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Funny Penis Piercing Prank Video - Animated Prank Call!

Dec 27, 2015 5.4M views 0 comments

Category: Craigslist and Backpage pranks, prank call
Format: Animated
Characters: Tyrone, Russell, Billy, Buk Lau, Rakesh, Juan
Prank Victim: Body piercer
Rage Level: Moderate

Penis piercer gets spooked in funny animated prank call!

Best quotes: 

  • “Sir, what’s happening now is the MD5# has been re-encoded properly in the machine and we’re gonna go ahead and triangulate the location of the phone call so we can, uh, we can track down the smelling process triangulation mah-jugely of the, uh, the mari-jew-ana smoking”
  • “The MD5# has been re-encoded and triangulated to the MD5 spectrum of the OC3 optical line. Do you understand sir, question mark?”
  • “I’m gonna look you up on the book face and I’m gonna come over there, and we’re gonna hit a doobie, if you will. A doobie.”
  • “NAW DAWG, you crazy! Daw, I sa- I said, I made up some motherf***** bulls*** a** name, and you poopin’ yourself right now, you took a DUMP in yo motherf***** pants”

Body of content:

I found a guy on Craigslist who posted an ad saying he was doing cheap, unlicensed body piercings, which I knew would make for a funny prank call! I called and asked him to pierce my penis, which he was totally down for. Then, without any prompting, he brought up that he sells marijuana.

This prank went from a sketchy penis piercing scenario to a hilarious DEA drug bust in no time! I had to mess with this guy a bit and make him think he was set up to get caught offering unlicensed piercings, and then implicated himself in selling drugs. His confused reaction was too funny, I had to animate the video to give the full effect.

I tried to lighten things up again and joke around with him using most of my characters, but he wasn’t down for the penis piercing any more! What was your favorite part of this crazy video? Do you think this guy is still offering unlicensed piercings after getting spooked from this prank? Tell me in the comments!


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[Phone ringing]

Piercing guy: Hello?

Tyrone: Ay yo, what's up dawg? How's it going? I s-, I saw your

Tyrone: advertisement on the, uh, the craigslist,  hey, yuh,

Tyrone: about, about the body piercing. You still doing that?

Piercing guy: Uh, yes sir.

Tyrone: Alright, so, whu-, b-, basically, I'm-, I'm trying to

Tyrone: see if I can get some piercing done. I wanted to see, uh...

Tyrone: I wanted to know how much you'll would charge if I wanted

Tyrone: to get my, uh, my, shomlonglongdongdoobeley, uh, pierced.

Piercing guy: I-, d-, I, uh, I probably, uh, just, you know, I-,

Piercing guy: I usually charge up around $50 or $60 for that. But,

Piercing guy: I mean, uh, I can go $50 on that.

Tyrone: Aw, okay. Alright.

Piercing guy: Are you 420 fri-, friendly?

Tyrone: Fark yeah I'm 420 friendly, dawg.

Piercing guy: Well, I'm also, uh, a dealer as well, so...

Tyrone: Okay. Alright, so, damn, just-

Piercing guy: Uhm, um, uh

Tyrone: y-, you-, you on yo' grind

Piercing guy: Eh, I've got good stuff.

Tyrone: dawg, you on your grind, you hustling me on the telephone, dawg

Tyrone: how, how much you selling that, uh, how much you selling that

Tyrone: "oregano" for dawg?

Piercing guy: Uh, uh, top shelf is $20-$25 a G

Tyrone: Okay, alright, um, uh, well, well, well, sir, I-, I-, I-, I-,

Tyrone: may have a li-, uh, some bad news

Piercing guy: What's going down?

Tyrone: [Zipper sound, turns into DEA agent] Uh, hey, how you doing?

Pranker: My name is Russell Johnson, I'm calling with the National Drug Enforcement

Russell: Agency, how are you doing today, sir? I was actually calling in

Russell: regards to, uh, seeing, uh,  if you were properly licensed to issue

Russell: these kind of piercings... And, uh, I did, in fact, hear you on the

Russell: telephone offer to sell me a bag of marijuana.

Russell: Do you know that is illegal sir?

Piercing guy: Yes, sir!

Russell: [Takes papers] Okay, alright, sir. Well, according to section 6257

Russell: of the, uh, the penal code. Uh, I'm going to go a go ahead and have to

Russell: take your first and last name down. Can you please go ahead and

Russell: start off with the first name, sir?

Piercing guy: Why-, why? Why is that necessary? There was no transaction

Russell: Uh, well, sir, it-, it was the intent to sell marijuana 

Russell: S-, see, sir, [takes out the laptop] what's happening now is the

Russell: MD5# has been re-encoded properly in the machine, and we're gonna go ahead

Russell: and TRIANGULATE the location of the phone call, so we can, uh,

Russell: we can track down the smelling process triangulation mahjugley of the,

Russell: uh, the marijuana smoking. [Returns the laptop]

Piercing guy: Hey, catch.

Russell: Sir, sir

Piercing guy: Online is liner c*ck.

Russell: listen, I understand you, may be under

Piercing guy: Thame bullcrap people [indistinguishable speaking]

Russell: the influence, of drugs right now, I understand you may be under the

Russell: influence of illegal drugs, but I need you to calm down, sir. Okay?

Russell: I need you to calm down.

