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Racist Name Written On Drink Cup! SAVAGE Starbucks Prank

Sep 30, 2012 4.8M views 0 comments

Category: Restaurant prank
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Abdo
Prank Victim: Starbucks
Rage Level: Mellow

Starbucks gets a prank call about racist name on a cup!

Best quotes: 

  • “I want to call, uh, I have to call ‘ze Fox News, the CNN, E.S.B.N., MTV, Cartoon Network, Oxygen!”
  • “Don’t make a s*** in za pant!”
  • “Can I talk to ‘ze-’ze ‘za specialist for ‘za coffee?”

Body of content:

Starbucks has a reputation for getting names wrong on their cups, so I decided to turn it into a silly prank! I called a Starbucks location as an Arab guy, Abdo, and told them that somebody at their store wrote the name “OSAMA” on my cup!! Naturally, some com-ben-za-shen is in order. 

The employee who was helping me ended up being very apologetic and kind, she obviously felt horrible. I couldn’t leave her too worried in the end, so I wrapped this prank up in a wholesome way! What other ways would you guys like to see me do a Starbucks prank? Are there any other coffee places I should call up? Let me know in the comments! 


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Supervisor: Thank you for calling Starbucks. This is Kathleen. How may I help you?

Pranker: Uh, hello, can I please speak to a manager, please?

Supervisor: Um, we don't have a store manager right now, but I'm the supervisor right now.

Pranker: Okay, I come today, I have a little bit of problem. I buy-, I buy a Caramel Frappuccino, right.

Supervisor: Uh-huh!

Pranker: I-, I tell-, the lady asked me, "What is your name?" I tell her Abdul, right. I take the cup.

Pranker: I go home. I go to my office. I drinking, enjoying the-, the-, the-, Frappuccino and I look at the cup

Pranker: and the name of the cup says OSAMA! What do-, and I-, the moment I saw that I WAS SO PISSED OFF, so I want to know-,

Supervisor: Okay.

Pranker: -- I want to understand this now why is this kind of thing is going to happen to me?

Supervisor: Um, oh, I'm very sorry that it did happen to you.

Pranker: I don't know what to doing now, right. I-, I-, I-, I don't even know how to explain to you the feeling I have inside.

Supervisor: Yeah, no, of course, it's-, it shouldn't happen to your drink. Um, what I can offer you is

Supervisor: the next time you come in we can do a drink for free for you.

Pranker: Okay. So you think now that somebody is going to call me Osama and then, now I'm going to get a free Frappuccino, instead?

Supervisor: Oh, I am so sorry. I literally just realized what I'm-, oh my gosh.

Pranker: EXACTLY!

Supervisor: No that-

Pranker: EXACTLY!

Supervisor: Uh, no, yeah

Pranker: You know, I COME TO THIS COUNTRY to be HAPPY, right.

Supervisor:  Yeah! I know, I'm-

Pranker: I come to be happy not to make a DISCRIMINATION, right?

Supervisor: Yeah, no, that is INCREDIBLY HORRIBLE and it shouldn’t happen. I'm so sorry.

Pranker: I don't know what to do now. I want to call-, I have to call the FOX NEWS

Pranker: the CNN, ESPN! MTV! CARTOON NETWORK! Oxygen, do I tell people or what do I do now?

Supervisor: Um, I can only apologize. I-, that ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED, um.

Pranker: Okay, I have-

Supervisor: Do you know what-, do you know time you were in here I just-, I want to figure out.

Pranker: I came like, like 10 o'clock.

Supervisor: Okay. And it's specifically [beep] one here?

Pranker: Right.

Supervisor: Okay. Um...

Pranker: So LISTEN, LISTEN, it's not-, it-,  first of all, I know it's not your PROBLEM, okay. So

Supervisor: No!

Pranker: don't get a fast heart, okay. I can hear you. You're like breathing. You're like-, don't make a crap in this event, right. It's okay. I know it's not you.

Supervisor: Oh, I mean, I'm not worried about. I need to find out who did this at my store and make sure

Supervisor: that they know that-, that's-, unacceptable

Pranker: Exactly! Right

Supervisor: It's unacceptable.

