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Sultry Sex Shop Interview Prank Call - Ownage Pranks

Jul 24, 2016 1.5M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Abdo
Prank Victim: Interviewee
Rage Level: Mellow

Sex shop interview prank call turns inappropriate!

Best quotes: 

  • “I thought maybe you lost a bet or something and that's why you had to get that ugly tattoo.”
  • “Do it for Marilyn ok? Put it up your buttocks.”
  • “He's brainwashed me, I've finally come to the conclusion that I need things up my arse.”

Body of content:

Abdo and Rakesh teamed up for this interview prank call on a girl who was waiting for a call back from an adult shop she interviewed with. In stage two of the interview, I went into a bunch of uncomfortable requests to see how far she would go to get the job! Her response ended up being super funny and made for a hilarious prank.

Her friend set up this prank call with me - do you have a friend who would be perfect for an interview prank call like this? Let me know in the comments below!


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Pranker [speaking to audience]: This girl in the Uk is waiting for a call back after an interview with an adult shop that sells toys, laundry etc.

Pranker: Unfortunately I don't think she was quite ready for my stage 2 interview.

[phone ringing]

Girl: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Uh, yes, hello. Uh, can I speak with uh, Jodie [censored], please?

Girl: Yes, this is her.

Pranker: I'm actually calling with Ann Summer, the management, uh... Regarding-

Girl: Oh, okay!

Pranker: Your application a little while back, you know I wanted to just move on to stage 2 of the interview...

Pranker: You know, I wanted to go ahead and maybe you know we can give you a few free products to try it out.

Girl: That's not something that I'd be interested in doing but...

Pranker: So hypothetically right? But if you can choose between like, varying butt plug, or uh, dildo.

Girl: [laughing]

Pranker: W-which one would you prefer it?

Girl: Neither?

Pranker: Okay, we can come back to this. So I'm just wondering, you know we noticed you had you know, just a few piercings and things like this.

Pranker: Is that something that uh- you could you know, remove before work everyday?

Girl: Yeah.

Girl: Yeah, most of them, I can. Yeah.

Pranker: We have a note here as well that you seem to have some tattoos. Correct?

Girl: Yes.

Pranker: I believe one is uh, Marilyn Manson?

Girl: Yeah, Marilyn Manson.

Pranker: Our upper management actually uh, the CEO, uh, he has just some interesting peculiar requests, but-

Pranker: One important stipulation would be that you have to cover up the Marilyn Manson tattoo.

Pranker: Just because he told me you know, he's like oh you know I don't want satanists working here so that's very important to him.


Pranker: Yeah-

Girl: Satanist?!

Pranker: Yeah, uh-

Girl: How am I a satanist because I have a Marilyn Manoson tattoo?

Girl: NO. I don't- WHAT?

Pranker: I'm just you know, the messenger you know, but you know what Marilyn Manson has done right? All of his real fans are just like, you know...



Pranker: Yeah-

Girl: Worship the devil? Just because I like someone and have my idol tattooed on me that doesn't mean I worship the devil.

Pranker: Oh wait he's your idol?

Girl: Oh I have a fark- Yeah see I don't have the farking Pentagram tattooed on my forehead, Jesus Christ!

Pranker: Honestly I bet you Marilyn Manson like shoving stuff up his ass, like it's not uh, sorry-


Pranker: I don't mean that in a disrespectful way, I'm just saying like- you know-

Girl: How can you not say that in a disrespectful way- WHAT THE FARK?

Pranker: I'm not trying to upset you or anything like that-


Pranker: Honestly, I thought maybe you lost a bet or something and that's why you had to get that ugly tattoo, but I didn't think-

Girl: [offended sigh] OH MY-


Pranker: Pretend I am Marilyn Manson right. If Marilyn Manson told you to- told you to try some-

Girl: [giggles] Okay-

Pranker: Some adult products you would do it right? So-

Girl: No. I don't- WHAT?!

Pranker: Do it for Marilyn ok? Put it up your buttocks.


Pranker: Yeah [stuttering] are you upset? Uh, or-

Girl: Yes, I am! I'm not- I'm not a satanist! Why would I be a satanist just because I have an idol?

Pranker: I just tell it like it is. Don't take offence to it, please.

Girl: Yeah, but I am taking offence, because this is the shop I'm gonna be working for and these questions are coming into it, then why'd I wanna work for you like-

Pranker: I won't be in the store too often myself, I am like the big boss man, the big baller, shot caller. You won't have to worry about that.

Girl: Yeah but if you're the big boss man all of your other people who work for you gonna be like you?

Pranker: Uh, no, no, I'm- you know, I interviewed them so they're not gonna be like satanists and stuff like- they'll be fine.

Girl: How many times must I tell you that I'm not a satanist?

Pranker: But I don't get it like if you weren't a satanist, I feel like you would be willing to try the dildos.

