.

Pranker: But what about the Korean guy? Does he not have a ghetto booty or what they say?

Girl: Uhm, I don't think the Korean guy knows that kind of dance.

Pranker: Okay but what about you? You can teach me? You- I know I can feel it! You can do it right?

Girl: No, I don't really know how to do that myself. Uhm...

Pranker: Ok, I can- I can feel it you know? You- you have the voice of someboodee who is like the so booty-licious you know? [chuckles]

Girl: [giggles] Well thank you! What is your name by the way?

Pranker: My name is a Buk Lau.

Girl: Is what?

Pranker: My name is a Buk Lau.

Girl: A Buk Lau?

Pranker: Right.

Girl: Oh okay.

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, yeah-

Girl: Well nice to meet you.

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, it's my pleasure to meet you! You know, I'm sorry I just, I don't know what to do I know that everybody...

Pranker: If I go up to the guy and do the jiggling right, and they look at me and say OH MY GOD, THE BEST PERSON. You know?

Girl: [giggling] Yeah, yeah...

Pranker: Yeah yeah yeah, so, do you have someboodee else there that maybe can give me tip?

Girl: You know I don't have some at the moment but I will save your number and if I have a class like the kind you're looking for...

Girl: ... like I'm actually going to try and start a Beyonce dance class, so you know I can text you-

Pranker: OH MY GOD I WANT TO- oh that would be so perfect! I would love to learn how to do the booty shaking like the black people you know?

Pranker: They do the best one!

Girl: Yeah... [giggles]

Pranker: YEAH YEAH okay, okay, do you- are you independent woman? Like Beyonce too?

Girl: [chuckles] Uhm, no, not really! I mean I'm married so I'm not really independent like how she is.

Pranker: Oh, crap. Okay. Well she's married too, you know?

Pranker: Right? To Z- Jay right?

Girl: yeah but I think when she made that song she was not married.

Pranker: Oh, okay...

Pranker: I see. Okay, so basically what number do you have it for me to call someboodee who can help me with this?

Girl: You know, I don't have anybody in mind right now, but if I think of anyone would you like me to text message you?

Pranker: Oh, okay you can do that, that's okay we can do that text message right.

Girl: Okay... Well thank you for calling!

Pranker: Okay, but you sure your husband won't get mad if you text me or something?

Girl: Well you said you're a woman right?

Pranker: What?!

Girl: Are you a man or a woman?

Pranker: [stuttering] Does that make a difference for the twerking?

Girl: For the twerking, I mean I guess both can do that.

Pranker: Right. If I have a ghetto booty do not matter if I the guy or the girl right?

Girl: I mean if I have a Beyonce class it will be for a man or a woman yes.

Pranker: Okay. Excellent, so, you know if someboodee have a ball sack not a big problem!

Girl: Sorry?

Pranker: Nothing. Okay, ok. Alright, send me the text message right and then I would uh...

Pranker: I will try to look at it but I really you know, I want to use your service, you look like the good people but...

Pranker: I want to make sure someboodee gonna teach me how to pick up all the guys right?

Girl: Okay.

Pranker: Yeah, yeah.

Girl: Sounds good.

Pranker: Ok in- in my country-

Girl: Bye, thank you!

Pranker: In my country before we hang up the telephone we like to give the kiss on the telephone right? We go... [kissing]

Pranker: Can I have one please?

Girl: [kiss]

Pranker: I don't hear it.

Girl: [laughing] Is this the re- Are you really from another country because it sounds like you're an American and you're faking an accent.


Pranker: [stuttering] That's very insulting to me you know?

Girl: I'm not sure if you really have an accent or if you're faking an accent.

Pranker: Well why you do not believe me? You know?

Pranker: Okay, one minute... Hold on.

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Uh, hello?

Girl: John?

Pranker: Ey yo girl, what's popping?

Girl: Who is this?

Pranker: You thought it was John?

Girl: Yeah sorry! I-I thought you were someone else. Who am I speaking to?

Pranker: This is Tyrone. That was my roommate Buk Lau you were speaking to right now...

Pranker: Uh, yeah... He/she was looking for uh, some uh- some twerking lessons.

Girl: Oh, okay [chuckles]

Pranker: Yeah!

Girl: I- I wasn't sure if your roommate really had an accent or was faking an accent for me.

