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15 Funniest Toilet Pranks You Must Try Out!15 Funniest Toilet Pranks You Must Try Out!

15 Funniest Toilet Pranks You Must Try Out!

Jun 21, 2021

The toilet is one of the best seats in the world for someone to relax and mind their own business. But can they, though? A prankster like you should never take an opportunity like this just slide so easily! If you're looking for the right time to get someone when they are bare and vulnerable, then toilet bowl pranks are just the best and easiest practical jokes to go. We listed down below the ever-funnier toilet pranks you should absolutely try! These are perfectly doable! Just make sure you're ready to get your hands dirty. 

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And now, here are the 15 best toilet pranks that you can try as soon as possible!

1. Plastic Wrap Prank

When you think of any classic yet funny toilet prank, this can never not cross any prankster's mind! Why? It's easy, and it always gives the gags we all want from a good trick. If you haven't tried this before, it's just getting a roll of plastic wrap (like Saran Wrap or Cling Wrap - whatever your preference is.) Lift the toilet lid and seamlessly cover the entire toilet bowl seat area with this before putting the lid down again. Make sure that it doesn't wrinkle for your victim not to notice. The key here is to place it so perfectly smooth that it is no longer noticeable. The outcome? Lots of disgusting mess - but also loads of laughter

2. Air Horn Prank

Warning, this could become your favorite toilet prank! Read more to know why. (Wink)

Air horns are epic pranks in general because their primary purpose is to be LOUD and OBNOXIOUS enough to make someone (literally) jump off their seat. You might need a little bit of actual mechanical work for this prank. First, get a trusty air horn from Amazon or any other novelty store you have access to. (Duh) Second, find the toilet that your target victim will go to and make sure they won't be barging anytime soon to see you working on something so scandalous! Last, lift the toilet seat and attach the air horn's lever to it. You'll know what to do when you're at it! And if not, the internet is always your friend. You can find many air horn on toilet lids tutorials on Youtube to show you how to do it!

3. Fake Poop Prank

It's ironic that people go to the toilet to poop and be surprised as much as they are disgusted that there's poop lying around. People are fascinating, aren't they? Play on this Inherent human reaction by, of course, placing droplets or pieces of ake poop around the toilet or on the floor where the bathroom stands. You can buy fake poop online or in prank stores where you can safely get one. Don't feel like spending on this prank? No worries! You can always improvise by ambushing your pantry with poop-like ingredients such as peanut butter or chocolate! Imagine how gleefully disgusting this would look swimming in the toilet bowl. You can be as creative as leaving some on the toilet seat or on a toilet paper lying around the bathroom floor like someone wiped their butt with it and just left it hanging there like a complete savage!

4. Out Of Order Prank

If you are in a pranky mood in the office, you can always be as diabolical as leaving an "Out Of Order" sign (or anything along the lines of it) outside the door of office bathrooms. Just make sure no one sees you hang this sign up, and don't forget to remove it once you've had your fun in seeing people come to the bathroom and leave just after they see the sign. You don't want the entire office to take their revenge on you, don't you? So be as subtle as much as possible!

5. Occupied Toilet Prank 

Like the Out Of Order Prank, this practical joke can be a little cruel, especially to those who make sure to keep track of their sufficient fluid intake. You can do this classic bathroom prank in any bathroom cubicles you have access to, like in offices, schools, or even bathrooms in public pools! Just take some jeans, a pair of shoes that you barely wear, and some twigs or sticks that you can find. Now, you have to be subtle with "dressing up" your little decoy. Dress the sticks in an illusion that someone is on the toilet with their pants down to their shoes and taking a dump. It might be funny to leave it there all day until someone notices that the mysterious person never left the bathroom. Just make sure there are other functional toilets in the area!

6. Fake Snake Prank

Fake snakes are always so terrifying to look at that no one has the time to see whether it's a real thing or not! If someone looks closely and it's a real one, they might get stung for their dangerous curiosity! Take advantage of anyone's fight or flight response by getting yourself a realistic-looking snake! It's up to you how big you want it to look like, but a young fake phyton or a young fake boa might give the best results! Get a fishing rod if you have one, and immediately drop this snake onto the next cubicle while someone else is minding their own business. We can only imagine you do it to someone else, and we must say, it's downright genius! And oh, if you're not in the mood for more enormous fake snakes, fishing rods, or just a cubicle in general; you can try doing this at home with a small fake snake that your target victim has never seen before and leave it from inside the toilet bowl, or just peacefully curling itself by the pump. UGH! The creeps!

7. Very Hot Seat Prank

Got a vapor rub or any oil or balm that gives a cooling or burning sensation on the skin? The clearer the color, the better! This one is one of the easiest pranks on this list because it's so covert yet always gives you the reaction you are hoping for. Just spread a generous amount of this rub/balm on the toiler seat. When your victim comes in, they won't usually feel it in the first few seconds of seating. But once they get up, they can now feel the burn in their upper hamstring. Nothing to worry about, though! The sensation will be gone in several minutes. They should thank you for the free subtle relaxation therapy!

