Drug Dealer Reports His Earnings to the IRS
Lowballing an Asian Lady for Coachella Tickets (amazing)
Spoiled Jake Paul Fan Wants a Lambo
Evil Landlord Evicts Pregnant Woman (insane)
Arrogant Brooklyn Hipster Pranked TWICE

Sugar Daddy Call Me Daddy Prank

Jan 5, 2014 2.2M views 0 comments

This lady has several ads on craigslist looking for a sugar daddy, basically an arrangement where I give her money in exchange for certain favors. She didn't include her number so a friend emailed back and forth with her to get her phone number and some more info. I promised her £1,000 pounds a month to get her on the phone, this is what happened. In case you miss the ending of this, I DID send her money via PayPal, and plan to again with the next callback. (despite the fact that this whole thing seems a little scammy, and she been posting several "Sugar Daddy" ads).

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