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What to Say to Prank Callers: Quick Responses for the Tired TargetWhat to Say to Prank Callers: Quick Responses for the Tired Target

What to Say to Prank Callers: Quick Responses for the Tired Target

Mar 2, 2021

As much as we’d like to come up with witty retorts - it just isn’t the default setting for most people. It takes time to process information and come up with solid answers. Besides, even if you were to come up with a half-decent reply - how quickly will they clap back? Say what you want about prank callers - they know how to navigate a conversation. Learn what to say when you answer a prank call:

Identify Your Intentions

Before we get into the different responses you can give, you first have to think about your endgame. When you answer the call, what do you want to happen? Do you want to have fun with the prank caller? Do you want to put the fear of God in them (we don’t recommend that)? What’s your angle?

Now for businesses, the answer is simple - you don’t want future prank callers. Think about how many pizza joints have the lines ringing with fake orders and prank calls. Corporate is not a fan.

But what if you are a prankster yourself? You might consider a more forgiving route. After all, most prank calls are harmless. It might be just a distraction for you.

For the best results, you need to figure out what you want and be consistent. If you aren’t, you won’t get the results you are after.

What to Say to Prank Callers

So you are at home relaxing after a long day at work. Your phone rings, and there is no visible caller ID. Hint no. 1. You answer the call and see if it is someone you recognize - it isn’t. You wait for them to say, “Ops, wrong number,” but the conversation goes on.

It’s official. You are in a prank call. There are 5 responses you can take:

Remain quiet

One of the best things to say on a prank call is to say nothing. Rather than responding right away, you should sit tight and wait a few minutes before saying anything.

You can bet it's a scam call or perhaps one of those prank calls that callers make to see if the phone number they're calling is assigned to a real person. You can either wait for them to hang up or hang up yourself in this situation. Then, put a stop to it.

Prank callers and scammers will know their strategy has been derailed when you don't pick up the phone when they try to call again. There are no "live operator" instructions, so if you see them, ignore them.

To be on the safe side, you should never give your personal information to a company you haven't heard of.

Hello? Hello?

Answer the call as if you don’t have a very good signal. A prank caller can’t continue if they think you don’t hear them. The times you do “hear” them be very dense. What are they calling about? Who is this? You can even try to take control of the conversation with statements like, “Hello? Can you hear me? If you can, I can’t hear you,” or “[name]? Is that you? Where’s my Tupperware?”

The prank caller will eventually give up. So they might try prank calling again to see if the signal issue is a one-time thing. Stay vigilant. As long as you keep responding as you did before, they’ll label your phone number as a dud. You won’t have to deal with their prank calls for long.

Buzz Off!

What if you’re someone who has no time for games? Well, you’d have to take more drastic measures. Carefully craft your answers because if you are too enthusiastic with your insults - you can expect more prank calls. Pranksters love a good reaction - the crazier, the better. You don’t want to mark yourself as an interesting target.

You can, however, be a little bit more stern. Speak in a calm and straight-to-the-point manner. It will quickly dampen whatever excitement the caller and their friends have.

“If you call this number again, I’m going to get the police involved. Did you know that prank calling is not illegal, but harassment is? Try me.” Then cut the call.

Read More: Is Prank Calling Illegal?

Of course, for the best results, you need to hold your end of the bargain. Call your service provider, call the cops, or change your number - make sure they know you mean business.

Play Along!

One of the funny things to say when someone prank calls you is to play along! 

If you are someone who likes to talk, you might as well make the most of the conversation. You could play along with whatever the caller is saying. Most prank callers call a random number with a specific joke in mind. Most of the time, they require all the right elements to be perfect. Otherwise, the call isn’t very funny.

If you have prank called as a kid, you know the excitement of meeting up with your friends and calling random people late at night. It takes a lot of practice. Joke writing, voice acting, execution, and delivery- there is a lot that goes into prank calling. You could be one of the wins they have under their belt.

Pretend to be interested in whatever they are selling. You don’t have to come up with clever lines. Sometimes listening and the strategic “yes” and “oh?” are enough. You can also ask a couple of questions if they set you up for it. Full participation is the goal. After they finish the joke, you can even drop some comments to help with the bit.

If you check the forums, several people like this option. As long as you don’t have a cocky teenager on the other end, it can be really fun.

Warning: Having a pleasant conversation isn’t indicative of anything. Treat it like a one-and-done deal. Do not try to call back.

Fight Back and Fight Dirty

As much as Ownage Pranks wants to believe in every prank caller - there are bound to be some rotten seeds. You know the kind that would not stop calling all hours of the day. Sometimes they don’t even say anything - cue stalker breathing over the phone. These are the worst types of callers.

But here at Ownage - we make do. If you get a shitty prank caller - it’s time to fight fire with fire. If they don’t mask their caller ID, start making calls of your own. If it is a home/communal phone, be sure to tell whatever authority figure about their shenanigans. This will usually do the trick if you have a bunch of prepubescent kids calling none stop.

Read More: How to Prank Call: Step by Step Instructions.

If you aren’t a snitch, you can make a couple of prank calls of your own. Give them something to look forward to when they come home from school or work. After a couple of prank calls, one of two things may happen;

  •  You start a prank war. It’s all about outlasting the other guy.

  •  They run with their tail in between their legs. It’s hard to draw the courage to make a call. The possibility of someone better getting back at them should be enough.

Now, if you are really mad, you could pass their phone number to other friends and keep them on their toes. Every time you are in the mood to prank, you just have to bring out their number, and you’re good to go.

Ownage Pranks’ Recommendation

As a pranking website, our recommendation should be fairly obvious. Prank call away! Being stuck in the house can drive a person mad. These calls can be a great way to release stress and have a bit of fun.

If you enjoy prank calling now, why don’t you download Ownage Pranks’ prank call app? We have a ton of characters, each with its own voice soundboard. You can make all the prank calls you to want while hanging out with your friends.

Want something off-menu? Ownage Pranks accepts requests! Our team can help you create a hilarious prank call. Laughs are guaranteed.

Regardless of what you choose to say to prank callers, remember to keep things civil!

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