8. Bubble Wrap Prank

You’ve probably heard about bubble wraps placed under mats for fun, but have you heard about placing them under the toilet seat? Yes, bubble wraps can be that flexible! Make sure to have an unpopped sheet and put it under the toilet seat. Like the bubble wrap mat prank, the bubbles will pop when the weight pushes above it. Same thing with this toilet prank! Imagine someone just minding their own business, and they suddenly hear some weird popping sounds. Simple, harmless, and fun!

9. Spider Prank

Spiders aren't the kind of thing you want to see when you are in the bathroom alone with your physical urges, and so do other people! Like snakes, spiders are one of the creepy crawlies that trigger anyone's flight or proper response, so it would be funny to take advantage of this human trait every once. Just make sure not to do this too often for your victim/s to expect it! You can choose any spider size you want, and you can put it anywhere around the toilet area: may it be in the bowl itself, the tank, the toilet seat, the lid, or even little ones on the tissue paper roll - it's totally up to you! While you're at it, don't just limit yourself to spiders. You can think of other scary insects depending on your victim's fear. You can use fake cockroaches, beetles, and what have you. 

10. Hot Sauce On Hot Seat

This is another hilarious toilet seat prank that you can easily do! Unlike the Very Hot Seat Prank, you will need some natural spicy ingredients here. Grab some hot sauce in your kitchen and generously spread an amount of hot sauce in the toilet seat. Well, as much as this is easy to do, it's also quite apparent since the hot sauce can be so bright in the color red. So If you're going to do this prank to someone, make sure they are more of the scatter-brained side, or they are the type not easily to notice things around them and just sit in the toilet out of habit. 

11. Bloody Flush Prank

Got a friend or family member who is terrified by blood? Perfect! Now you need a crimson-red food coloring that you can buy from the most accessible grocery store. Once you already have this, make sure you deal with a clean toilet bowl for more emphasized results. Leave enough food coloring on the parts where the water comes out when someone triggers the flush. Then, the next time someone flushes their dump out of the toilet, they will be surprised by how bloody it could get.

12. Jello Bowl Prank

Imagine taking a dump, and instead of a seamless bed of water catching your excretion - you get cold, hard jello instead! It's baffling and annoying when it happens to you, but don't worry, you'll always have the victim. Again, make sure you have a clean toilet bowl when doing this because you don't want to get your hands mostly dirty, and you just want to make sure to make this work successfully. Now, take a clear jello powder and mix it in the water in the bowl. Wait for a few minutes (or a whole hour) for this to harden. This is going to work best if you live in colder regions. Some say that agar jelly (seaweed-based jello) works best for this prank so take time to explore which one is most accessible. This can be a little work, but hey, it's undoubtedly going to be worth it!

13. Vaseline Seat Prank

This is another one of the harmless pranks on this list. This toilet seat prank will only require you to use Vaseline or any petroleum jelly that you have available. Just slather a generous amount of Vaseline on the toilet seat. Make sure it's seamless enough not to be too suspiciously shiny or thick, and voila - your victim now has very moisturized upper calves that they won't feel unless they get out of the toilet bowl. It's icky and sticky, but hey - it's still a fun yet innocent prank!

14. Foaming Toilet

With the help of chemistry gods, we can make a prank that’s both genius and frothy! Get to your most accessible lab supplies store and get sodium iodide and hydrogen peroxide. Remember, these are still chemicals that shouldn't be within a child's reach, so make sure to handle and store them properly. Next, get to your toilet bowl's tank and pour the hydrogen peroxide. As for the toilet bowl,  pour an equal amount of sodium iodide. It might look calm at first, but when someone uses the bathroom and attempts to flush the toilet, foams and bubbles will come out unexpectedly. Be warned, though, it overflows! But that’s the whole point of this, isn’t it? 

15. Can’t Get Rid of Poop Prank

This is like a reverse of the Jello Bowl Prank. If you are not in the mood to wait for someone to take a dump just for them to notice that the water from the bowl won’t meet their poop, you can always just disgust them with fake poop that can never flush! Following the same direction in number 12, mix the toilet bowl water with agar or clear jello. Once hardened, place the fake poop right on top of it. You can also just put the fake poop right when the jello is still in liquid form for a more realistic effect. A good prankster is creative enough to know how to improvise - so we'll leave the placement of the fake poop up to you!

Found anything on the list that you want to try yet? If you did, that’s cool! We're excited for you to do it. Just make sure to keep it fun and harmless. Don't also forget to wash your hands after! You'll never know how many germs are not visible to the naked eye, especially in the bathroom. Good luck and happy pranking

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