Pranker: It's a -- what is this, you know, I come-, I-, I-, I-, I-, I make a cry, you know.

Supervisor: Yes. Yes, it's awful.

Pranker: Okay. You have-, can I talk to the specialist for the coffee?

Supervisor: Um, I-,  the shift's change, so the people who were here at 10 aren't actually here anymore.

Pranker: What is your name by the way?

Supervisor: RIGHT NOW.

Pranker: What is your name?

Supervisor: My name is Kathleen.

Pranker: Kathleen. Are you okay, Kathleen?

Supervisor: Yes!

Pranker: You sound-

Supervisor: I am-, I mean, I'm upset but-

Pranker: I'm upset too but I don't want-

Supervisor: Yeah, I understand that.

Pranker: Okay. So who can I talk to right now for like a compensation or like, uh-

Supervisor: Um, I can take care of a compen-, I can take care of, like an in-store drink compensation for you.

Supervisor: That's the only thing I can-, personally take care of.

Pranker: But who can I talk to about the lawsuit?

Supervisor: Yes, if you-, I-, the only thing I can suggest is customer service and

Supervisor: they would be able to better direct you to like the people to talk to.

Pranker: Okay. And if I look on the internet, will I find the customer service number?

Supervisor: Yes. If you go to the Starbucks, the main Starbucks website there will be a customer-, customer service hotline that you can call.

Pranker: Okay, okay, I'm going to call them right now.

Supervisor: Yes, please do.

Pranker: Can you please say I apologize, Mr. BAMBOO for me, please?

Supervisor: I'm sorry?

Pranker: Can you please like apologizing to me now?

Supervisor: I am very, very sorry.

Pranker: Okay. Alright. I love you. Thank you so much.

Supervisor: Thank you!

Pranker: Do you love me too at least after Osama?

Supervisor: I do-, Oh, I-, I am just very, very sorry that this happened. You don't-, because that

Pranker: I understand.

Supervisor: Nobody deserves that.

Pranker: But what I'm asking you right now is do you love me too?

Supervisor: Yes, I do.

Pranker: But you don't-, you don't say it, right, I say I love you.

Supervisor: I LOVE YOU!

Pranker: Thank you. Okay. Alright. Take care.

Supervisor: You too.

Pranker: [Speaking to audience] What the fark! She said-, the way she said it-, the way-, the way she said I love you.

Pranker: Honestly, I felt bad for her though, like she sounded like the sweetest girl, like at the same time like I wanted

Pranker: to prank her but at the same time she was so nice. You can just tell she's going like crap herself.

Pranker: And despite what you guys may think I do have a heart. [Laughs] She's-, when I said I love you for the first time

Pranker: I think that she had people nearby and then, she said it in the most serious tone ever, she's like, "I do."

But you don't say you love me. I love you. [Laughing] Sorry guys. You have to understand that when I hold back my laughter

Pranker:  that whole time during the prank I got to let loose afterwards, for like a few seconds

 [Phone ringing]

Supervisor: Thank you for calling Starbucks. This is Kathleen. How may I help you?

Pranker: Uh, hello, Kathleen. How are you?

Supervisor: Good. How are you?

Pranker: I'm good. You know, I just want to call you now. I-I-I thought about it and you are so nice and so sweet to me.

Pranker:  I don't want to get anybody in trouble, so I will -- maybe next time you can just give me a free drink or something.

Supervisor: Well, I-I do appreciate that and because it's really not okay what happened.

Pranker: Of course, but I honest-, honestly, after talking to you and you are-, you were very understanding and nice on the phone and it was obvious that, you know, you had no idea

Pranker: of something like that. So, I, you know, I believe you and you were very nice to me. So, I don't want make a problem for you, you know?

Supervisor: Okay. Well, I appreciate that and I'd do it again.

Pranker: Alright, well, next time I come in maybe you can make me a special CARAMEL FRAPPUCCINO

Supervisor: Definitely.

Pranker: Okay. Take care.

Supervisor: Alright, you too.

Pranker: Bye-bye.

Supervisor: Bye.

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