Girl: That doesn't mean I'm a satanist if I don't wanna farking use a butt plug.

Pranker: Yeah I mean, honestly right now I have one in my ass. Right now, just trying it out new one that came in just-

Girl: Are you the manager? Can I talk to your manager?

Pranker: You want to speak to somebody else?

Girl: Yes, please. What's your name for reference?

Pranker: Uh, my name's Abdo.

Girl: Abdo, okay thank you very much Abdo.

[phone ringing]

Pranker [speaking as Rakesh]: Uh, yes, hello. This is Ann Summers Rakesh speaking, how can I help you?

Girl: Hi, uhm, I've just been on the phone to one of your colleagues and he was being quite foul to me in his language, saying that he had a butt plug in his anus.

Girl: I know this is an interview for Ann Summers but-

Pranker: You were- hold on, let me see what is your name?

Girl: Jodie.

Pranker: It says here that you were getting a follow up call for a stage 2 interview?

Girl: Yes. For Ann Summers.

Pranker: I don't know if we told you but we actually just got some new products in the mail today, I have to-

Pranker: P- pull-out the butt- oh, one second.

Girl: Oh my God...

Pranker: Sorry what happened?

Girl: Did you just-

Pranker: I think we might have a misunderstanding.

Girl: No, it's fine anyway, yeah.

Pranker: Oh, okay. Well what did you hear exactly, I'm sorry I'm confused? Just- just to recap for me real quick.

Girl: That you've got new products in store and that you need to readjust or something along those lines.

Pranker: We just got a new shipment of this type of inflatable varying butt plug and we were all trying it out . My-

Girl: Oh my-

Pranker: It was a little too tight so I had to just remove to sit down, I'm sorry about that.

Pranker: So yeah, what happened today with the interview?

Girl: I was- on the phone to Abdo, I think it was, he was making foul remarks about how I am a satanist, I'm satanic because I have certain tattoos and things like that.

Pranker: There will absolutely be no right for him to call you something like that, I mean but-

Pranker: Unless of course you had like a tattoo of Marilyn Manson or something like that.

Girl: Yes. I do have a tattoo with Marilyn Manson on it so how am I a satanist? I don't- I really [indistinctive speaking]

Pranker: But can you cover it up when you're working?

Girl: Yes, I can. But I don't see how that's necessary different to other tattoos?

Pranker: [making weird sounds] Sorry I- knocked over my EasyRider- Male masturbator Cup oh, it spilled all over the floor.

Pranker: I'm sorry about that.


Pranker: Ah, I don't know if Abdo tried to tell you but we actually have great introductory ability to give you three dildos free of charge, right?

Pranker: But just that you can try in your over time and then tell us "Ok, I like this one, I have went black and now I cannot go back right”?

Girl: Is this real, like- I don't wanna use your farking butt plugs and your dildos.

Girl: I just wanna work for your shop selling crap.

Pranker: Every time somebody new is hired here they get the Employee Starter Pack right?

Pranker: And that includes: 3 dildos, 4 butt plugs, 3 different kind of lubricant, 50$ voucher for any item of your choice.

Pranker: And then just like a follow up form where you just say okay I like this, I don't like this, you rate each one on 1-10...

Pranker: ... and then you say which one made you bust the most nuts, right?


Pranker: Listen lady, just put it in your butt and then it'll be a good deal, right?


Pranker: Okay-


Pranker: If we give it a starter pack we ha- we can ease the buttocks right? We can ease the buttocks just-

Girl: Yeah, you know like, just because all the satanic crap he's brainwashed me I've finally come to the conclusion that I need things up my arse.

Pranker: That's why I'm giving you 4 different ones. Okay uh, hold on... [typing]

Pranker: Let me- [typing] Before we can send the product out we have to call just one final reference to make sure that they can vouch for you.

Pranker: We're gonna go ahead and call a, Katie [censored] right? You put her on your sheet?

Girl: Okay, yeah?

Pranker: We actually talked to her first and she said that you will prefer the butt plug so...

Girl: WHAT?

Pranker: We talked to Ben as well and he- he gave us very good things about you said you are the best hire, right?

Girl: How did you get his contact number?

Pranker: He- he came in actually, to the store for we had uh, booth set up for prostate massage...

Pranker: ... and he came actually to try it.


Pranker: See Ben is open-minded for th-

Girl: Yeah I know Ben is open-minded, trust me, I know.

Pranker: He took home quite the gift back right? He said that he has some exciting plans for you right?

Girl: I've had enough of this. I'm gonna go. Thank you.


Pranker: Quickly last thing.

Girl: Oh my God! WHAT?!

Pranker: Your friend Katie...

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: ... set you up for this prank. This isn't actually a job interview and none of this is actually true.

Girl: What?

Pranker: Your friend Katie set you up for this prank, I'm not actually calling from Ann Summers...

Girl: WAIIIIIT, wait, wait, OH MY GOD...

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