Piercing guy: I'm not under-, I'm not under.

Russell: Sir, I need you to calm-, sir

Piercing guy: anything-, you're a foo-, I have

Russell: [Yelling] SIR! Listen to me!

Piercing guy: I'm

Russell: I need you to calm down.

Piercing guy: I'm trying to talk to you!

Russell: The MD5# has been re-encoded and triangulated to the MD5 spectrum

Russell: of the OC3 optical line. Do you understand sir, question mark?

Piercing guy: Uh, I-, don't

Russell: [Yelling] DO YOU UNDERSTAND

Piercing guy: lick egg head

Russell: SIR? Do you understand?

Piercing guy: I don't know what you just said like you

Russell: The MD5#

Piercing guy: you already now, what y-

Russell: I-, IT'S DONE. It's done. The MD5#, I, It, it's-, it's already been

Russell: It's, it's, it's just done. The MD5# is just all over the place

Piercing guy: Is there, is there

Russell: Sir, I'm-, I'm,

Piercing guy: reason for it?

Russell: I'll, yes, sir. I'm going to  look you up on the book face, and I'm going to

Russell: come over there, and, we're going to hit a doobie if you will. A doobie

Piercing guy: Uh, I-, don't

Russell: Sir, I-, I never-

Piercing guy: Yeah

Russell: I think-, I think you misunderstood. Where did you think I was from exactly?

Piercing guy: You said you were some sort of law enforcement agent

 [Tyrone enters the conversation]

Tyrone: No, dawg. You crazy, dawg, I said-, I said, I made up some motherfarking

Tyrone: bullcrap ass name, and you pooping yourself right now.

Tyrone: You took a DUMP in your motherfarking pants.

Piercing guy: I'll, I'll s-, I'll farking take you out prison style right down in

Piercing guy: my motherfarking grandma's house

 [Buk Lau enters the conversation]

Buk Lau: Okay, let's do it.

Piercing guy: homeboy.

Buk Lau: Let's do it right now sumboodee, come for you, let's do it right now

Buk Lau: I come for you right now, we do it  1 on 1, you want to do it? Crap

Piercing guy: Who is this?! 

 [Billy enters the conversation]

Billy: Excuse me. My name's Billy, and I just want to smoke some marijuana

Billy: with you, man. What's wrong? Can you just relax? Jeez Louise.

Piercing guy:  You serious?

Billy: C-, can you just pierce my penis, please?

Piercing guy: I-, I ain't e-, I ain't even going to touch your farking penis now!

 [Katahn Shan Bantu enters the conversation]

Katahn: My friend don't-, don't worry, my friend. I am, my name is Katahn Shan Bantu

Katahn: Right now, I'm calling to get my...

Piercing: guy: [mumbles] Hold up! STOP WITH ALL THIS

Katahn: hey! Stop with all this bullcraping and crap! Who the fark are you?

 [Alejandro Juan Martinez enters the conversation]

Alejandro: My name is, eh, Alejando Juan Martinez

Alejandro: Porque you're so... You're too,  too,  too  ANGRY

Alejandro: Porque, whas-, what's the-, como se dice... Problema? Si!

Piercing guy: WHO? IS? THIS?

[Billy enters the conversation]

Billy: I'm going to come over there and teabag you, you better, you better be

Billy: careful, man. You'd better chill out with that before I come over-

Piercing guy: You're going to come over here and you're going to come over here and teabag me?!

 [Tyrone enters the conversation]

Tyrone: Ay, yo, dawg, ay yo, before I let you go. How big is your

Tyrone: uh, how big is your homlonglongdongdoobeley?

Piercing guy: Big enough to smack you across the motherfarking room!

Tyrone: Oh! DAYUM, you got a small ass one, don't lie, dawg.

Tyrone: Alright, dawg. Well I love you, I got to go now.

Tyrone: Dawg, I see you in like 15 minutes to pierce my penis 

Tyrone: Dawg, I see you in a little bit. I'll bring the MD5# with me.

Tyrone: It's gonna fark you, It's going to fark you up, dawg.

Tyrone: Eh, that MD5# is going to fark you up.

Piercing guy: I'll keep calling you man, who is this?

Tyrone: No, you better not call me back. Eh, you better not call me back, dawg.

Tyrone: You better not call me.

Piercing guy: I asked you! Who is this?

Billy: It's a very-, all-, all you gotta do-,

Piercing guy: You

Billy: Say it-,


Billy: Scream it! Scream it-

Piercing guy: WHO IS THIS?

 [Darth Vader enters the conversation]

Darth Vader: I AM YOU FATHER!

Piercing guy: Yo! WHO IS THIS?!

[Russell enters the conversation]

Russell: Your call cannot be completed as dialed, please 

Russell: leave your name, telephone number, and a brief message,

Russell: and your call will be routed to the next available customer service representative.

Russell: If you're confused please press  1.

 [Phone buttons sound] [Hang up]

Russell: Hello? [Laughing]

Pranker: [Speaking to audience] Okay, he finally hung up. It took forever.

Buk Lau: [Speaking to audience] Damn, we really screwed with that guys head.

Russell: [Speaking to audience] Yeah, I had to go straight Darth Vader on his ass at one point.

Tyrone: [Speaking to audience] But he won't be missing with that MD5 hash no more.

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