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Angry Prank Call MELTDOWN! Insane Father Flip Out

Apr 26, 2009 3.7M views 0 comments

Category: Prank call 
Format: Non-subtitled video
Characters: Russell, Rakesh
Prank Victim: Angry father

Insanely ANGRY father goes wild during prank call!

Best quotes: 

  • “I have Indian ID, and I can smell you all the way from here”
  • “Did your mother f*** your dad?!”
  • “That’s not what your daughter said to me last night, she said I was very spicy”
  • “Why don’t you go lick a cow’s BUTT?!” 

Body of content:

This is an old prank I did back in 2006 to my buddy’s ex-girlfriend’s angry dad that turned out absolutely INSANE. Her dad was supposedly a little drunk at the time and had a total meltdown on the call! His rage combined with his accent and weird insults made this prank super hilarious!

It’s rare for a prank target to get THIS livid so quickly into the call, but angry prank calls are always funny! Why do you think he was so wound up? What was your favorite outrageous insult from this prank? Tell me in the comments below!


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Pranker: May I speak to Sonya?

Pakistani guy: Who's calling?

Pranker: Tom.

Pakistani guy: From what? 

Pranker: From MySpace. 

Pakistani guy: Sorry, you got the wrong phone number. 

Pranker: I'm sorry, may I please speak to Sonya?

Pranker: She is-

Pakistani guy: You got the wrong phone number.

Pranker: Listen here mother bitch, I don't have time for this let me talk to Sonya.

Pakistani guy: Are you and a**hole or what? 

Pranker [in Indian accent]: Listen mother yard, I don't have time for this.

Pranker: mother bitch look, motherfarker

Pranker: Look, give mi or is-

Pakistani guy: I got your phone number here you know I have a caller ID.

Pranker: I have Indian ID, I could smell you away from here

Pranker: hello give me the phone.

Pakistani guy: I see-I see your phone number you f****t fark 

Pranker: You say that again dude [mumbling] 

Pranker: Say f****t fark-

Pakistani guy: Fark you you peace of crap! 

Pranker: Keep going dude...

Pakistani guy: Be an a**hole I put bullet in your head.

Pranker:  Dude, listen-

Pakistani guy: [mumbling] 

Pranker: Let made a-

Pakistani guy: Bring your ass over there and I'll put a bullet in your head.

Pranker: Look here, mother bi-



Pranker: [laughing] 

[phone calling sound]

Pakistani guy: Hello?

Pranker: Yes mother bitch. Give me-give me Sonya.

Pakistani guy: Listen, did you- did your mother fark your dad? 

Pranker: What the- WHAT?!

Pakistani guy: Listen to me-

Pranker: WHAT?!

Pakistani guy: You're such a bi-bitch-

Pranker: I did your mother-

Pakistani guy: You know I- you know I hate you Indians, you know that? 

Pakistani guy: I wish I can blow your d**ks off.

Pakistani guy: You know I kill a bunch of Indians before. 

Pakistani guy: [chuckles]

Pranker: What-

Pakistani guy: One your motherfarker, do you ever mother fark your dad, huh?

Pranker: Look...

Pakistani guy: You cheap piece of crap.

Pakistani guy: You farking it doll you piece of crap

Pranker: Listen... You're farking Indian you motherchoder, don't lie to me...

Pakistani guy:  I'm not Indian I'm Pakistani okay? 

Pranker: Same crap 

Pranker: Same crap you stupid mother-

Pakistani guy: [mumbling] we blow your crappy country.

Pranker: Listen here-

Pakistani guy: I hate your country...

Pranker: Listen-

Pakistani guy: ... Indians are piece of crap I'll blow Indians my whole life

Pakistani guy: I'd kill this bastard I hate you people, you know that? 

Pakistani guy: I hate you farking people.

Pranker: Listen, listen...

Pakistani guy: Piece of crap. Come on tell me-

Pranker: What you gonna do? What you gonna do bastard gay? What you gonna do?

Pranker: What you gonna do? Huh?

Pakistani guy: Can you speak english? No wonder you people are stupid.

Pakistani guy: Go back to worshiping your crapy cow you piece of crap.

Pakistani guy: Why don't you go [mumbling] you a**hole?

Pranker: Listen-

Pakistani guy: Come on, bring it on motherfarker.

Pranker: What you gonna do? Look you want to do this, you want to do this now?

Pranker: I would I can go right now-I can go right now...

Pranker: You think I am kidding-

Pakistani guy: You're an idiot it only it's stupid.

Pranker: Listen-

Pakistani guy: You don't need to entertain yourself, I'm entertaining myself talking to you.

Pranker: Listen-

Pakistani guy: Come on, you're stupid. You're stupid idiot.

Pranker: Oh my...

Pakistani guy: You're stupid a**hole.

Pranker: Listen-

Pakistani guy: You don't even know how to speak.

Pranker: Listen [mumbling]

Pakistani guy: ... your parents are farking immigrants from India.

Pranker: That's not what your daughter said to me last night

Pranker: she said I was very spicy and she took a glass of water

Pranker: when she went down on me. What you gonna do? 

Pakistani guy: ... come-come over here...

Pranker: Listen-

Pakistani guy: ... and I'll kick your ass.

Pranker: Tell her to bring Gatorade next time because she might not be able to handle 

Pakistani guy: You know what? That's why I really hate-

Pranker: Tell her to bring Gatorade.

Pakistani guy: Because you people worship a bunch of cows.

[Indian music playing]

Pranker: What are-what are you?

Pakistani guy: You worship a cow. Why don't you go lick your cows butt.

[phone call ends]

Pranker: [laughs]

[Indian music playing]

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