Pranker: No! No that's 100% ASIAN right there.

Girl: Oh, okay. [giggles]

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, alright. So you gonna find my boo-boo some uh, some lessons?

Girl: No, I actually don't have a twerking class at the moment. But, now that I'm seeing there's interest I can see if I can find a teacher to teach-

Girl: I actually personally don't teach twerking but, I can see if I can find a twerking teacher and I'm also trying to start a Beyonce dance class.

Pranker: Okay-

Girl: But I need to find a teacher for both, but uhm, if this is her- or his cell phone number then I can text to this number and you know...

Girl: ...let you guys know when I have that class.

Pranker: Okay, alright. SO uh, can you guys or girls come to the class?

Girl: Yes.

Pranker: Okay, are you gonna be in the class too?

Girl: Uhm, uh yeah I do usually go to most classes even if I'm not teaching I'll go take it.

Pranker: Okay, so alright. So listen, once we get the twerking class set up, we all gonna do it and then you can practice on me how’s that sound?

Girl: [laughing] I- I think we're not gonna be practicing on anybody, we're just gonna just, practice on the air.

Pranker: No but I heard you were beautiful, I thought you- you gotta practice on somebody to get it down right?

Pranker: Because then that person who you practicing on could be like 5 out of 10, 8 out of 10, 10 out of 10, you crazy.

Girl: Well I'm actually married and it sounds like you're also in a relationship.

Pranker: Oh no, no, no, I ain't! Pf! I ain't dating Buk Lau! Come on now! That's crazy!

Pranker: You- you in a relationship? See-

Girl: Yes, I'm married.

Pranker: Buk Lau and I- we in a- We in a open relationship alright? So like you know, we just talk to each other we keep the lines of communication open...

Pranker: Do you happen to be in the same arrangement with your husband?

Girl: No, sorry.

Pranker: Okay, alright. Okay, alright. AM I making you uncomfortable a little bit?

Girl: A little bit.

Pranker: Okay, okay, would this be a good time to tell you this is a prank call?

Girl: I mean I figured it was but who are you?!

Pranker: [laughing]

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Hey, how's it going? I'm not actually black or Asian but th-that was me on the phone both times.

Girl: But who are you?

Pranker: You want the inside scoop?

Girl: Yeah!

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: My name is Abdo I am a Middle Eastern guy.

Girl: Wow, you're good!

Pranker [speaking as Rakesh]: I like to think that I can do some things right.

Girl: Wow! You're really good. Maybe you can teach a class for me on accents!

Pranker [speaking as Alexander]: I can do for you my sister! [laughing]

Girl: Wow, that's really good! You do comedy?

Pranker [speaking as Billy]: A little bit! [speaking as Russell] Yeah, I do some comedy yeah.

Girl: Uh, well yo- you're very- I mean I thought it might be a prank call phone call but...

Girl: I didn't wanna be rude in case it wasn't!

Pranker: [laughing] I know that was so funny, you're like "I think it's someone doing an accent but I'm not sure".

Pranker: I-I got a kick out of that. Well thank you for being a good sport. I actually uh, I do a bunch of pranks related videos on YouTube so...

Pranker: I can give you a url if you wanna check it out at some point.

Girl: Yeah, sure. Wait, am I going to be the one on the videos?

Pranker: If you're okay with it yeah, I mean, so what do you think?

Girl: Yeah, you can use it! I don't care.

Pranker: Alright, cool yeah so...

Girl: Will you send me the link too?

Pranker: If you happen to check out the uh channel, you might get a kick out of it and then subscribe, then you'll get updates when the videos goes up.

Girl: Okay, what is the channel?

Pranker: It's uh,

Girl: Okay. O-W-N-A-G-E? Pranks?

Pranker: Yeah, Ownage Pranks, yeah, that's it.

Girl: Okay, and what's your name?

Pranker: My name is Russell.

Girl: Russell, but yeah I think what you're doing is really cool like you're lucky I have a good sense of humor.

Pranker: Yeah, thank you, you were a great sport! I didn't wanna like push it too far and make you too uncomfortable.

Pranker: I know you're married and everything so excuse my uh, slight hitting on you but it was all for good fun. [laughing]

Girl: Oh, no, no, it's okay I mean I'm like used to that. So I mean...

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