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Racist Cop Prank Call - Animated Police Prank!

Mar 27, 2016 5.3M views 0 comments

Category: Prank call
Format: Animated
Characters: Tyrone, Abdo
Prank Victim: Cop
Rage Level: Hardcore

Epic police prank on a racist cop gets animated!

Best quotes: 

  • “Tyrone, that’s T-Y-rone.”
  • “FOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!! Hole in one, right? Par 2, mister styooobid.”
  • “F*** to your face! F*** you this! F*** to your face! UHLULULULULULUL!!”

Body of content:

I prank called a guy who is known to have a temper and racist attitudes, and pretended to be Tyrone and Abdo from his local library offering him a job opportunity. Despite his interest in the job, he’s clearly put off by both characters immediately. Somehow he comes to the conclusion that I’m trying to scam him - even though I never asked for money or personal info!

He threatens to call the police on me, then claims he’s already done it, and then says that he’s supposedly a cop himself. It’s a bit strange for someone who’s a cop to have to threaten to call the police. I didn’t give up on bugging this guy though, and he ended up totally losing his mind by the end of the prank!

What was your favorite scene from this animation? Do you think this was REALLY a cop prank or her just wanted to freak me out? Should I do some kind of police prank in the future? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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Cop: Hello?

Pranker: Uhh, yeah, how you doing there sir?

Pranker: My name is Tyrone. I'm calling with the Library of- [censure]

Pranker: We have, uh, job opportunities. We looking for people who may be interested in joining us.

Cop: Yeah, I might be interested. What's your name again?

Pranker: Tyrone. That's T-Y-RON.

Cop: I don't really think you're from the city of [censure]

Pranker: Is it 'cause I'm black

Cop: I think I'm gonna call the police. [call ends]

Pranker: [laughs]

Cop: Hello?

Pranker: Yeah, sir. I believe we got disconnected somehow unfortunately.

Pranker: Uh, would you be interested-

Cop: No, we didn't- I've already filed a police report against this.

Pranker: DAMN dawg!

Cop: I don't believe who you are.

Pranker: You are fast as hell! It's been like 14 seconds

Pranker: You filed a police report?

Cop: I did. I called the police.

Pranker: Okay

Cop: Called 911

Pranker: Alright. You think it's that serious, that I'm trying and offer you a job, you-

Pranker: [call ends] Hello?

Pranker: [laughs]

Cop: Hello?

Pranker2: Uh, hello. My name is Abdo. I'm calling from the [censored] library about uh...

Pranker2: Job opportunity. How are you doing today sir?

Cop: Really? You are huh?

Cop: This is the third call we've gotten

Cop: This time you're using a different number.

Cop: You are a scam artist. We know it.

Pranker2: I'm trying to get you job opportunity-

Cop: I already have a job. I work at a police department you idiot.

Pranker2: Come for the int-

Cop: We have traced your call.

Pranker2: Come for the interview-

Cop: you en-

Pranker2: Mister Stupid! Come for the interview!

Cop: [making weird sounds]

Cop: You are busted dude!

Pranker2: Uh, ex-

Cop: Police are coming get you.


Pranke2r: ENGLISH IS STILL NUMBER 2 LANGUAGE for me, okay?

Pranker2: So don't make like big word-

Cop: Yeah, well you're not probably not even a citizen.

Pranker2: Well, I a-

Cop: You are not welcome here in the United States. Eh?

Pranker2: Wha- FARK to you and fark to your face

Pranker2: Don't speak with me like that okay? Who you think you are?

Cop: You're not welcome here. FARK to your face!

Cop: Fark you this, fark to your face

Cop: [making weird sounds]

Pranker2: Look mister Stupid I'm-

Cop: Last guy to call here was the black guy

Cop: And you're trying to trap people into paying you money.

Cop: You're not from-

Pranker2: What are-

Pranker2: Mister STUPID! I don't want your money.

Pranker2: All I am asking FOOOOR

Pranker2: Is to see if-

Cop: [mocking] FOOOOOR. You playing golf or something?

Pranker2: FOOOOOR! Hole in 1, right? Part 2

Pranker2: Mister Stupid.

Cop: You're completely farking stupid

Pranker2: You are racist man.

Cop: No I'm not a racist man.

Pranker2: Yes, you tell me I don't belong in this country.

Pranker2: All these thing is f-

Cop: You don't.

Pranker2: Repeat it one more time... [call ends] Hello?

Pranker: [laughs]

Cop: Hello?

Pranker2: Yes, hello, I have my manager here, he wants to speak with you.

Cop: No-

Pranker: Hey, yo. What's popping dawg?

Pranker: So you wanna-you wanna get the job opportunity? Or how you feeling about it?

Pranker: What's going on? I-I-I'm-

Cop: Look, you guys are not with the-the-the library.

Pranker: The-the-the what?!

Cop: Your scam is so BAD.

Pranker: Look dawg, what do you think I'm trying to scam you for?!

Pranker: I ain't asking you for your credit card, I ain't asking you for money

Pranker: I'm just trying to see if you looking-


Pranker: Because-

Cop: WHY?!

Pranker: You sound like a great person to talk to dawg.

Cop: I'm not a great person AND I DON'T LIKE PEOPLE LIKE YOU


Cop: I've already called the police!

Pranker: Okay?!

Cop: I work for the farking police department you idiot!

Pranker: Okay, let it-let it out my dawg. Let it out. Go ahead.

Pranker: [call ends] Hello?

Pranker: [laughing]

Cop: Hello?

Pranker: Look sir,

Cop: HEY! Don't you understand like, DON'T CALL HERE anymore?

Pranker: Dawg, I just-

Pranker: You abruptly hung up!

Cop: NO!

Pranker: I don't-


Pranker: Look dawg, don't call me no-

Cop: FARKING COP you moron! I have a job!

Cop: I've already filed a report on you! I AM A COP!

Cop: You know what that means?

Pranker: No my bad-


Pranker: What's your badge number dawg?


Pranker: Okay I'll talk to you in 5 minutes, boo boo. [call ends]

Pranker: [laughs]

Cop: Hello?

Pranker: My bad dawg. That was a little longer than 5 minutes.

Pranker: I had to take a dump right quick. But I'm back.

Pranker: How you doing sir? [call ends]

Pranker: [laughs] Alright, I'm done messing with him.

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