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Surprise People with These Best Bathroom Pranks! Surprise People with These Best Bathroom Pranks!

Surprise People with These Best Bathroom Pranks!

May 22, 2021


When you go to the bathroom to pee, would you expect someone to sneak behind you and scare you? Chances are, you don't! Bathrooms are places where you feel like you have for yourself, and you're going to have private time on your own, making you trust that no one else will be there. This is why bathrooms are one of the best places to prank anyone. When making pranks, it just scores five out of five in the unpredictability factor. If you are on the hunt for the best and funniest bathroom pranks, luckily, you landed on the right page! Read on to find how to prank anyone you live with, with these fantastic prank ideas! Make sure to record the reactions of people you will make fun of!

But before you do pranks in the bathroom, keep these in mind:

Make sure the floors are dry. 

Yep, this should be a factor in making silly jokes in the bathroom. If you anticipate someone entering the bathroom, you need to make sure the floors are dry so that when someone gets shocked enough to run, they won't slip on their heads. You may be making a harmless prank, but when the place itself is waiting for an accident to happen - this will still be under your responsibility. While you're there, you might want to do a little bit of toilet check or what you have just to make sure everything is safe. You want to avoid dealing with accidents as much as possible, so keep it safe and keep it dry! 

Still, know people’s boundaries and know when enough is enough

Another reason why bathrooms are such unpredictable places when it comes to pranks is privacy. Only do tricks to people you know will be cool with you messing with them during their little potty sessions. Some people are extra sensitive to these things, so it is essential to know your boundaries as much as theirs. Of course, people don't willingly want to be pranked. But just pick people you think will be okay with it, and you are close enough to share laughs with once the story of this bathroom prank pops in future conversations. S

Keep it lighthearted and funny! 

Bathroom pranks can be embarrassing in itself because people are going to be using the urinal or in the toilet bowl when you start to mess with them. It's not very pretty! So if you Have a bathroom prank in mind, make sure that it will be lighthearted and coming from good-natured intention not to cause anyone's dreadful humiliation. Remember that cruel pranks that aim to demean another person are just horrible! Nothing funny about it at all!

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Now that you are aware of these things, read on to find out the best bathroom prank idea you can do for your family or roommate!

Plastic Wrap on Toilet

This is a classic and funny toilet prank that anyone of all ages can make. Just take that cling wrap from your kitchen, put the toilet seat up and cover the bowl with it. Remember that you need to make it flat and not wrinkly to avoid anyone noticing it. After covering the whole thing seamlessly, put the toilet seat and the plastic wrap back to where they're supposed to be. Wait for your victim to enter the bathroom and be warned: it will take lots of cleaning when done successfully! Take it, or leave it.

Sticks and Jeans

This is perfect in school or office bathroom cubicles. You're going to need to gather sticks outside and take a pair of jeans and shoes that you don't usually wear. Come to school or work early. If that's not doable, just make sure that no one else sees you when you sneak into those bathroom cubicles. Let the sticks "wear" the jeans to where the legs were supposed to be and properly position the shoes in a manner that someone would typically do when sitting in a toilet seat. Wait, how long someone else finds out that no one is in there. In our opinion, this counts as one of the best yet evil bathroom pranks because it might challenge your victims' bladders. But this classic toilet prank is undoubtedly worth it because it's genius as hell!

Flipped Tissue Paper

This is perfect for you if you are into a simple yet golden oldie prank that doesn't require much effort in action and finding materials! Just sneak into the bathroom and flip the tissue paper over so that it will come down on the other side. Not exactly the most mind-blowing trick out there, but it will definitely leave your victim annoyed! (If that's what you're going for) If this prank is way too simple for you, here's a bonus: leave a generous layer of Vaseline on the inner doorknob. This is perfect when they just finished washing their hands and about to go out!

Honking Air Horn

 Air horns are not funny because of the sudden and obnoxious honking sound it makes! There are two ways to use this in a toilet prank. The first is to attach this to the flusher. Only if the flusher is the one that can act as a lever when pushed down. Make sure to hide the air horn inconspicuously under to avoid being busted. Another way is to place it below the toilet seat, making a loud and scandalous sound when someone sits on it! The key here is to keep it hidden, especially when your victim is a huge observant snoop!

Bubble Wrap Mat

 Since everyone's doing lots of online shopping and having lots of spare bubble wrap to pop and eventually throw in the trash can, this will be a piece of cake for everyone. Bubble wrap pranks are inherently so simple they can even be a prank for kids. All you need new bubble wrap. (By "unused,” we mean the ones you haven't overindulged on popping yet.) Place the bubble wrap sheets under the bathroom rug or carpet and wait until someone steps on it and hear the popping sounds! So simple yet so fun and quirky!

Fake Poop

Many things can pass as fake poop: chocolate, peanut butter, or a combination of two -Reese's candy. Just imagine how disgusted your victim will be when they see something lying on the edge of the toilet seat, on the floor, or even on a tissue paper strategically placed on the floor where someone else can see it! Plus points for a fun prank if your victim is a clean freak. Hoping for your success on this toilet prank, what a brilliant idea!

Surprise Visitor

Never had the chance of having a celebrity in your home? Don't worry; you can have one now in your bathroom! Print a funny photo of Nicolas Cage and Place it under the toilet seat cover. If it wouldn't startle your victim, Nicolas Cage can surely make them laugh!

Nail Polish Soap

You should wash your hands at all times, yes. That's why you will need a spare soap in doing this prank. Take the soap from your bathroom sink and let it dry first. Next, grab a clear nail polish and paint over the bar of soap. Make sure no spot is left unpainted! Let it dry and go it back to where you got it from, and voila - you now have a soap that will give you nothing! Like, nothing. No suds, no lather, no cleaning effect, no anything!

Mirror Under Repair

Another bathroom prank that is best to be done in the school or the office. Just place a note by the mirror saying, "Mirror under repair." Now, what're your victims going to do about it? It might confuse them and make them think a while, but the whole point of this prank is to mess with their minds anyway! 

Pull Up Your Pants and Start Running

Write the words "Pull up your pants and start running." behind a cubicle's door in the most dramatic handwriting that you can think of as if you were in an apocalypse movie—the goal to pull off a frightening prank here. Once someone runs fast out of the bathroom, you'll know you had your victim. We don't recommend doing this if your school/office has stringent rules about vandalism, by the way. But if you think it's worth the risk, then that's totally up to you! Another option is to write this on a piece of paper/masking tape and just tape it behind the cubicle door and at eye level of someone sitting in the toilet.

And these are ten bathroom prank ideas that you can use next time you want to mess with a (literal) pooper. What's your favorite on this list? We're excited for you to try these in the future! Good luck and happy pranking!

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